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A backlink checker is a tool used to track competitors’ backlinks to be able to replicate them. Backlink tracking is an SEO and online marketing exercise that involves identifying back links coming to competitors’ websites and trying to replicate most of them with the aim to get the same or even better results than our competitors. There are many tools and software available to track and find backlinks of a website. A backlink checker’s efficiency is measured by its ability to find the right and exact backlinks of a website.

Here are some quality backlink checker tools used and recommended by online marketers.

Open Site Explorer from Moz is a popular link checker tool that can track backlinks for any website from a vast database of trillions of links. In addition to detailed list of inbound links, Moz also gives users other important site metrics including domain authority, page authority, links coming from root domains, total inbound links, spam score, page social metrics, top pages, links anchor text, link opportunities, etc.

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By Ahrefs Pte Ltd

Ahrefs Site Explorer is a link explorer tool used by online marketers and SEOs to extract detailed link profile of their websites or their competitors’ websites. The tool is available to use through a free and paid account where features change with the plan. Ahrefs Site Explorer provides detailed link profile of the target website including broken backlinks & links, disavow links integration, social metrics and content analysis.

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OpenLinkProfiler is a free to use backlink explorer tool that can find hundreds of backlinks for any website, while allowing users to download these links. The tool is also featured with several applications including, sophisticated link filtering, link alerts, link disinfection tool and daily link updates for in-depth link analysis. Other metrics offered by OpenLinkProfiler include links to homepage, links from root domains, nofollow links, link influence score, and much more.

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By Majestic-12 Limited

Majestic Site Explorer is used by SEO professionals, entrepreneurs, media analysts and developers to explore the links of a website from a large database of links. The tool allows users to explore a URL in great detail with multiple metrics including, full list of backlinks, link/website subject, referring domains, nofollow links, active or deleted links, new links, link anchor text, and many other stats based on subscription type.

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Searchmetrics backlink checker tool is designed to give an in-depth analysis of the backlink profile of a website from a huge link database. The tool is also featured with many filter options, allowing users to filter backlink report for particular indicators. Some of the features and metrics offered by Searchmetrics backlink checker include link strength, link popularity, number of links, different domains linking, IP addresses of backlinks, etc.

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Rank Signals is an extensive backlink checker tool used to find SEO backlinks of competitors’ websites with the aim of finding their traffic sources. The tool is equipped with a number of features, allowing users to get a detailed analysis of the target websites’ backlink profiles. Other services offered by Rank Signals backlink checker include competitors’ link analysis for link building, PageRank, Alexa Rank, and other link metrics, disavowing bad or broken links, and more.

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Bing Link Explorer

By Microsoft Corporation

Bing Link Explorer is a part of Bing Webmaster Tools that allows users to track and discover links for any website on the internet. The tool can be used by Webmasters and SEOs to find backlinks of their competitor websites as well as for their own websites. Once discovered, these links can be used to replicate what your competitors have been doing all along or to find out your faulty links.

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Linkpad is a link searching and analysis tool featured with a rich database of links from all internet websites. The tool makes it easier for SEO professionals to find the backlinks of any website and use them for better promotion of their own website. Linkpad backlink analysis tool gives detailed information about found backlinks including link backlink sources, site authority, link type, link authority, broken links, etc.

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Monitor Backlinks is a backlink monitoring and analysis tool used by online marketers to analyze the backlinks of their own website or that of competitors’ sites. The tool sends regular updates about new links to your website, broken or old backlinks, competitors’ link profile and ideas for better SEO. Various backlink metrics including Google pagerank, Alexa rank, Nofollow, Moz rank and social shares allow users to identify good and bad links.

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CognitiveSEO backlink checker and site explorer tool is an easy and fast way to check the backlinks of a website. The tool can be used for complete link research of competitiors’ sites or clients’ sites to find good, bad and broken links. CognitiveSEO backlink checker is also featured with several backlink metrics and filters including, referring domains, number of links, page authority, domain authority, dofollow/nofollow, image/text links, fresh links, link anchor text, and more.

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By LinkResearchTools GmbH

LinkResearchTools is a fully-featured backlink checker and analysis platform used by many leading online marketing companies and professionals to understand and outperform their competitors. Some of its features include backlink check based on multiple SEO metrics & link backends, updated & accurate database, social votes support, dynamic link profile filters, and more based on plans & pricing. LinkResearchTools include many other important tools, such as, link detox, common backlinks too, link juice thief, etc.

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SEOkicks Backlink Checker is a comprehensive and popular link analysis tool that has its own crawlers to collect link data of various websites. The tool makes backlink data available through its website, CSV export and API. SEOkicks allows users to analyze the sources of the backlinks of their competitors and clients websites to find areas for optimization and improvement. The backlink checker tool is filtered by metrics including referring domains, top pages, anchor text, etc.

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Linkody Backlink Checker tool is used by SEO professionals to identify their own bad inks and to find their competitors’ good backlinks. The tool can provide a complete link analysis of any website on the internet. Its services include finding top links to your domain, backlink profile analysis for good or bad links, finding and replicating competitors' backlinks, etc. The link analysis report of Linkody Backlink Checker is filtered through several metrics.

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WebMeUp backlink tool features a large index of links and is updated regularly to add more. The tool can help small and growing sites by giving them a detailed analysis of backlinks, domains, IPs and subnets for any of their competitors’ websites for better SEO. WebMeUp key services include SEO-significant links for any site, pointing out harmful links for client’s websites, and replicating links of any competing sites.

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MoonSearch is a free SEO analysis and backlink tool, allowing anyone to analyze any website for backlinks, pagerank and other SEO metrics. The tool can give users a complete and exact list of backlinks of any website, which can be used for in-depth analysis of the website. In addition to backlinks, MoonSearch also provides information about website traffic, Alexa rank, backlink quality and domains’ reputation, and assigns its own rank to each website.

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SEO Spyglass

By SEOSpyGlass.Com

SEO Spyglass is a downloadable backlink checker tool available in both free and paid versions. The tool allows SEO professionals to find all backlinks pointing to their site, find and replicate competitors’ links, get in-depth analysis based on multiple backlink factors, find bad links to remove and good links for link building, and generate customized backlink reports. The software is available for Windows, Mac & Linux platforms.

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SheerExplorer by is a backlink explorer tool used to find and analyze inbound links of a website or webpage. The tool generates detailed backlink analysis reports based on several SEO metrics, such as number of linking domains, back-links, do follow links, target URL, Sheer domain rank, and more. SheerExplorer also allows users to download backlink analysis reports in pdf or excel formats.

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