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Managing big amount of data and gaining useful insights for your business is a complex thing to do. That’s why it is important for you to use a good business intelligence software to boost the process and deliver better results for your business. With comprehensive analytics tools, you can get actionable insights that help to make better decisions for your business.

Here are some of the best business intelligence software that you can use for your business:



By Tableau Software Inc

Tableau provides business intelligence and analytics software, designed for messy spreadsheets, instant analytics, and improved performance. It features faster data exploration and presentation, instant visual feedback, smart maps, fast and easy data preparation, faster and scalable servers, and more. It can be used for banking analytics, CFO dashboards, CPG analysis, game development, and education reporting.



By SAS Institute Inc

SAS BI provides business intelligence and analytics software that brings a fresh perspective for faster and better answers. It features data visualization, easy analytics, mobile BI and reporting, collaboration, and self-service BI. It offers analytics pro, enterprise BI server, enterprise guide, enterprise miner, office analytics, visual analytics, visual analytics for UN Comtrade, and visual statistics.


Qlik Sense

By QlikTech, Inc

Qlik Sense provides business intelligence and data visualization software designed to unlock meaningful insights from your data. It features in-memory processing, columnar data store, on-demand aggregations, automatic associative indexing, smart search, true responsive design, open and standard API, and governed self-service library. It can be applied in automotive, banking, chemicals, education, government, and healthcare industries.



By Domo, Inc

Domo provides business intelligence software that consists of dashboard, reporting, and analytics. It features instant data connection, centralized data presentation, better decision making process, automated reporting, smarter employees, management by exception, better alignment, efficient collaboration, mobile apps, and anywhere access. It can be applied in education, financial services, healthcare, high tech, retail, and manufacturing industries.



By Klipfolio Inc

Klipfolio provides online business dashboard software designed to track your business metrics for your team. It features resource authentication, SQL database query, web accessible resource connector, custom layout, white labelling, data visualization, group-based access model, email reports, and unlimited dashboards. The third-party integrations include Adobe SiteCatalyst, Basecamp, Bitly, Campaign Monitor, comScore Digital Analytix, and Dropbox.


TIBCO Spotfire

By Tibco Software Inc

TIBCO Spotfire provides business intelligence and analytics software with data visualization. It features data discovery and visualization, anywhere data access, dashboards and analytic apps, predictive analytics, advanced collaboration tools, advanced customizations, content analytics, event analytics, and location analytics. The software can be applied in energy, financial services, manufacturing, consumer goods and retail, and telecommunications industries.



By Pentaho Corporation

Pentaho provides comprehensive data integration and business analytics software for enterprises. It features simplified analytics for all your data, data integration, visual analytics, predictive analytics, Java-based platform, OEM embedded analytics, open and web-based API, pluggable architecture, big data processing, embedded analytics, and business analytics. It offers solutions for healthcare, retail, financial services, government, and enterprise.



By MicroStrategy Incorporated

MicroStrategy provides complete enterprise analytics solutions that include business intelligence and analytics platform. It features large data processing, instant answers, stunning data visualization, single version of data presentation, personalized apps for each user, self-service analytics, unparalleled data access, predictive insights, and more. It can be applied in retail, FSI, travel, manufacturing, technology, and sales industries.



By Looker Data Sciences, Inc

Looker provides business intelligence software for data-driven company, with real-time access to your data. It features direct connection to data sources, completely transparent analytics, revolutionary modeling language, faster data processing, faster team collaboration, and complete dashboard information. It can be applied in industries like mobile and gaming, software and SaaS, non-profit and education, and more.




InsightSquared provides Salesforce analytics for small and medium-sized businesses. It features one source of truth, real business analytics, deeper business insights, effective data filters, user-friendly web app, actionable insights, no data imports, customizable dashboards, presentation-ready reports, and mobile apps. It offers free tools such as Pipeline History, Sales Leaderboard, Sales Grader, and Lead Generation Report.


