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Big Data is one of the most powerful things of the modern business world. Businesses and organizations that deal in big data and multiple data types are usually unaware of the hidden potential and capabilities of their data warehouses. Big data analytics applications help businesses analyze and extract more value from their data to deliver more efficient business decisions and results. These services are commonly used by medium-sized and enterprise level organizations that deal in large data types.

Here are some of the most widely used and recommended Big Data analytics platforms.


HP Haven

By Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

HP Haven is big data analytics software used to analyze various data types and deliver actionable results for better business outcomes. With cloud based and on-premise deployment options, HP Haven is designed to extract maximum output from business, human and machine data to gain competitive advantage and maximize business value. Other services include support to multiple data sources and formats, next generation apps building, advanced predictive analytics, and more.

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PureSystems PureData

By International Business Machines Corporation

PureSystems PureData from IBM is an application used to control and optimize the performance of business data warehouses. The software is capable of running complex algorithms based on big data and business intelligence faster and more efficiently. Automation feature makes it easy for the service to load and go, even without any tuning or administrating support. PureSystems also feature a rich set of analytics tools and functions to ensure fast and secure performance.

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SAP Lumira is a data analytics and business intelligence platform from SAP that allows users to find, combine, and analyze effective data trends and product more efficient business results. It features many tools to perform self-service data visualization and create amazing maps, infographics, charts, and more. SAP Lumira can import data from any source, run business intelligence analysis, and share useful business insights with teams.

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SAP IQ is a high level RDBMS designed for big data analytics and warehousing that allows businesses to perform in-the-moment decision making. The software allows users to access crucial data, perform extreme level data analytics, and provide deeper business insights for the growth of organization. Other services and functions include loading and indexing of big data, data warehouse services, and sharing useful insights with business people.

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Splunk is a big data analytics platform used to collect and analyze machine-generated big data and deliver real-time business insights for better decision making. The software is designed to help people unlock the hidden capabilities and features of machine data from a single platform. Splunk Big Data solutions offer many tools, including Splunk analytics for Hadoop and NoSQL (Hunk), ODBC Driver, Hadoop Connect and Splunk DB Connect.

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Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is a complete Hadoop data analytics solution for the enterprise. The software delivers open enterprise hadoop that allows organizations to analyze any big and modern data and deliver optimized results. Based on YARN architectural center, HDP provides a powerful platform for businesses to perform multi-workload data processing using multiple methods in real-time. Other functions include security, operations and spanning Governance.

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By Teradata Corporation

Teradata is a big data analytics and warehousing platform that helps businesses in the analysis of large data types to get much more value than usual. It offers many interactive tools, including big data analytics and integrated marketing application to allow businesses to make the best use and gain more competitive advantage with their data warehouses. Teradata offers a comprehensive set of big data resources, including white paper, videos, reports and infographics to educate people more.

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Amazon Redshift

By Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Redshift is one of Amazon Web Services (AWS) that features a fast, powerful and fully-managed data warehouse to help businesses analyze their data using existing business intelligence (BI) tools. The platform offers affordable, pay-as-you-go based data analytics services suitable for businesses of all sizes. Users can take advantage of developer resources, guides and tutorials to understand and implement the data analytics software for maximum performance.

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BigQuery from Google is a fast, fully managed and optimized data warehouse used by organizations to perform large-scale data analytics. Google offers economical data analytics solutions with pay-as-you-go model to suit needs of different users. The platform is easy to manage and doesn’t need any database administrator to perform the tasks. Users get everything pre-managed and ready to perform big data analytics to find meaningful business insights.

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Informatica Big Data

By Informatica Corporation

Informatica Big Data is a complete data analytics and management solution for integration, governance, security and analysis of enterprise big data. The software helps businesses and organizations properly use, manage and deliver meaningful values from big data and avoid security risks. Informatica offers the perfect big data analytics solution to replace the traditional, manual and time consuming approaches and to deliver the best real-time results at lower cost.

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Pivotal Big Data Suite

By Pivotal Software, Inc.

Pivotal Big Data Suite is a cloud based data analytics and open source database software platform that helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation process by effective data analysis and uses. It offers tools to help users manage, analyze, and connect the data with other applications in the system and produce optimized results. In addition to that, Pivotal Big Data Suite can also provide deep insights about business data that are usually hidden.

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DataStax Enterprise Analytics is a powerful data analytics system that allows enterprises to utilize their data to produce fast real-time insights to make better and quick decisions for the growth of business. The software also helps in smart operating of transactional data analytics and to integrate modern data with historical information stored in warehouses. DSE analytics is ideal for fraud detection systems, IoT deployments, recommendation engines, and other similar applications.

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MicroStrategy big data analytics platform and technology is used by businesses and enterprises for seamless and secure analysis of their data. The software is designed to be able to access and analyze any data source, more than one, separate or in combination from one single location. MicroStrategy supports all major Hadoop systems for storing multi-structured big data and facilitates healthy integration with SAP HANA, MongoDB, Salesforce and other applications.

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Palantir Gotham

By Palantir Technologies Inc.

