Alternatives to KeePass

Here are some top alternatives to the KeePass in Password Manager Software

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Top Alternatives


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LastPass provides four digital security tools in one simple software package: password manager, random password generator, secure digital...

- Hassle-Free Login
- Centralize Data
- Streamline Online Shopping
- Unlimited Devices
- Mobile Application

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RoboForm offers a top-rated password manager software, which allows you to automatically and securely fill in forms and...

- Master Password
- Simplify Logins
- Anytime Access
- Auto Fill Forms
- Generate Strong Passwords

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1Password provides a secure password manager and password generator tool that you can use on various platforms, including...

- Password Creation
- Website Logs
- Convenient Security
- Browser Extensions
- Strong Password Generator

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Dashlane is a free password manager software provided by Dashlane Inc., a company founded in 2009 and based...

- Auto-fill Forms
- Automatic Login
- Automatic Password Changes
- Encrypted with AES-256
- Auto-delete Encryption Key Records

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Keeper provides a secure password manager and digital vault that prevents any hacker from stealing your sensitive information...

- Network and Cloud Security
- Native and Online Vault
- Secure Digital Vault
- BYOD Policy Protection
- Random Password Generator

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PassPack provides an organized and collaborative password manager that is completely secure, simple, and host-proof. It works with...

- Automatic Logins
- Military-grade Encryption
- Automatic Fill Forms
- Un-encrypted Data
- Disposable Logins

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Meldium provides a team password manager, access management, and cloud identity software that is simple and secure, with...

- Unlimited Apps
- Enforcing Audit Trails
- Browser Extensions
- Two-factor Authentication
- Flexible and Scalable

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PasswordBox is a trusted free identity and password manager software for Mac, Windows, and mobile platforms. It features...

- Steamlined Checkouts
- Password Generator
- Sharing Online Accounts
- Secure Sharing
- Protecting Online Accounts

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SplashID software allows you to manage all your passwords. It is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, and...

- Reputation and Reliability
- Multi-layer Data Security
- Scaling and Flexibility
- Secure Network
- Native Applications

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StickyPassword is a secure password manager and form filler software that is easy to use, completely secure, and...

- Passwords Management
- Master Password
- Automatic Forms Filling
- AES‑256 Encrypted
- Generating Strong Passwords

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Zoho Vault

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Zoho Vault is an online password manager that is specially built for teams, with secure storage and automatic...

- Storing Unlimited Passwords
- Strongest Encryption
- Storing Unlimited Notes
- Audit Trails
- Documents Attachment

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Thycotic provides an enterprise password management software with secret server architecture. It features password management and organization, real-time...

- Active Directory
- Advanced Reports
- AES 256 Encryption
- Automatic Backups
- Check Out Passwords

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Clipperz is an online password manager software, with host-proof web app and 128-bit secure encryption. It features offline...

- Password Management
- Host-proof Web App
- Offline Copy
- Single Page App
- Import Data

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TeamPassword provides secure password management software for teams, which allows you to manage and share your passwords securely...

- Web Extensions
- Encrypted Locally
- Mobile Extensions
- Transmitted Encrypted
- Browser Extensions

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