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Bugs are unwanted errors and issues generated automatically during a project development cycle. These issues can harm the development process and can result in messing with the functioning of the project. Issues and bugs are tracked and handled at the testing phase of the development process or anytime after the delivery. A bug tracking software tracks bugs in a system and manages complete issue tracking process while keeping a track of the progress. These systems are used by developers and software teams to manage bugs and issues in their projects.

Here are some of the most widely used bug tracking applications.


Pivotal Tracker

By Pivotal Software, Inc.

Pivotal Tracker is an agile project development tool designed to manage various software projects and issues for development teams. It is compatible with mobile, desktop and other platforms and can easily manage the projects of any-size. Pivotal Tracker allows developers to break a complex projects into small stories, estimate their relative complexity and assign priorities. It allows customers to share their issues and feedback for improvement.

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By Atlassian Pty Ltd

JIRA is project issue and bug tracking software designed by Atlassian that allows software teams and programmers to identify and track bugs and other issues in an ongoing project. JIRA also lets software team members plan and track their work towards the goal completion. It automatically detects and updates issued and bugs when a developer codes in one of the supported software, or can be managed manually.

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By JetBrains s.r.o.

YouTrack issue tracker software allows developers and teams to track and report bugs and issues in their projects. The software is bundled with features like IDE-style intelligence, smart search queries, easy shortcuts and batch issue modification that can be used for effective issue tracking and task management. The live dashboard shows complete information of the project including team progress, reports, assignee & reporters, fixed issues, etc.

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Redmine is an open-source project management and issue tracking web application featured with multiple projects support, powerful issue tracking system, role based access control, news, documents & files management, Gantt chart and calendar, issue creation via email and other tools. Redmine issue tracking system keeps track and manages handling of all documentation issues, plugin issues and bugs reported during the development and testing of the project.

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Lighthouse issue and bug tracking system helps developers and programmers keep track of their project development and issues generated. The software manages and automates most of project tasks so that developers can completely focus on the coding part. It allows users to tag issues to categorize them in categories, reply to tickets from inbox, check the status of the projects, and handle issues effectively.

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By Macropod Software Pty, Ltd

BugHerd is a complete bug tracker platform designed to handle project issues and bugs based on client feedback. The software enables clients to keep track of the live project and report issues in real-time by making annotations. These issues are then sent to the concerned team or developer with complete details needed to fix the problem. Its key features include single click issue reporting and feedback, easy filtering and sorting through bugs, integration with existing tools and more.

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By Fog Creek Software, Inc.

FogBugz issue and bug tracking software is used for complete project planning and management, and time tracking. FogBugz makes sure that your product is developed within the time frame and is bug free. It tracks bugs and issues at every step of the development life cycle and allows developers to prioritize these issues to know which one to be handled first. In addition to that, FogBugz also offers Agile Project Planning.

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By MantisBT Team

MantisBT is an open source bug tracking and management application that enables clients to report issues in an ongoing project and keep track of these issues. The software also lets the development team manage their projects with an effective collaboration with their teammates and clients. It allows email notifications for team and clients on issue status, resolution, or remarks. Users are given the flexibility to customize their issue field and workflow.

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Sifter is a simple bug and issue tracker application designed to help even non-technical team members find bugs and issues in the projects. The software features an easy-to-use, interactive dashboard that displays the category-wise list of issues, their priority, status, assignee, subject, category, due date, creation date, etc. and allows sorting and filtering of issues. Testing and bug fixing is a tedious task and Sifter can handle most of it on its own.

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By bugzilla.org

Bugzilla is a bug tracking system that allows developers or development teams to keep track of bugs and issues in their product. In addition to being free, Bugzilla is featured with several tools including advanced search capabilities, bug lists in multiple formats, email notifications, scheduled reports by email, automatic duplicate bug detection and many more. It automatically tracks bugs and code changes, communicates with teammates, reviews patches and manages quality assurance.

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By Edgewall Software

Trac is an open-source issue tracking system used for software development projects. The software is aimed at helping developers provide error-free software while not interfering with the task itself. It offers an interface to other applications, an integrated Wiki and effective reporting system. Trac also allows users to use wiki markup in issue description & messages by creating links and references between bugs, tasks, files, changesets and wiki pages.

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By Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

BugTracker from Zoho is a bug tracking and fixing system, enabling users to fix bugs and deliver great software. It is easy to setup, helps finding bugs easily in any product or software, keeps track till the end and helps delivering great products on time. Some of its features and tools include easy and clear interface, category and project-wise bug lists, automate bugs, custom bug views, file sharing, collaborative bugs dashboard, interactive forum, etc.

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By DoneDone, LLC.

DoneDone is a simple yet powerful bug and issue tracker that tracks and finds bugs at every step of the project development cycle, from planning to coding, testing to support, and more. It removes the needs of managing multiple spreadsheets, notes and emails with project and issue details, which can now be managed with a simple, web based platform. Other features of DoneDone include a simple workflow, easy filtering, flexible issue management, etc.

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IssueTrak bug tracking software allows users to track issues to avoid any cracks in the software or the end project. The software enables developers and teams to simplify the issue tracking and resolving process, make better use of resources and increase productivity. IssueTrak IT service help desk is designed to help clients with their issues and to provide them expert support and the ability to track real-time issue handling.

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By BugMuncher.com

Provides in-browser user feedback and bug reporting with accurate screenshots, JavaScript error logs, and comprehensive browser details. BugMuncher integrates with over 200 other tools, including Trello, Zendesk, Jira, Github and Zapier. BugMuncher supports all major browsers, including Internet Explorer 7, works with any website or web app, is fully customisable, and offers team collaboration.

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By BugNET Project

BugNET is an open source bug tracking and project management system designed for developers and software companies. Built on powerful Microsoft Server platforms and featured with ASP.NET framework and SQL Server, BugNET offers a clean and interactive issue tracker interface that enlists project bugs based on categories, assignees, status, priority, type, etc. The software is free to download and is customizable to suit different needs.

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By Countersoft

Gemini is an issue tracking and help desk ticketing application that allows reporting and handling of issues. The software handles all help desk steps including issues logging, tracking issue status, and finding them. Some of its features include fast set up, sharing & collaboration between teams, three ticketing strategies, complete management and control, multiple project templates, Agile ticketing, advanced bug & issue tracking, built in integrations, and much more.

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