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Background Checks are usually performed by people to find out more details about a particular person in case of new hiring, online dating, web contacts, home services, and appointments. According to official laws, public records of people must be available in reach to everyone. There are a number of websites and platforms where users can search for these public records to find a person or to conduct a background check for their public records.

There are hundreds of online background check companies and websites. Here are some of the most popular ones.


Instant Checkmate

By Instant Checkmate, Inc

Instant Checkmate is a public record check platform used for personal and professional background checking. The online platform can be used by anyone to check someone’s records against police databases of criminals, sex offenders, and more. The tool is useful for families, detective agencies, offices, employers, and many others. With this tool, you can search for criminal records, court documents, real names, addresses, and real age for anyone in the US.

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By Spokeo, Inc.

Spokeo is a personal search engine and background checking platform that can be used to search people by their names, email address, phone number, username, or physical address. It is a very useful tool for people looking for a way to find their old friends, lost family, loved ones, or just searching for celebrities. Spokeo collects people data and records from white pages listings, social network sites and public records and organizes them in a searchable manner.

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By Intelius, Inc

Intelius is a record and background check platform where users can search for people by their names, email or phone numbers. The tool can be used to make a thorough search for criminal records, property records, original names & aliases, addresses, and other details of people. Intelius also allows reverse phone lookup to search the names, address, phone type and other details of the owner of a landline or cell phone number.

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By BeenVerified Inc.

BeenVerified is an online background check platform that allows users to find anyone online using their name, phone number, email or address. It allows users to search their relatives, neighbors, friends, partners, or self from a vast database of public records. BeenVerified is useful for personal and professional uses that include, searching records of a potential employee, looking for an old friend, finding phone number of a person, and more.

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Whitepages Pro is a consumer contact information and validation platform used by businesses to check and verify the contact details, names, address, phone, etc. of new customers and partners. It is crucial for businesses to have flexible and reliable information to be able to verify new applications, orders, accounts, calls, etc. to minimize risk. Whitepages Pro offers many identity & phone verification solutions, including caller id, call tracking, and more.

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PeopleFinders is a background check application that is used to check if someone has a criminal record or to find out about someone’s past or more. Background check is usually helpful when you meet someone new and want to find out more about that person before you get involved more. Common records retrieved by PeopleFinders include people’s full name & aliases, history, marriages & divorces, felonies, address history, phone numbers, and much more.

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By Radaris America, Inc.

Radaris is an online platform used for people search, background check, White pages, and to find people. It can search anyone by their name, phone or address, and gives complete records including emails, present address, social profiles, phone number, criminal records, professional history, and public records. Whether you want to find someone or check background details of a person, Radaris people directory can help you.

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By, Inc.

PeopleSmart is an online people search and background check platform that offers various tools for people to search their old friends or make new ones. It helps you reconnect with your friends, find old classmates, retrieve phone numbers, find contact details of loved ones, search emails and physical address, and perform background check for employees. The information is fetched from all major public records, including court records, criminal records, and more.

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US Search online people directory is there to help you find information about people, perform background checks, and access public records of others. It can be used for both personal and professional purposes, including background checks of employees, to find phone number of a friend or relative, or just to perform a basic search about someone. The website can also perform a search for a landline or mobile number to find its owner.

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Melissa Data

By Melissa DATA Corp

Melissa Data free lookups tool can help users find addresses, phone numbers, ZIP, maps, IP location, property info, and much more about a person. It can be used to find address & property history, ZIP code history, business & professional details, federal information, statistics, and maps for both personal and professional purposes. The software supports many plugins and tools for enhanced performance and information lookup.

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eVerify online people database and search system allows users to lookup and access data of anyone using their name, phone number, email or location. It can give comprehensive reports with detailed information about social media profiles & data, criminal records, address history, court records, marriage/ divorce records, birth & death records, and asset information. It can also be used to check details about an unknown phone number.

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CheckPeople is an online background check and people search platform that gives its users access to public records of other people. The platform can be used to search for criminal records of a particular person before assigning them a role in your house or organization or just to perform a basic background check to find long-lost friends or relatives. It can also be used to search for or by phone numbers.

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40.06 is an online database of public records for almost anyone in the United States. The platform can be used to perform a thorough background check, address search, criminal search, reverse phone search, search for birth & death records, marriage & divorce records, email search by name, and search on social networks. It is useful for businesses to perform background check for new employees and for individuals to find people.

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By SearchBug, Inc.

SearchBug is an online search engine to find people and businesses. The platform allows users to make a search for any people or business by name, location or phone number. Various tools and services offered by SearchBug include reverse phone lookup, professional skip tracing, background check, bank account search, verify mailing address, identify phone line type, free text messaging, reverse address lookup, place of employment search, property search, and much more.

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InteliGator is a background check tool for companies and individuals to perform instant background checks to retrieve detailed reports of criminal records, history and civil records of a person. It offers three kinds of services; investigation service for background check, criminal records and court records checks; information services for people trace, reverse phone search and reverse email search; and public records services for marriage, birth and property records.

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PeopleCheckPro is a database of public records and data that can be used to find and learn about people. It allows users to search for people by name, phone number, email or physical address, and retrieves various details, including marriage records, birth & death records, criminal records, business & work details, phone numbers, lawsuits, asset & property records, and much more. It is useful to verify online sellers, online dating partner, web contacts, and more.

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9.85 is a background check and investigation service that can be used by individuals and companies to search the records, history and information about a particular person. It offers various services, including background checks, search for criminal records, court records, arrest records, phone search, email search, and many more. Users can get complete profile of a person by performing a simple search for name.

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People Search Now

By, Inc.

People Search Now is an online people search service that allows users to search billions of public records to find a person or their information. It can be used to search for everything, from basic contact details to in-depth background check of people. Background checks can be performed to retrieve useful information, such as address history, criminal history, property ownership, phone numbers, sex offender checks, bankruptcies & tax records, and much more.

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11.89 is an online people search and background check platform used by individuals and businesses to perform a background check before hiring a service or employee for their home or company. Background reports generated by include various identity details, such as social security number, previous addresses, bankruptcies, judgments, wants & warrants, alias names, phone number, liens, evictions, arrest records, criminal records, and more.

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By llc is a tenant search engine available to be used by property owners to perform background checks and to screen their tenants. It is a paid service and is available in many options with different features. is expert in conducting thorough profile search and tenant screening with the most accurate details and fast instant reports. Some of its services include credit reports, criminal background checks, eviction checks, and more.

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BackgroundChecks is serving thousands of customers nationwide, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, by providing innovative and comprehensive screening services. With a database of over 525 million criminal records and more than 13 million photos, the company has an extensive collection of public record sources, delivering reports to both consumers and businesses in an intuitive, user-friendly format.

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CheckThem is a online background check platform, They are offering accurate and detailed background checks and screening solutions. The platform can be used for both personal and any business requirement. The huge database allows individuals to search through millions of reports, and also to obtain big collections of public records. These includes various criminal records, court data, property related records, marriage and divorce records and more. The people search engine is also very user-friendly, straightforward and helps people find useful information, including full name search, address and phone records, ZIP history, social media profiles, and much more. Users can dig into anyone's history by running a background check such as neighbors, their relatives, long-lost friends, partners, employees, possible sex offenders, etc.

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