Zoho Reports

By Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Zoho Reports provide online reporting and business intelligence service that allows you to synchronize your data from anywhere. It features third-party integrations, data blending, beautiful dashboard, key metrics builder, fine-grained access control, fully re-brandable portal, and embedded BI. It offers various solutions, including advanced analytics, analyze Google AdWords data, and Zoho Reports for Google Apps.



By, Inc

Chartio provides modern cloud business intelligence software that can be customized for your business. It features drag-and-drop chart creation, no-limits interface, deep visualization tools, powerful query mode, powerful filters, data sources joiner, complex calculation, user-friendly data and beautiful dashboard creation. It allows you to collaborate with your team, control user access, and generate real-time results.



By GoodData Corporation

GoodData provides SaaS business intelligence and analytics platform that delivers high-value insights. It features insights as a service, interactive recommendations, analytical designer, data explorer, insights engine, visual data discovery and exploration, team collaboration, mobile-friendly UI, and predictive statistical functions. It offers enterprise solutions, such as digital marketing analytics, marketing analytics, sales analytics, and social analytics.



By RJMetrics Inc

RJMetrics provides business intelligence software with a simple and easy-to-use interface. It features pre-built data connectors, CSV uploads, simple RESTful API, configurable data cleansing, flexible modeling tools, product recommendation customization, intuitive user interface, business performance visualization, and cohort behavior analytics. The business insights can be used by marketers, executives, analysts, and engineers in your company.



By IBM Corporation

Cognos is a business intelligence software from IBM that provides financial performance analytics, strategy management, and analytics applications. It features Cognos insight, sales performance management, Cognos Express, advanced visualization, disclosure management, automation and integration, budgeting and forecasting, profitability modeling, and business planning. It can be used in government, telecommunications, banking, insurance, healthcare, and retail industries.




SAP BI provides business intelligence solutions that produce real-time insights for your organization. It features analytics, content and collaboration, customer relationship management, data management, enterprise resource planning, financial management, human capital management, product lifecycle management, and supply chain management. The software can be applied in aerospace and defense, automotive, banking, chemicals, healthcare, and retail industries.



By datapine GmbH

Datapine provides data visualization and business intelligence tool for small or medium-sized business. It features drag and drop data discovery, real-time monitoring, smart sharing, fast setup and database connection, data storage service, high-performance infrastructure, interactive dashboards, and meaningful metrics. It offers SQL queries with an online SQL editor, SQL query builder, and MySQL reporting tools.



By Birst, Inc

Birst provides 2-tier business intelligence and analytics software with fast and enterprise-grade platform. It features modern analytics platform, public/private cloud configurations, fast data processing, rapid application deployment, data automation technology, self-service dashboards, comprehensive reports, and analytics tools. It can be applied for IT, sales, marketing, finance, supply chain services, operations, product owner, and product developer.



By Sisense, Ltd

Sisense provides business intelligence software with complex data processing and easy analytics. It features one centralized data storage, drag and drop data joining, single version of truth with perfect data, interactive dashboard, rich data visualizations, fast big data query, and real-time analytics. It uses in-chip technology that allows faster data processing with no size limitations.



By Alteryx, Inc

Alteryx provides data blending and advanced analytics software to deliver deep business insights fast. It features big data analytics, customer analytics, customer churn analytics, data blending, data preparation, Hadoop analytics, in-database processing, Salesforce analytics, spatial analytics, and visual analytics. It can be applied in communication, financial services, healthcare, restaurants, retail, higher education, and manufacturing industries.


Adaptive Suite

By Adaptive Insights, Inc

Adaptive Suite provides corporate performance management software with the unified business intelligence platform. It offers Adaptive Planning, Adaptive Consolidation, Adaptive Discovery, Adaptive Reporting, Adaptive Integration, and Adaptive Revenue Solution. It features business budgeting and forecasting, intuitive Excel-like interface, real-time consolidation engine, intuitive dashboards, board and transaction reporting, drag-and-drop report builder, powerful integration platform, and more.



