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CJ Affiliate is a very popular affiliate marketing network that offers result-oriented pay-for-performance programs for businesses and affiliates. It is a network of thousands of online consumers and web users looking for good products and services or to make money online. CJ Affiliate network helps publishers and advertisers to connect and reach to their potential affiliate markets. They also help businesses to drive more sales and earn more customers.



Famous as a global performance networking solution, ShareASale has been working as an affiliate network for merchants and publishers for many years. They provide merchants a wonderful platform to promote their business and increase performance. They also allow publishers to monetize from their websites and applications by promoting merchants’ businesses. ShareASale offers several tools and services to help users make the most out of their memberships.



The affiliate marketing platform Tradedoubler helps businesses to promote their services through effective digital advertising campaigns. The main focus is to deliver more leads and increase sales for clients’ businesses. As a merchant, you can take help of the Tradedoubler network of thousands of publishers to increase the reach of your business. Publishers can find relevant sources to make good money from their already popular websites.



ClickBank is an online business marketing and affiliate network that helps businesses and entrepreneurs find the right customers for their products. They feature a nice eCommerce platform to promote and sell clients’ digital products and services. Advertisers and affiliates can earn money on this network by promoting relevant products on their personal websites or anywhere else. ClickBank accepts all types of products from all industries and gives exposure to right audience.



Backed up by a powerful team of performance marketing specialists, Webgains offers online marketing solutions to merchants who want to drive more sales by paying money. The network makes use of several digital marketing techniques including content publishing, comparison websites, blogging, email marketing, social media and others to promote your products online. Their vast networks of publishers help you achieve more and more sales through effective advertising.


Amazon Associates

Created and run by one of the most widely used online shopping destinations, Amazon, Amazon Associates affiliate marketing program lets affiliate marketers earn commission by promoting and selling various Amazon products through their personal websites and other means. The program also helps Amazon merchants and sellers to increase sales by providing more exposure to their products on websites all over the internet.



Zanox affiliate network offers advertisers and publishers a common platform to meet and connect for mutual benefits. In addition, they provide various tools and products to help merchants achieve their performance marketing goals. The website works as a platform for businesses to promote their services online through advertising. It allows publishers to display ads and earn money in the form of commission for generating leads to merchants’ websites.



Avangate affiliate marketing network helps merchants to increase sales and promote products online to a more global network of consumers. The platform mainly deals in the promotion and marketing of SaaS, software and digital products. Avangate helps software companies manage various products things, including digital marketing, lead generation, subscription, sales, reporting, etc. Avangate affiliate network hosts thousands of niche affiliates ready to promote your software and online services to audience globally.


Affiliate Window

Located in Baltimore, USA, Affiliate Window offers effective marketing and productivity tools to advertising and publishers to help promote their online business. They have a big network of publishers from all over the world, who help generate leads by promoting products on their personal websites, and in turn, make money. Affiliate Window affiliate program is suitable for all types of small & large publishers, advertisers and agencies.

10 is an online affiliate marketing network that not only connects publishers with advertisers, but also forms partnerships that are beneficial for all participating parties. They allow advertisers to connect to a vast network of relevant publishers interested in marketing their business. Publishers are also able to choose their own ad campaigns specific to their websites. is a commission based affiliate marketing platform where affiliates are paid a certain amount of total profits.



Rakuten Affiliate or LinkShare is a global provider of result-oriented online marketing services, including Affiliate Marketing, customer acquisition, and paid search. Their affiliate marketing network is known to facilitate mutually profitable partnerships between affiliates and advertisers. The network gives you access to thousands of trustworthy publishers with websites dedicated to product categories, niche, target traffic, geography, and other criteria specific to your particular campaigns.


Impact Radius

More than just an affiliate marketing network, Impact Radius is all the resources and matrices you need to improve your return on ads. Their affiliate network features a powerful Partner Manager that provides access to the latest technology based tracking so that you keep track of your ad campaigns in real-time. The partner manager automates various affiliate marketing steps, including contracting, payment processing, tracking & reporting, and analyzing the true value of partnership.


Pepperjam Network

Pepperjam online performance marketing manager helps merchants drive more sales and improve their ad marketing results by creating long-term, reliable partnerships with publishers. Their network of publishers and advertisers ensures that the right publisher meets with the right campaign, and thus improves pay-for-performance results. The Pepperjam Network makes use of the latest mobile and social technologies to expand merchants’ reach to their potential clients.