Palantir Gotham is a complete big data analytics and management solution that allows users to integrate, store, manage and analyze all of their business data from one platform. It collects data from multiple sources, fuses all of it into a single, human-centric model, tags, secures and analyzes the data, performs real human-driven analysis with live user experience, and improves the overall intelligence of the business system.

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Pentaho Big Data Analytics is software for businesses that want to extract maximum output from their data. It is a complete data analytics solution that features data integration, reporting and analytics tools to help users extract, manage and blend their data and identify the aspects that can change the complete business process. Pentaho allows businesses to convert big data into useful insights for any data source, environment or analytic requirement.

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MapR Distribution

By MapR Technologies, Inc.

MapR Distribution is a data platform that offers Apache Hadoop based data management services to allow organizations to reliably manage and process big and fast data to analyze deep business insights. The platform offers many tools and technologies for users to perform intense data analytics, upgrade projects and drive significant business results. Other services and features include multi-version project support, browser-based management console, and many more.

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Talend Big Data Integration tool gives users access to Hadoop and NoSQL databases with the ability to manage and integrate data to meet business demands. The platform enables developers to use integrated tools, such as Apache Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL databases to easily generate native code and analyze and extract the full power of enterprise data to make informed business decisions. It allows fast and secure processing of data into real-time decisions.

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By MarkLogic Corporation

MarkLogic offers modern generation data warehouse solutions to allow businesses to process all types of data with a highly scalable, low cost platform with no loss of data governance. It offers data integration and management tools and supports all operational and analytical applications from a single platform. MarkLogic combines the power of NoSQL platform with built-in search and provides enterprise-grade reliability, security and data integrity.

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Alteryx offer big data analytics solutions for organizations to gain new insights for business growth, customer engagement, and strategic decision making. Alteryx allows users to put all their data to be managed by expert business analysts and decision makers. Some of its functions include access and integration of data from multiple sources, fast and reliable analytics, and sharing of data analytics applications with decision markers and users.

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SGI Data Analytics

By Silicon Graphics International Corp

SGI specialize in high speed, scalable and efficient Data Analytics solutions for enterprise data. It helps businesses manage and analyze high-volume data environments with the help of integrated tools. SGI Data Analytics solutions allow customers to perform data analytics operations faster than ever and drive better business insights. It allows business to unleash the great potential lying underneath vast and usually underrated pools of data.

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Actian Analytics Platform is a fast, open, enterprise-grade data analytics solution to be used by businesses for making the most of their data. The platform supports leading data analytics solutions, including Hadoop, Spark and Hive to allow companies to experiment with their data and analytics. Openness is one of the greatest attributes of Actian Analytics that allows its users to take benefits of existing investments and extend their capabilities.

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KNIME features an open-source, enterprise level analytics platform to help businesses discover the hidden potential in their data and identify useful and fresh insights. The software is available in downloadable form to be installed and used in local environment. KNIME Analytics Platform can be easily customized to suit specific business needs and allows users to work on their existing applications without having to build everything from scratch.

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By Platfora, Inc.

Platfora big data analytics is an automated Hadoop service platform that enables business to know the potential of their data by analyzing all of it without needing technical experts. It gives all business people and employees the power to run analyses for machine data, customer interactions, and transactions on their own. Platfora ensures that businesses can extract maximum actionable insights from their data and know everything possible.

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By 1010data, Inc.

1010data is a cloud based data analytics and management platform that offers various solutions for big data analysis, discovery and sharing. It helps businesses deliver actionable insights quickly based on their enterprise data. 1010data gathers data from various sources, including users, public, third-party, and old databases and drives real-time insights to enrich business decisions. It also allows sharing of business data with other parties for valuable insights and reviews.

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HPCC Systems

By Reed Elsevier Inc.

HPCC Systems is an online platform designed to help businesses process and analyze more big data in less time with high reliability and efficiency. It features an easy-to-use, cloud based platform that supports faster application development with far less code. Other benefits of HPCC Systems include commodity hardware support, fault resilient, built-in distributed file system, reliable development IDE, powerful operational tools, and customized modules for specific big data tasks.

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ParStream Analytics Platform specializes in management and analysis of massive IoT data. The platform offers many innovative and efficient tools for companies to generate actionable, timely insights from their IoT data. ParStream Analytics Platform also keeps track of sources of all data to perform real-time analytics and to generate better insights for business decision makers. It is integrated with ParStream DB to support storage and analysis of billions of rows of data.

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Kognitio Analytical Platform is software used to run complex big data analytics in-memory to continuously generate high-value insights for businesses. The platform seamlessly works with existing business intelligence, applications, tools as well as modern data sources and Hadoop storage to perform diverse data analytics. It produces timely and meaningful business insights from big data assets to help decision-makers make better business decisions.

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By Revulytics Inc.

Revulytics Usage Intelligence is the leading solution purpose-built for distributed software on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms provides deep insight into application usage. Understand which features are used most or least. Advanced reporting options allow you to filter by properties including region, version, operating system platform, hardware architecture, and more to focus your product road-map development.

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