By Open Text Corporation

Birt provides OpenText analytics and reporting platform for data-driven apps. It features embedded analytics and reporting, data visualizations and reporting, personalized dashboards, real-time data processing, simple data discovery process, data and application management, and more. It can be used in financial services, banking, insurance, wealth management, energy and utilities, government, health care, and manufacturing industries.


Information Builders

By Information Builders Inc

Information Builders provides business intelligence, integration, and data integrity solutions that help to boost profitable growth of your business. It features self-service analytics, dashboards, InfoApps, mobile BI, predictive analytics, visual discovery, data integration, master data integration, and data quality. The software helps to generate new revenue streams, mitigate business risk, and improve customer service experience.



By We Are Cloud Sas

Bime provides SaaS business intelligence platform for modern organizations. It features advanced visualizations, high-interactivity dashboards, clever calculations, pragmatic big data, social connectors, mix data sources, fine-grained time manipulation, SQL push down, premium map visualization, on-demand data warehouse, and Bime scheduler. It offers a large set of online connectors, such as Redshift, Salesforce, Oracle, and MySQL.


Yellowfin BI

By Yellowfin International Pty Ltd

Yellowfin BI provides business intelligence solutions with personalized and interactive dashboards to improve your business performance. It features rock-solid security, real-time dashboards, highly intuitive platform, 100% web-based software, data discovery and analysis, data visualization, storyboard, mobile BI, collaborative BI, and mapping. It offers custom styling, security integration, web service integration, and JavaScript API for developers.



By LeftronicDirect, Inc

Leftronic provides real-time business intelligence dashboards that help you to make intelligent business decisions. It features all key metrics in one place, spreadsheet upload tool, dashboard configuration, real-time reporting, custom KPIs tracking, customized widget, custom CSS support, and more. It offers business solutions, including digital agencies, sales teams, customer support, email marketing, and social media.




iDashboards provides business intelligence dashboard software that helps you to save costs and gain new insights for your business. It features drag and drop dashboard, full customizations for various aspects, team collaboration, detailed reports, multi-level drill downs, what-if analytics, and user-friendly interface. It can be applied in financial services, government, higher education, and insurance industries.


Logi Analytics

By Logi Analytics, Inc

Logi Analytics provides business intelligence and data discovery platform with self-service analytics. It features dashboards and reports, wide range of data visualizations, embedded analytics, user experience improvement, product differentiation, self-service analytics, visual analytics, data merging of various databases, and real-time business insights. The software can be implemented in banking, education, healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing industries.



By Matillion Limited

Matillion provides cloud business intelligence and self-serve reporting platform that helps you to save time and make better business decisions. It features in-memory analysis, data warehouse, data visualization, OLAP, automatic report scheduling, advanced security, mobile compatibility, and Office integration. It allows you to perform time-based comparisons, analyze different data, and identify business growth and trends.



By CoolaData Ltd

CoolaData provides SaaS behavioral analytics and business intelligence designed for online businesses. It features real-time event tracking, data stream collection from multiple sources, internal logic and external sources, efficient data management, highly-configurable user profile, secure data storage, and more. It can be integrated with Salesforce, Redshift, MySQL, AdWords, Tableau, Kochava, Big Query, Appsflyer, and Appjolt.



By Phocas Limited

Phocas provides successful business intelligence and data discovery software that helps to turn your data into results. It features real-time and accurate data discovery, real-time data interrogation capability, visual data summary, smart security, easy third-party integration, simple report creation, and more. It can be implemented for wholesale distribution, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, and other industries.




Targit provides business intelligence software and analytics solutions to help you make well-founded business decisions. It features one integrated tool, all data sources, real-time analytics, data discovery, mobile business intelligence, reporting, embedded BI, and big data processing. It can be applied for various departments, including finance, sales, top management, marketing, supply chain management, and IT.

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