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Promoting your business on the mobile platform has been one of the most important marketing strategies for small and big companies. This is because many of the target customers are using their mobile devices to access the internet, buy products, and communicate with their favorite brands. Mobile App Builder Software can help you to create mobile apps for your business more easily in just a few steps.

Here are the best mobile app builder tools that you can use:



By Conduit Ltd

Como provides easy app builder software that allows you to create your own app with loyalty programs. The software can be used by retail and commerce, restaurants, health and beauty, and professional services to promote their business. It features app branding, loyalty cards, mobile store, push notifications, deliveries, in-app coupons, scratch cards, catalogs, and more.

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By Appcelerator Inc

Appcelerator provides mobile app development platform with real-time analytics, mobile API, and native apps. It features studio IDE, user analytics, JavaScript-based platform, integrated MVC framework, mobile test automation, arrow builder, arrow cloud, push notifications, mobile lifecycle dashboard, business insights, and performance and crash analytics. It offers various modules, including barcode scanner, Google Analytics, and Twitter.

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By ToolbarStudio Inc

AppsGeyser provides app creator software that allows you to create Android apps for free, as well as share your app revenue. It features web content inclusion, HTML5 support, pop-up notifications, social sharing, advanced statistics, Geo-location, in-app promotion, and API. You can create various apps, including maps, calculator, Facebook Page, business, VK page, converter, and more.

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Appy Pie

By Appy Pie, Inc

Appy Pie provides free mobile app builder software for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows, and Kindle platforms. It features ad monetization, push notification, app maker, social profile, photo gallery, student tools, app analytics, audio and radio, code page, and more. It helps to create apps for various categories, including education, social networking, navigation, entertainment, and utilities.

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GoodBarber provides top-quality app builder software for iPhone and Android platforms, which integrates with App Store and Google Play. It features HTML5 web app, push notifications, built-in CMS, user authentication, user-generated content, team management, adaptive native design, and more. It offers integrations with Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, WMaker, YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and more.

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iBuildApp provides app maker software for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices, designed to build apps for your business. It features login and registration, catalog shop, Google Calendar, fan wall, audio lists, news, events, RSS, video list, Google Map, and more. The software allows you to choose your own template designs and analyze your app performance.

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By Infinite Monkeys Pte Ltd

AppMakr provides mobile app maker and builder software for iPhone, Android, and HTML5 platform. It features native Android apps, unlimited users, unlimited updates, branding, live stats reporting, native iPhone apps, HTML5 mobile website, app charging, and more. The software allows you to share videos inside your app and give in-app message alerts to the users.

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GameSalad provides drag-and-drop mobile game creator software that allows you to create mobile games for Android, iOS, and HTML5 platform. It features drag-and-drop system, behavior library, innovative game mechanics, device testing, web publishing, in-app purchase, advertising network, and more. It can be installed on Windows and Mac platforms, along with the Android and iOS viewers.

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By Mobimento Mobile S.L

Mobincube provides app builder DIY software that allows you to build apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone. It features online shop, monetization, custom design, push notifications, source code, navigation bars, databases, remote content, Google Analytics, and more. The software allows you to publish your apps on various app marketplaces, with no download limitations.

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By Appery, LLC

Appery provides enterprise mobile app builder software that helps to accelerate your company’s mobile innovation. It features hybrid apps, responsive web apps, app templates, visual data binding, custom UI components, advanced storage layer, source code editing, and more. It offers feature-rich administration platform, with customer console, certificate management, collaboration and sharing, and role-based team management.

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Bizness Apps

By Bizness Apps, Inc

Bizness Apps provides app maker software for small business that helps to grow your web and design agency. It features mobile shopping cart, engaging multimedia, loyalty program, third-party integration, notification, and robust analytics. It allows you to increase customer retention, create good apps quickly, create social media buzz, and publish your apps in various platforms.

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AppPresser allows you to build mobile apps for your WordPress site, which you can publish to Android and iOS platforms. It features native apps, app store publishing, WordPress feature, WordPress plugin, WordPress interface, e-commerce, site management, and more. It allows you to customize the app look, upload photo through the app, and sends push notifications.

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By AppMachine B.V

AppMachine allows you to create your own mobile apps in hours, with three steps: scan your website, design your app, and publish. It features content addition, app analytics, building blocks, custom design, app preview, push notifications, and more. It helps to build native apps for each platform, which delivers superior app performance on any device.

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Telerik AppBuilder provides cross-platform mobile application development IDE with Cordova development environment. It features DevCloud, CMS, ALM and testing, reporting and data access, debugging, productivity and quality, and HTML5 and JavaScript framework. The software helps you to build apps for any device, bring business data to mobile devices, and reduce costs in mobile app development.

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By Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation

Andromo provides easy Android app maker software that allows you to create Android apps quickly in minutes. The software allows you to add various features in your app, including email, audio player, contact information, PDF viewer, HTML5, and more. It offers various monetization options, including app selling on Google Play, ad monetization, and brand monetization.

