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In competitive business environment, it is important for businesses to stay connected with all stakeholders: internal ones such as employees, and external ones such as customers, at all times. Using modern unified communication systems and services, enterprises can keep up with their customer relationship management for delivering enhanced services. 

Below are mentioned some business phone systems that leverage latest technologies enabling businesses to never miss a call:



By Grasshopper Group, LLC

Grasshopper offers a Virtual Phone System with features such as number portability, custom main greeting, unlimited call handling, conference calling, video studio, and voicemail. It can be set up with existing mobile and office phones, and enables users to call with their Grasshopper caller ID instead of their phone number. Users can also create and customize department and employee extensions.

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By Freedom Voice Systems, Inc.

FreedomVoice is a small business phone system facilitating full-featured toll free numbers and local virtual phone numbers. It supports attendant, forwarding, and voicemail with unlimited domestic calling. It is scalable and customizable as per business requirements. It also features online faxing, call hunting, after hours greeting, call rotation, and file compression among others. Users can review online reports and access call patterns as well as caller info.

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By Infratel US, Inc.

MightyCall is a virtual phone system which is scalable as per the number of users. It facilitates call forwarding to any device, enables users to have custom greetings, and provides free mobile apps for better customer service. All paid accounts of MightyCall are provided a local or a toll-free number. It supports unlimited users and custom extensions, as well as ringing multiple phones at the same time for a call.

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By, Inc.

Phonebooth OnDemand is a business phone service that provides unlimited local calling. It also facilitates voicemail transcription, call routing, and conference calling. It has user-friendly web interface for users to manage and make changes to their phone system anytime from anywhere. Its features include auto attendant and professional HD quality voice. It uses all-IP CLEC network for greater connectivity and uptime.

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Vonage Business

By Vonage Marketing LLC.

Vonage Business is a business phone system solution, enabling enterprises to streamline and enhance their voice processes with features such as custom call tagging, call monitoring and conference bridge among many others. Its entire hoard of feature’s set is divided into standard and premium packages. Its hosted VoIP service offers more than 40 in-built calling features hosted on cloud. It also provides desktop and mobile apps for enhanced function of the business phone systems.

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Omma Office offers business phone service for small enterprises using on-site hardware and cloud computing. Business phone system can be accessed via desk phone, mobile, as well as remote extensions. It handles inbound/ outbound calls, voicecmail as well as wireless extensions seamlessly and is scalable to business needs. Its extensive feature list includes virtual receptionist, extension dialing, conferencing, and music-on-hold among others.

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Sonetel provides business phone services enabling enterprises to have a local number of any location worldwide. Its business phone solutions are focused at providing phone numbers, enabling conference calls, and facilitating international calls. Incoming calls can be forwarded anywhere in the world, and can also be redirected to the voicemail. Conference calls can be made without internet with each session of 25 participants, and 25 sessions per user. Users can select the number to be shown while calling.

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3CX provides software based Phone System for Windows providing full PBX solution through SIP standard based IP Phones, SIP trunks, and VoIP Gateways. It is vendor independent and comes pre-configured so that IT administrator can setup without extensive telecom knowledge and training. Users can avail the office extensions from anywhere and can also call remote extensions and office for free. Its CRM integration enables users to know who is calling.

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Switchvox Cloud is a small business phone system that facilitates unified communications. It features instant messaging, conferencing and mobility, with efficient call handling among other enterprise-level phone system features. This office phone system is customizable, and can be deployed as on-premise system, hosted pbx solution, or hybrid. Collaborations tools are included with hosted phone system solution and is scalable to business requirements.

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By Junction Networks Inc.

OnSIP Hosted VoIP is a business phone system that can be customizable with office phone system features’ addition to user account in real-time. User can assign an auto attendant for answering phone calls and can listen to voicemail-to-email file through a browser interface. The solution is equipped with office phone system features, call center features, and collaboration features. It also enables admin to manage the process through an intuitive user interface, comprehensive reporting dashboard, and other such enablers.

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By Switch Communications, Inc.

Switch is a scalable business phone system that facilitates use of a single business number across devices for users. It can be seamlessly integrated with Google Apps for Work and Office 365 for enhanced productivity. It facilitates management of users, visibility of company phone numbers, mobile access, and control of all locations through a user-friendly web interface. Office phone system features include visual voicemail, instant messaging and SMS, and call recording among others.

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Comwave Business

By Comwave Networks Inc.

Comwave provides office phone systems with free phone lines. It supports smartphone applications, outlook integration, and voicemail-to-email delivery. It is scalable as per the number of users, and can support n number of mailboxes. Its cloud based business phone system includes additional value-added services with enhanced plans. Its wide range of features includes alternate numbers, free calling between Comwave accounts, HD voice, and paging.

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By Broadview Networks, Inc.

OfficeSuite is a cloud-based VoIP business phone system that facilitates unified communications. It enables administrators as well as employees to manage their business apps through a web interface, from any device. Its basic and advanced feature-set include voicemail, unlimited calling, HD video, web and audio conferencing, fax-to-email, a toll-free number and service. It also enables users to collaborate on documents. The office phone system also includes call center tools.

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By Thinking Phone Networks, Inc.

ThinkingPhones provides cloud-based service through enterprise-class VoIP, and full IP PBX capability. The voice service does not need additional infrastructure and enables connections to multiple devices as smartphones, softphones, desktop handsets, videophones and speakerphones. Through intelligent call routing, it connects users from anywhere. It is equipped with an end-to-end QoS-enabled network, management tools, and analytics capabilities for enhanced process improvement.

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By Birch Communications, Inc.

BirchVoice provides a complete array of business phone services and cloud-hosted system. It facilitates basic phone lines for calling, faxing, etc., office phone system with analog, PRI or SIP solutions, Cloud Phone System, and mobile devices. Through its geo redundant network, it keeps phone system accessible with high continuity. Call routing and treatments can be customized as per business requirements. It also facilitates collaboration through six-way calling, fax-to-email delivery, and busy lamp field.

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By Xentric, Inc.

Xentric provides unified communications solution through cloud phone system, voice and video conferencing, secure enterprise messaging, and global voice connectivity. Users can buy phone numbers and access HD voice connectivity. Its cloud platform configures and syncs the devices automatically. It supports unlimited inbound and outbound calls. It is scalable as per business needs. It can be integrated with Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Hangouts. It also supports collaboration through file sharing with other users.

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VoIPstudio is a VoIP service provider facilitating cloud based business phone system. Its hosted phone system enables users to call with reduced call rates and for free through internet. Its features include conference calling, multipoint registration, interactive voice response, extension dialing, call parking, emergency service dialing, and unlimited storage. It can also be seamlessly integrated with Sales Force, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Sage ACT.

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Cloud Phone

By Telcentris, Inc.

Cloud Phone is a small business office phone system that can be setup without additional hardware. Virtual phone system with enterprise grade features can be managed easily through user-friendly interface. Its features include auto attendant, call screening and recording, voicemail with transcription, outbound calls, extensive management portal, and professional greetings. Virtual phone numbers can be routed to user smartphone or to multiple locations. Multiple extensions can be ringed simultaneously or in a pre-defined order.

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By Fortinet Inc.

FortiVoice provides business phone systems facilitating intelligent call handling. It has streamlined voice features such as auto attendants, voicemails, ring groups, and dial-by-name directory. It supports VoIP, multi-location integration, and PRI connections. Users can add other devices as extensions of the office phone systems for enhanced connection with callers. Each phone system can have half as many remote extensions as local extensions.

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