MoreNiche Affiliate Network is a community of affiliates and advertisers, who work with each other for mutual benefits. The in-house network offers various resources, such as affiliates, online forums, training material, industry updates, and more to help merchants and publishers achieve their targets successfully. MoreNiche is ultimately focused on improving the ROi for clients’ businesses as well as for affiliates, who wish to successfully create their online businesses.



A wonderful platform to promote your business and products online, LinkConnector affiliate network helps you find the right publisher to promote your services online. They offer a range of tools and powerful support to help publishers achieve their targets. The network also helps merchants to create effective partnerships with the right affiliates and make use of the inbuilt technologies to improve sales and gain more customers.



Click2Sell is a nice platform for vendors to meet high quality affiliates who will promote your products and services to potential customers globally. It provides merchants a platform to sell and promote their products online on a very successful network for better sales results. The network offers a number of tools, such as sales reporting tools, affiliate tracking, automated sales manager, fraud protection, and more for both parties.


Market Health

Dealing exclusively in health related products and affiliates, Market Health is a wonderful health and beauty affiliate network that gives you access to thousands of proven publishers who will promote your products to consumers worldwide. It is one of the most beneficial affiliate networks for affiliates who want to monetize by promoting the best health products and offers. Market Health also features a very advanced affiliate campaign tracking software.



FlexOffers is an online network of affiliates and advertisers that gives you access to thousands of established affiliate programs to help you promote any product or service online. The network offers various customized solutions and content delivery options to fit the particular needs of advertisers and publishers. Publishers gain access to thousands of wonderful products that they can promote on their websites. Advertisers get a successful affiliate network to increase business sales and leads.



AvantLink affiliate network helps you grow your business sales with quality affiliate programs. They offer an intensive network of high profile merchants and vetted affiliates who are serious enough to work in a mutually beneficial partnership. The network also gives you access to various advanced technology and tools, including real-time reporting for better performance management. You can also take advantage of your country-specific networks to target specific markets.



A successful Ecommerce platform for subscription and digital businesses, RevenueWire helps you earn sales and money online. RevenueWire operates in more than 200 countries and provides you a common platform to promote and sell your products to consumer globally. It also gives you access to various important services including a dedicated platform to sell your products, a shopping cart, easy payment processing, real-time performance monitoring, and much more.



OneNetworkDirect by Digital River is an affiliate program that helps businesses increase their digital products sales and revenue. They provide affiliates an opportunity to make money and rewards by generating leads to partner merchants. OneNetworkDirect helps merchants make the most out of their affiliate marketing campaigns with the help of right resources and publishers. The integrated real-time tracking lets you keep live track of your campaigns’ performance.



clixGalore is an online affiliate network that hosts thousands of reputed affiliate programs and affiliates to make it easy for merchants to increase their business sales. They give affiliates access to several high quality affiliate programs to promote and make money. Advertisers can create their own personalized affiliate programs based on the profiting ‘pay per performance’ scenario, where they need to pay only if a sale is made.



As a trustworthy Cost per Action (CPA) affiliate marketing network, CommissionSoup is helping businesses reach their potential clients and affiliates make more money from their website traffic. They specialize in creating optimum beneficial relationships that result in increased targeted leads through a series of healthy promotions and offers. They also provides the right technology and tools to help you achieve more targets in less time.

24 is a professional health affiliate marketing network that runs several lucrative affiliate programs to market and sell health products for clients. It takes helps of qualified affiliates for the promotion and marketing of health industry products and offers. Their range of products includes all types of natural health products including skin care, anti-aging, and others. The network lets affiliates earn good commission by selling relevant products on their websites.


Share Results

Share Results is an online affiliate network that has been helping businesses improve their ROI and enhance customer response through proven affiliate marketing programs. It also helps affiliates monetize their website traffic by promoting relevant ads. Whether you are a merchant looking to generate more leads and sales to your products or a publisher looking to increase your online revenue, Share Results can help you positively.



Established as one of the most promising affiliate marketing networks, ValuLeads offers a common platform for merchants and publishers to form healthy and mutually advantageous relationships. The publishers’ benefits include weekly payments, hundreds of relevant campaigns, real-time performance statistics, and competitive campaign rates. Advertisers also get many benefits including increased ROI, fraud security, affordable setup prices, and high quality leads with pre-screened publishers.


Paid On Results

Paid On Results is a UK based affiliated marketing network that offers reliable affiliate programs to merchants and publishers all over the world. Merchants are assured of the best return on investment with continuous specialist support and real-time sales reports & tracking. Affiliates, on the other hand get an easy way to connect with trustworthy merchants and earn good income online while selling and promoting products.

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