Browser Testing Services



By BrowserStack Inc.

BrowserStack is a cross browser testing tool that lets you test your application or website for compatibility on several real browsers at once. The tool supports over 1000 desktop and mobile browsers. It also allows cross platform compatibility test with the latest versions of all popular browsers, mobile and desktop OS, Windows and more. BrowserStack also lets you test your websites and codes internally without any setup.



Browsershots tool is used to check browser compatibility for any website or application. The tool can test your website across all versions of all popular mobile and desktop browsers, Operating systems and screen sizes, with filters like Java, Flash, Color depth, and more. Browsershots is a free open-source online tool that can be used to test browser compatibility of any website using its URL.


Sauce Labs Browser Testing

By Sauce Labs, Inc.

Sauce Labs is an automated cloud based testing service for web and mobile applications. The program allows developers to cross test their applications across a number of real browsers, mobile devices, simulators, and emulators. It can be used to test any website for cross compatibility on any browser and OS combination. Sauce Labs makes use of the most advanced comprehensive techniques for fast and error-free testing.


By, LLC is a cross browser testing platform where you can test a website for compatibility on thousands of browsers and devices, including Android devices, iPhones, mobile phones, Windows, OSX, and more. The tool tests your applications on real devices, OS and browsers that are commonly used by internet users. It also offers various tools to let you easily find problems in the functionality of your application, and fix them instantly.



By Browserling Inc.

Browserling is an online live cross-browser testing tool that lets you test any web URL across a number of Operating Systems, browsers, and devices. It offers live browser testing where you can interact with the specific browser in real-time while testing the compatibility of your website. It also allows testing of local host servers using built-in ssh tunnels. Browserling supports all the latest browsers, flash, Java, and other plugins.



By SyncUI OÜ

Blisk is a complete browser program that allows developers to test their websites on a number of devices, emulators, mobiles, browsers, and more. It allows debugging and testing of any web application through a series of emulation, analytics, and screenshots. It features many DevTools to allow developers to easily debug any desktop or mobile application. Blisk is compatible with a number of devices, languages, IDE and frameworks.


Browser Sandbox

By Turbo, Inc.

Browser Sandbox is a toolbox of browsers where you can run any supported browser online without needing to install it. The program is specifically useful for developers looking to test their websites and applications for compatibility across a number of browsers. Browser Sandbox supports all the latest versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome, and other popular mobile and desktop browsers. It can open any website in any browser in real-time.



By Vanamco AG

Ghostlab is a synchronized web testing and debugging tool by Vanamco. It allows thorough testing of any website on mobile device or browser simultaneously. Ghostlab supports mirror-testing where all your actions, clicks, scrolling, etc. are mirrored on all connected devices and browsers so that you can simultaneously check your website on all these devices and browsers in real-time. It also features a built-in inspector that can fix any bug reported during testing.



By Position Fixed UG

BrowseEmAll is a desktop based browser testing application that can live test any website or application on your local system. It runs a number of tests and offers relevant screenshots, side-by-side comparison and code analytics for you to easily identify bugs in your application. Since the application runs on your local machine, it can easily test localhost programs, websites, and staging environments without needing to leave your network.



By Browsera, LLC

Browsera is an automated cross browser compatibility testing service that tests the layout, functioning, and performance of a website across several browsers. The tool can also report any scripting error in your code or on the website. Browsera automatically compares the layout of your website on each supported browser and highlights cross-browser problems if any. It can also test JavaScript errors, pages behind login, dynamic pages, and more.



By TestingBot

TestingBot is an online browser Selenium testing tool that lets you cross-examine your website on different mobile devices, browsers, and OS. The tool supports both automated and manual testing with access to hundreds of browsers in real-time. TestingBot lets you run automatic Selenium tests across a number of devices, browser versions and platforms in the existing infrastructure. It provides detailed test reports in the form of screenshots, test logs and videos.



By, Pty Ltd

Testize is a visual website testing tool that can be used to test a website across various popular devices, browsers, and operating systems. It allows you to test your website for compatibility, structure, and performance, check reported issues, and fix these issues with the instructions received. In addition to showing a live preview of your website across a number of devices and platform, Testize also generates a thorough website report for optimization purpose.



By Equafy SaaS

Equafy is a web-based cross browser testing platform that allows you to test a website to find visual layout differences across different platforms, browsers and resolutions. It supports both automatic and Selenium testing where you can either scan your site to check for broken areas or can run your selenium tests for better results. It automatically records your activity and then repeats it on multiple browsers to find visual differences.



By TWD Solutions Pte. Ltd.

MultiBrowser is a complete browser testing tool that allows cross-browser testing of websites for compatibility, responsiveness, layout structure, visibility, and more. It offers testing on real web browsers, devices, mobile browser simulators, emulators, and developer tools for actual results. Its built-in screen recorder automatically records all user activity and website performance on various devices and browsers. MultiBrowser also supports Visual Studio that offers additional testing and debugging extensions.

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