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Banking is one of the most complex business industries in the world. With so many functions, customers and accounts, it is not easy for banks and financial institutions to manage everything properly. Banking software is meant to help banking institutions with their core banking operations, tasks and management. There are available hundreds of banking applications designed to suit the needs of different financial organizations and to perform simple to complex financial tasks. It is important to know the features and functions of the particular software before choosing a banking solution.

Here are some common and widely used banking software and applications.

Cleartouch by Fiserv is real-time, web-based banking software designed for banks to manage their tasks and workflows through a single dashboard. Cleartouch helps banks with powerful and meaningful business analytics to let them know the actual performance of their business. It allows bank staff to manage various bank data, processes and workflows including customer information, accounts, transactions, etc. online by using an easy-to-use platform.

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By Computer Sciences Corporation

Celeriti banking and finance software is used by many leading banks and enterprises as a complete banking solution for various processes including cards, payments and lending. Equipped with the latest technology, Celeriti enables financial organizations to gain the speed and certainty, expand delivery channel capabilities, improve the customer experience, easily integrate systems environment, work on latest deployment models, reduce the marketing time, and perform global and international operations.

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Core Banking

By Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.

Core Banking from FIS is a complete banking solution platform. The software is ideal for all types of financial institutions and organizations including, credit unions, bankers’ banks, mid-tier and large financial institutions, thrifts, de novo and community banks and international financial institutions. FIS core banking is aimed at maximizing growth and increasing productivity for multiple banking operations including retail, investment, commercial or direct banking.

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By The 3i Infotech Ltd.

Kastle is a corporate and retail banking software & platform designed for banks and financial organizations to efficiently manage their finance retail operations such as, internet and core banking, universal lending, fraud detection, and risk management. It also offers many specialized corporate banking products aimed at managing risk, payments, treasury and asset liability. Asset liability management, risk management, factor/sql, treasury, AMLOCK, universal lending and Kastle internet banking are other popular tools.

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Cloud Banking

By Temenos Headquarters SA

Cloud Banking by Temenos is a cloud-based banking and finance platform aimed at providing banks with the innovative, flexible and cost-effective banking deployment models. Cloud Banking can cut down the big costs of managing complex in-house legacy systems by replacing it with the more effective cloud based banking solutions. Cloud Banking features include reduced IT costs, increased scalability and manageability, and compatibility with new markets and services.

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FusionBanking by Misys is banking software that can help banks and financial institutions to be more engaged and familiar with the needs of their retail and commercial banking customers by embracing the latest technologies. It helps businesses to increase customer value by knowing the latest banking trends in the market and keeping their operations updated accordingly. Various areas covered by FusionBanking software include core banking, lending, digital channels and transaction banking.

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Bank Core

By DH Corporation

Bank Core is a banking solution designed to meet the needs of any community-based bank or large financial enterprise. Bank Core offers several banking products to suit the needs of different banks and organizations. Most popular products include Intrieve Advantage Core for thrifts and savings banks, Phoenix System International for financial organizations outside the US, PhoenixEFE Core for commercial and savings banks, and Sparak System Core for any core banking.

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FinnOne Neo

By Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.

FinnOne Neo is complete banking solution integrated with several application and products, designed to provide assistance in risk management, decision-making and other operations of the lending lifecycle. Some of its popular products include FinnOne Neo Customer Acquisition System (CAS), Loan Management System (LMS), Collections, Finance Against Securities (FAS), Business Analytics and Lending Mobility. Key benefits include market-ready, extended business operations, self service for customers, easy business / credit policy configuration and higher productivity.

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Sopra Banking Platform

By Sopra Banking Software

Sopra Banking Platform is a component based core banking solution that allows financial institutions to opt the services based on their business modules. It offers a quicker way to launch products, superior position keeping for increased margins and the ability to manage large data volumes. Sopra offers multiple banking solutions including the installation of a new core banking system or an expansion of an existing system, or a replacement of a particular module.

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Avaloq Banking Suite is a fully customizable, modular banking solution used by many popular financial institutions for managing back, middle and front office operations of their organizations. In addition to core banking functionalities, Avaloq Banking Suite also offers latest technology based customized, state-of-the-art finance solutions to companies. Other features include end-to-end coverage of processes, dedicated business applications for special roles, high flexibility, more efficiency, scalability, international approach, etc.

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By Data Center Inc.

iCore360 is complete bank management software designed to offer advanced and adaptive banking solutions. The software is equipped with the leading-edge technology and is built upon ASP.NET Web-enabled architecture. Its features include web based platform, the most advanced and adaptable technology integration, point and click automation, single relational database, etc. iCore360 integrates the entire banking system on a single platform giving you complete control and flexibility to access and manage the information.

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SIT Portfolio Plus

By Strategic Information Technology (SIT) Ltd.

SIT Portfolio Plus is banking & financial software used by major financial institutions around the world. SIT banking software is ideal to be used by banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, automotive lenders, trust companies, and more. The software allows banks and organizations to manage millions of accounts at a time and to perform various financial tasks including lending, collecting, and managing money.

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COBIS UFS (Ubiquitous Finance Solution) is a complete finance and bank management solution, which comes bundled with a set of products and applications designed to suit all needs of the financial institutions. The software can be used in almost every banking & financial sector including consumer banking, second-tier banking, microfinance, mortgage banking, commercial banking, investment banking, credit unions, development banking, etc. Its features include high productivity, robust, scalability, highly secure, etc.

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By Eurobase International Limited

Siena banking solutions by Eurobase are used by financial companies worldwide. Siena banking platform is featured with many standard products to serve different areas of banking and finance needs. These products include Siena Price Manager to automate the essential e-trading functions and enabling multiple price feeds, eTrader to support cross asset trading, ePayments to enable real-time FX rates, and Front Office to manage profitability and cash-flow displays and reporting.

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By Ebanq Holdings BV

EBANQ is a widely used online banking platform and mobile app. EBANQ is an ideal banking solution for small & medium sized banks, credit unions, savings & loans, trust companies or any other financial organization managing clients’ money. Its features include mobile-ready platform, compatible to all devices, beautiful and user-friendly interface, bank-grade SSL encryption security, fast loading speed, fully-customizable, and designed on the latest state-of-the-art cloud technology.

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SilverLake System

By Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.

SilverLake System from Jack Henry is a complete core banking system designed with the aim to provide the expertise and technology needed by banks and financial institutions to execute their business strategies, and to run their operations. SilverLake System is suitable for any financial organization ranging from community banks to mid-tier and even multi-billion institutions looking for a powerful, highly customizable and automated banking platform.

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