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By AppsBuilder S.p.a

AppsBuilder allows you to create professional mobile apps and deliver real-time results from your apps. It features custom domain, app preview, custom CMS, powerful app layouts, third-party integrations, easy mobile commerce, campaign and promotion creator, and more. The third-party integrations are available in various categories, including social, communication, loyalty tools, multimedia, forms, utilities, and more.

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Infinite Monkeys

By Infinite Monkeys Pte Ltd

Infinite Monkeys provides mobile app creator software for Android and iPhone, allowing you to create apps without hiring app developers. It features drag-and-drop system, native apps, HTML5 apps, Community Walls, Chat, Maps, unlimited users, unlimited updates, app branding, and more. The software allows you to create a mobile website, which works on various smartphone devices.

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By appsbar®, Inc

Appsbar provides a free mobile app builder that allows you to create apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone platform. There are various categories available, including books, business, education, entertainment, productivity, and more. It offers an easy way to create mobile apps in three steps: pick app category, select app design, and promote app.

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AppInstitute is the leading App Builder platform for small and medium sized businesses with 100% brand control. Make an App for iPhone and Android devices with no coding or tech skills. Choose from over 20 business type templates or create an app from scratch using the powerful pre-built modules which include a complete m-commerce solution with secure online payment, coupons, loyalty programs, messaging centre, form creation, stamp cards, social media integration, unlimited pages of content, video and music streaming, quizzes and more. The platform also offers advanced Push Notifications, location based messaging (Geo-Fencing), App user targeting, analytics, CRM and App marketing tools.

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BuildFIRE provides easy-to-use mobile app creator tool that allows you to create apps for Android and iOS without any technical skills. It features HTML5 web app, unlimited download, push notifications, native iOS and Android apps, free marketing resources, and more. It offers mobile commerce, which allows the app users to make purchases through your app.

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By Fifty Pixels Ltd

Mobicloud allows you to turn your WordPress website into a native mobile app for Android and iOS platform. It features logo branding, automatic content updates, mobile traffic monetization, retention tools, automatic notifications, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and more. The apps created with this software automatically cache information, so that users can access the content offline.

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Distillery is a software design, and development firm offers various web development services from iOS development to UI design and much more. The company offers full software development solution which includes start to end development as well as support. Their team helps businesses and enterprises selecting design ideas, interface as well as implementing the plan to make it a success.

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By ShoutEm, Inc

ShoutEm provides easy application creator software that helps you to build mobile apps easily. It features loyalty program, content app builder, mobile commerce, business information, community builder, local app builder, content organization, push notifications, and more. The software offers various monetization methods, including e-commerce, local business promotion, mobile advertising, deals, coupons, iTunes linking, and more.

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Mobile Roadie

By Mobile Roadie Inc

Mobile Roadie provides mobile app creator software that allows you to create apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and mobile web. It features custom interactive mapping, in-app purchasing, Geo-targeted push notifications, powerful feature analytics, mobile marketing engagement tools, and more. It offers an integrated mobile marketing platform that helps to promote your business with your apps.

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Siberian CMS provides free and open-source app creator software, which allows you to build mobile apps for iPhone and Android. It features loyalty card, discounts, mobile commerce, social networks, push notifications, social gaming, RSS feeds, statistics, HTML codes, custom pages, and more. It offers various modules, including places, fan wall, previewer app, and audio feature.

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By Refresh Mobile Ltd

Appsme provides mobile app builder software that allows you to create Android and iPhone apps for your business. It features in-app deals, loyalty schemes, push notifications, Geo messaging, Facebook integration, photo gallery showcase, and more. The software allows you to share your apps using a built-in sharing feature, with unique QR code for app promotion.

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Alpha Software

By Alpha Software Corporation

Alpha Software provides mobile and web app builder software that allows you to build web and mobile apps fast. It features reporting and charting, security, mapping and GPS, scheduling, data connectivity, tablet-optimized forms, mobile features, and more. It offers offline features with automatic use of local storage, write conflict resolution, and incremental client data refresh.

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By AppYourself GmbH

AppYourself allows you to create mobile and web apps for Android and iPhone platforms. It features fully-customizable design, various app templates, industry-specific solutions, web app and native app, modern design, background image uploader, app modules, and more. It provides various modules, including form, video, branch finder, catalog, restaurant, inquiry, shop, table reservation, PDF, and more.

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Yapp provides free mobile app creator software that helps you to create mobile apps in minutes. It features unlimited download, native apps, instant publishing, unlimited push notifications, web preview, basic analytics, invitation page, information page, and more. There are various app categories available, including weddings, conferences, holidays, book clubs, classes, college events, fundraisers, and more.

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By TheAppBuilder Ltd

TheAppBuilder provides the leading enterprise mobile app platform that helps to create employee apps and external apps for your business. It features private and public app builder, AES-256 encryption, easy and instant updates, Google Analytics, third-party integration, and more. The employee app made by this software helps to improve productivity and measure your business performance.

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MobApp Creator provides Android and iPhone app creator software that helps your brand to get published on the app stores. It features native mobile app templates, news and products, multimedia, app preview, integrated content manager, and more. It allows you to make mobile apps in three steps: build your app, test your app, and publish.

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