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If you are running a business with big networks, servers, applications, and IT infrastructures, it is important for you to keep the best performance of your application anytime. Application Monitoring Tools help you to keep your applications running smoothly and fix any performance problem quickly. These tools can also help to increase your business productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

These are the best application monitoring tools that you can use for your business: 

New Relic APM provides application performance monitoring software with trusted, secured, and reliable platform. It provides application monitoring, database monitoring, team collaboration, availability and error monitoring, security, transaction tracing, cross-application tracing, and more. The application monitoring system includes application response times, application histograms and percentiles, most time-consuming transactions, performance of external services, and thread profile.

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By AppDynamics Inc

AppDynamics provides application intelligence platform with unified monitoring and big data platform. It features application performance management, mobile real-user monitoring, browser real-user monitoring, database monitoring, server monitoring, application analytics, synthetic monitoring, false alarm elimination, and more. The platform offers smart code instrumentation, automated application behavioral learning, transaction tag and follow, and flexible hybrid deployment options.

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ManageEngine Applications Manager provides all-in-one performance monitoring solutions for your application, with visibility, affordability, and simplicity. It features application discovery, dependency mapping, comprehensive performance management, root cause analysis, fault management, holistic views of IT resources, and more. It offers database monitoring for various platforms, including Sybase, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, Memcached, and more.

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By SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC

SolarWinds provides server and application performance monitoring software with easy and fast setup. It features monitoring for any application, Hybrid Cloud Environment, one metric-consolidated view, database and performance correlation report, one-click problem fixing, multi-vendor product support, and lifecycle management. It offers system management tools that include virtualization manager, storage resource monitor, and web performance monitor.

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By Datadog, Inc

Datadog provides infrastructure monitoring software that allows you to see your application performance in one place. It features SaaS and cloud platform, monitoring and instrumentation, bug tracking, source control, automation tools, alert notification for any metrics, and more. The real-time dashboard offers real-time graphs, data report by category, view customization, and rate and ratio computations.

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By LogicMonitor, Inc

LogicMonitor provides SaaS-based performance monitoring platform with fast deployment and hundreds of pre-built modules. It features agentless monitor, active discovery, auto-configuration, fast setup and installation, graphic performance metrics, capacity trending, data forecasting, custom reports, synthetic transactions, and more. It allows you to fix performance problem faster with team workflows, SMS/Email/Voice alerts, ticketing systems, and more.

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By Dynatrace LLC

Ruxit is an all-in-one application performance management and monitoring software with application environment auto-detection. It features application monitoring, real-user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, unified agent technology, visualization of complex app behavior, client and server-side metrics, and more. The software consists of three performance monitoring tools, which are web monitoring, application performance management, and infrastructure monitoring tools.

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By Zimuth, Inc

Scout provides hosted server monitoring software that allows you to monitor key metrics automatically. It offers various custom plugins, including advanced process monitoring, file stat, log watcher, URL monitoring, simple DNS resolver, network connections, Apache load, mail monitor, and more. The software features StatsD + Alerts, elastic dashboard, third-party integration, lightweight installation, and one-second resolution.

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By Stackify, LLC

Stackify provides app monitoring software that allows you to monitor your app and fix your app faster. The software helps to monitor various aspects of your applications, including app performance, user satisfaction, app metrics, custom metrics, availability, and more. It offers various advantages, including real-time analysis, inline logs and error visibility, and deep code analysis.

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Dell APM provides performance monitoring solutions that allow businesses to resolve their website issues faster. It features application performance monitoring, database performance monitoring and management, virtualization performance management, storage performance and utilization, FogLight for storage management, and more. The software helps to optimize your application performance, maximize clinical IT investment, and avoid performance issues.

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By Dynatrace LLC

Dynatrace provides application and network performance monitoring software with no gaps and boundaries. It features visibility and collaboration, fast performance, continuous delivery process, any transaction tracing, gap-free data, simplify and automate complexity, eliminate false alarm, one solution for every application, and more. It offers various plugins, including SharePoint, IBM, Liferay, Oracle, and Apache HTTP Server.

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By BMC Software, Inc

Boundary provides server and application monitoring software that allows you to find and fix problems on your application quickly and effectively. It features metric resolution, alerting, server metrics, unlimited servers, data retention, AWS Cloudwatch, app monitoring, custom metrics, and more. It offers various third-party integrations, including Aerospike, Apache HTTP, AWS Linux, CPU Core, and CentOS.

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Nagios XI

By Nagios Enterprises, LLC

Nagios XI provides IT performance monitoring software with scalable and flexible platform. It features powerful monitoring engine, updated web interface, advanced graphs and visualizations, performance and capacity planning, configuration wizards, advanced infrastructure management, advanced user management, and more. The software helps to maximize revenue, reduce downtime, increase availability, increase ROI, increase efficiency, and increase productivity.

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Monitis Application Monitoring provides network and IT systems monitoring software with unified dashboard and open API. It features real-time charts and reports, free tools, worldwide locations, sub-accounts, multiple users, third-party integrations, frequent check intervals, monitoring history, and share monitors. It offers additional free tools, including Free Instant Website Check, Free Page Load Speed, and Free Instant Ping.

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By Ipswitch, Inc

IPSwitch provides application performance monitoring software that allows you to monitor the availability and performance of your applications. It features Microsoft business application monitoring, in-house application monitoring, quick application problem resolution, multi-step action policies, and more. The software helps you to build application profiles easily and rapidly isolate the root cause of the performance problem.

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By Anturis Inc

Anturis provides cloud-based monitoring service designed for IT infrastructure, networks, servers, and websites. It features service monitoring, software monitoring, website monitoring, web transaction monitoring, network monitoring, alerts, data presentation and reports, users and groups management, analysis, plugins, and more. The data monitoring and reports offer performance charts, dashboards, all-in-one infrastructure view, and Android mobile application.

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AppNeta AppView provides synthetic end-user web app monitoring software that allows you to monitor your app performance anywhere. It features script user actions, password-protected application testing, third-party API monitoring, DNS performance monitoring, 365-day data retention, detailed alerts notifications, and more. The software helps to monitor every detailed transaction and monitor performance directly from users’ locations.

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By Opsview Ltd

Opsview provides IT monitoring software designed for applications, networks, and virtual servers. It features business service monitoring, security wallet, dashboards, auto-discovery, service desk connector, SMS messaging, full scalability, reports, slave server clustering, testing and sandbox, and more. The software can be implemented in various industries, including banking, financial services, eCommerce, media, higher education, and technology.

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Pandora FMS

By Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas

Pandora FMS provides monitoring software designed for IT infrastructure management. It features centralized resource management, service monitoring, fault and event management, event correlation system, CLI management, virtual infrastructure and cloud computing, business process monitoring, and more. It offers various plugins in various categories, including application monitoring, operating system, security monitoring, artwork, network monitoring, and inventory.

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Uptime Software provides application monitoring solutions that help to keep the best user experience. It features unified IT dashboard, SLA monitoring and reporting, performance and availability, capacity management, server monitoring, application monitoring, network monitoring, cloud monitoring, and more. It offers additional free tools, including Windows Health Check, Windows Capacity Check, Windows Process Heat, and Map.

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