API Management Platforms

Building scalable and secure API is a challenge. However API management platforms make it easy to built powerful APIs with a set of tools. They mostly comes with features such as developer management, self-service onboarding, documentations as well as detailed analytic.

Below are leading API management platforms any developer can use to build reliable and secure APIs for their software.


Cloud Elements

By Cloud Elements Inc.

Cloud Elements is integration service provider that employs 1 to many approach for connecting users’ apps with whole categories of services through one API. It facilitates SaaS app developers for delivering cooperative applications; apps which connect flawlessly with other cloud services. It also offers a JavaScript app called Element Loader through which the data migration process becomes simple. It helps users in moving data from apps sources to targets.

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By Apigee, Inc.

Apigee is an API management platform for developing, analyzing, securing & scaling various APIs and apps. It provides API technology and services for a wide range of organizations and developers to stimulate the pace of digital business. Through API, Apigee assists businesses to securely share data and services across various channels/devices in order to enhance the customer experience. Companies can manage growth and spikes in API traffic with features like traffic isolation and independent scaling.

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By Akana, Inc.

Akana offers a comprehensive suite of API Management, API Security, Integrated SOA Governance, and Cloud Integration solutions. It helps businesses accelerate digital transformation by safely extending their reach across multiple channels. It provides intelligent insights into the business and operations by enabling companies to share data as APIs, connect, and integrate applications. Akana enables organizations to standardize API and service delivery with high performance, security, and availability.

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By 3Scale Networks, S.L.

3Scale is an API management platform which delivers scalable solutions to packaging, distributing, controlling, and monetizing an organization's APIs. It delivers centralized API management features through a distributed cloud-hosted layer. 3scale provides an API to external companies, internal teams, or both. The platform has inbuilt features to help companies build a robust API program which includes access control, rate limits, developer experience tools, and payment gateway integration.

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By Mashery, Inc.

Mashery offers key business needs in this highly competitive market to enable faster app development and partner growth. It lets companies quickly share their digital assets to stimulate their business, increase operational efficiency, and leverage technology as a driver. In addition, Mashery delivers successful API performance with an integrated security and performance dashboard that help companies understand what works and what doesn't. Companies can deploy quickly and flexibly; in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid.

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By Mashape Inc

Kong is an open source API Layer. Its features include data ownership, easy to scale, customizable, and integrations. It is perfectly suited for managing internal microservice traffic and partners or public entities. Kong can run anywhere, in the cloud or on-premise environments; including single, hybrid, or multi-datacenter setups. Since it is an open source and customizable, companies can have full control over their architecture anytime.

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By Tyk Technologies Ltd.

Tyk is a scalable, open source API management platform featuring an API gateway, analytics, developer portal, and dashboard. Through Tyk, users can manage all their APIs with straightforward integration. The portal makes it easy for users to publish their APIs to the world and allow developers to enroll for access. Each company gets their own portal, thus making it easy to separate developers and team members for larger companies.

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Axway provides market-leading software and services that enable their customers to govern the flow of data that drives business-critical interactions. It helps you capture all your application, device, and transaction data flows to create amazing digital experiences. The platform lets you manage APIs to control connected devices and access real-time information from device sensors. With Axway, companies can build and manage APIs a lot easily with a graphical configure-not-code approach and pre-built reusable components.

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Mashape is the cloud API hub that makes it easier to distribute, monetize, and consume multiple APIs. It stands as a cloud proxy between the API provider and developer calling the API. It is an analytics platform for monitoring, visualizing, and inspecting APIs and microservices. Mashape provides you with a credential to access all the APIs consumed in your applications and thus enabling you to use multiple APIs faster than ever before.

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By Restlet, Inc.

Restlet is a comprehensive and integrated platform to design, develop, and deploy APIs in the cloud, in a hassle free way. It provides an API PaaS for API creation, API management, and hosting. The web APIs build with Restlet's API platform can be more data-driven APIs, and is designed through the user-friendly interface of APISpark. The platform lets you visually create and edit the every aspect of your contract for web APIs and bootstrap their implementation.

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REST United is an online application for automatically generating SDKs for REST APIs. It features an easy-to-use interface that allows users to develop automatically generated SDKs with customizable documentation and code samples. The application allows you to generate SDKs in 9 different programming languages. In addition, REST United features an Import REST API tool that lets users build SDKs by importing API description files.

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CA Technologies creates software that services transformation for companies and allows them to seize the opportunities of the application economy. Their end-to-end portfolio of software solutions gives organizations the tools they need to better plan, develop, manage, and secure their applications. With CA Technologies, companies can build better APIs and create strategies that generate real business value. Their expertise and scale assist companies deliver the best customer experiences.

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By Apiary Inc.

The platform, Apiary, makes an API development easy and collaborative. It is a developer-centric solution with tooling for every stage of the API cycle: designing, prototyping, testing, and documentation. It is a robust platform that provides an intuitive and simplified workflow for developing reliable APIs. Its new API testing service, a part of its API development platform, is the first of its kind to offer a single destination for continuous API testing in the development process.

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Swagger is a specification for documenting REST API. It enables the service producer to update the service documentation in real time so that the documentation and client are moving at the same pace as the server. Swagger specifies the URL, method, and representation format to describe REST web services. It allows both users and implementers to interact with the API. It gives a clear insight into how the API responds to options and parameters.

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By WSO2, Inc.

WSO2 is a 100% open source technology company providing service-oriented architecture (SOA) middleware. The componentized architecture enables companies to deploy only what they need and when they need it so that they can automatically adapt business activity in response to market events. Companies will have the flexibility to easily evolve and grow their technology in a consistent and stable manner. WSO2 delivers rapid innovation by integrating Apache and other open source projects.

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By ApiAxle LTD

ApiAxle is an API management solution that is open source and free. It captures all required events for APIs, keys, and keyrings. The ApiAxle REST API makes it a certainty to integrate with them current user database. It offers developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of ApiAxle with other applications and to build new applications and APIs. With their advanced analytics collection system, companies can derive business insights and monetization opportunities.

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By IBM Corporation

The API platform, StrongLoop, is built on top of the open source LoopBack framework. With the LoopBack, Organizations can quickly create scalable APIs and database mappings. The platform has built-in features like push and offline sync, including graphical tools for clustering, profiling, and monitoring Node apps. It allows you visually create REST APIs in Node and get them connected to your data. StrongLoop has all the tools an organization needs to build APIs throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Deployd is an open source platform for companies to design, build, and scale APIs for the web and mobile apps in minutes. It comes with a full dashboard system to let you create and manage your collection APIs, create events and edit/insert data records. It manages structure behind the data, setting up pre-built mechanisms for storing, controlling and broadcasting data streams to clients and servers.

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By DreamFactory Inc.

DreamFactory is a free, open source platform software package that offers a complete REST API for the web, mobile, and IoT applications. Since it is built on the Laravel framework, DreamFactory automatically creates REST APIs for NoSQL, SQL, email, file storage, and push notifications. The platform makes it so easier to provision, govern, and report on multiple DreamFactory that used across a company's development cycle.

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