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In a business venture, the most important promotional issue that comes into play is the marketing part. Sometimes, we provide advertisements for our own websites or links but are not able to figure out the strongest connections from the globe.Some free websites does help but have restricted features and thus does not allow much for the users to know. A few of the best known Ad Tracking softwares are listed below that not only help you in running multiple campaigns but also enable users to have detailed reports over the same.



By Codewise spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. K.

Voluum is an ad tracking software that helps in tracking different devices. This is mainly for marketing gurus who can check their reports real time. It also provides infinite support over the traffic produces. The dashboard also solves the purpose of checking out every campaign and take actions over the respective ones. It also provides detailed reports over every geographic location available.

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By PositiveADV s.r.l

Clickmeter is a link tracking software that helps in targeting the visitors producing a high conversion rate. Users can monitor their activities and check for broken links, blacklists etc. Users can keep tab on the views, conversions and the clicks at different geographic locations. The reporting tool also provides detailed reports of all the campaigns run and for tracking subscriptions.

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By ClickMagick, LLC

ClickMagick is a link tracking software that helps in tracking and monitoring links and advertisements for different campaigns. One can check their links at a go and could help in tracking broken links and blacklists. The report also provides the features of checking every location from which an individual has checked in. The ability of tracking different devices also serves a good purpose. Admin can also block their contents as and when required.

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Trck.Me is an advertisement analytics tracker that can help in marketing a business venture. The dashboard serves a lot of purpose from tracking website statistics, emails, banners, contents etc. It comes with a control panel and has the ability of auto tagging individuals. The servers load fast and the advanced filters helps in analysing the traffic flow from the ads. It also has the option of sharing pages through social media.

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By Tracking202 Inc.

Tracking202 is a click tracking software that produces detailed reports of all the campaigns been advertised. It helps in checking all the links, keywords etc. and makes the user erase all the unwanted ones. The software provides real time data over the traffic and eventually helps in tracking the keywords as well. It also comes with a cloaking and a spy view mode with can generally check for frauds and take action as necessary.

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By Awio Web Services LLC.

Improvely is a conversion tracking software that can check for a registration or a sale source. It helps in tracking the broken links and monitors for suspicious activity over the page. The software also helps in letting the user know of their customer’s credentials through the dashboard panel. The software is also provided with a detailed report function that helps in checking different campaigns and keywords respectively.

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By Kreydle Sdn Bhd.

LinkTrackr is a link tracking application that helps a user in tracking different campaigns and links in a real time view. The detailed reporting system helps to find the different advertisements and broken links that are not making any dime and can be deleted as per the convenience. External pixel Tracking and Split testing can also be performed using the software. Users can share their progress using the social media buttons.

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The Bevo Tracker is a link tracking software that checks links, keywords, ads for marketing purposes. Users can track their campaigns and also get rid of the unwanted keywords that do not make out any money. It also provides detailed reports over all the measures and helps in tracking broken links, fraud checking etc. The software also provides the timings and the geographic locations of other users visiting the page.

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By Bitly, Inc.

Bitly is a link shortener and a link tracking software that helps in running a business venture. The software can be used in tracking links and checks for users over different devices. It can help in managing the audience that it caters and helps in removal of potentially unwanted keywords and links that are broken. It can also provide reports over the data captured and help in connecting with the crowd.

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CPVLab is an URL Tracking software that can analyse multiple campaigns that can help in tracking links and ads. The landing pages can be edited and the offers can be rotated using the interface. Users can also remove unneeded links and contents that do not monetize much. The dashboard is provided with different customisations for the user to choose. The reports can also be acquired in a detailed way consisting of all the locations and the customer credentials.

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Pretty Link Pro is a Wordpress plugin for shortening URLs and checking all the links of a domain on a system. The plugin helps in checking all the links and alerts over the dead links found. Landing pages and offers can be automated using the application and detailed reports can be found over the dashboard as well. Robot Filtering and Google Analytics Tracking can also be performed using the plugin.

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25.63 is a link tracking tool that can track a range of data per click. URLs can also be shortened using the application and multiple campaigns can be tracked using the software. Broken links can be tracked and unwanted keywords can also be removed for the ad purposes. Split testing and conversion can also be done whereas the landing pages and the offers can be rotated as per the convenience.

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Linktrack is a link tracking tool that can track links and clicks using an interface. Individuals can track down keywords that do not make any money and dead links that do not link anywhere. The reports can be displayed in a detailed manner with all the geographic locations and the timings. Offers can be rotated and visitors IP addresses can also be noted regardless of the device they use.

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By iMobiTrax, LLC

iMobiTrax is a tracking and an analytics software that can help in tracking different campaigns for a business issue. The software helps in checking the broken links and rotates landing pages and discount offers over the webpage. Split Testing can be done using the application and detailed reports can be displayed regarding the advertisement tracking dashboard. It also provides the geographical locations with the visitor’s IP Address.

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By Tbit Design, Inc.

AdtrackzGold is an ad tracking tool that helps in tracking keywords and links resulting in a selling proportion. The Affiliate links can be protected and visitors can also be stopped from viewing content of the page. URLs can also be shortened and Split Tests can also be performed. Broken links can be analysed and removed as per the convenience. The locations of the visitors with Google Analytics tracking can also be done.

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Quality Click Control is a click tracking software that comes with a bot protection module. It can detect broken links and pages with an automated option for the removal process. The reports can be checked in a detailed way with the credentials, locations and the timings of the user clicking the links. Split testing and rotating offers can be done using the software. Multiple campaigns can also be tracked with the protective link cloaking options.

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Thrive Tracker

By FF & Company, LLC.

Thrive Tracker is an ad and link tracking software that can track any device regardless of its make. The software comes with a dashboard that provides all the detailed reports over the traceable links. Multiple campaigns can be tracked and broken links can be avoided using the software. The landing pages and the offers are rotatable automatically. Split tests can also be done on the same landing pages.

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