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A Calendar software or application is basically used for scheduling of meetings, events and business plans. Modern calendar software are much more than just a basic calendar application. They integrate features like easy sharing and collaboration to allow multi-user access to one calendar. Mobile compatibility has made it easier for users to access, edit and manage their calendars any time, from anywhere. Many advanced and featured calendar software even support event management and ticketing services.

Here are some of the most widely used online calendar applications you can choose from.

Calendar Connect from Doodle is a complete calendar solution that allows users to create meeting schedule, plans, and participate in meeting polls. The calendar features a beautiful interface equipped with multiple tools and options for better planning and management. Doodle mobile allows users to use Calendar Connect on the go. Doodle also supports many other popular calendar and address book applications, such as Google calendar, Office 365, Outlook, etc.

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Keep&Share calendar software allows users to combine and use all their calendars, business files, to do lists, contact information, and much more from a single web based platform. It offers multiple calendar designs and templates that can be easily embedded on any website. Since it is cloud based software, users can easily access and view their information and data anytime using the internet, from any device and anywhere.

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SetMore Calendar

By SetMore Appointments

SetMore is one fine calendar application that allows users to easily manage their meeting schedules, appointments, customers’ information, staff, and much more from a single interface. The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can be used anywhere to access and update business information, schedules and everything else. In addition to customer management, it also allows you to accept and display customer reviews in your page.

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By CalendarWiz, LLC

CalendarWiz is an online calendar application used for staff scheduling and appointments management. The shared calendar feature makes it easy for team members and groups to access and manage all calendar events, information, and more. It also features many customizable website calendar plugins to allow users to embed calendars or events on their websites. CalendarWiz is also available in mobile compatible format to allow access on any device.

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Teamup Calendar

By Teamup Solutions AG.

Teamup is calendar software used for scheduling and group organizing. It allows groups and teams to share information, manage and plan activities, communicate, and schedule from a single interface. The interface is beautiful, versatile and powerful enough to manage multiple events and activities. Teamup also ensures complete information safety with multiple authorization levels and optional passwords. It also features multiple types of calendars for different purposes, including Facebook calendar.

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Teamweek is a complete online planner and work management application mainly used by business professionals to manage and plan project information, schedules, teams, work data, and much more. It supports calendar sharing among users of same team or groups. The interface is very easy-to-use with simple drag and drop to shift plans and make changes. It also allows users to filter calendar by project name, check booking information, and share with others.

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Zoho Calendar

By Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Zoho Calendar is an all-in-one calendar application equipped with several tools and features for proper management of tasks, meetings and schedules. It allows easy sharing, collaboration and publishing of calendars for public while maintaining complete security with various permission levels. Zoho Calendar also features a group calendar to manage and plan group activities. Other services include integrated event invitation and tracking, synchronization with other calendar apps, and much more.

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By Trumba Corporation

Trumba is online calendar software mainly used for planning and management of events. The software features an integrated event invitation and registration tool to send invitations, promote events, register and track attendees, manage visitor accounts, and more. Trumba sports a mobile friendly, responsive design compatible with all devices and platforms. It also allows easy integration with Facebook, Windows Live, Google and other third-party applications.

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GoDaddy Online Calendar

By GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC.

GoDaddy Online Calendar is a workspace management calendar application from GoDaddy. The software allows users to set reminders of important meetings, events and appointments. Users can easily access, view and edit their schedules and plans any time, from anywhere using any device. It also features group calendars for easy sharing and collaboration of schedules, projects and files among users of the same team or group.

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By Intand Corporation

Tandem calendar software is used by schools, universities and organizations to schedule and manage various activities and events. It features an easy, intuitive and powerful web-based tool for easy scheduling and management of resources, teams, staff, rooms, groups, and more from a single interface. Tandem calendar also allows sharing of events and schedules with other communities and people. It features various access levels for different users of a team.

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Active Calendar

By Active Data, Inc.

Active Calendar is not just a calendar, but complete event management software that allows users to handle event communications, invitations, ticketing and registrations, all from one place. The software is suitable for any organization or individuals looking for a suitable calendar based event management and ticketing platform. It maintains complete privacy with restricted user access to some or all events. Active Calendar’s inbuilt registration templates make it easy to automate ticketing and user signup process.

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By E-diary Pty Ltd

ECAL event calendar marketing software can be used by organizations and individuals to create, manage and promote events from one platform. It allows businesses to send timely offers, events, and alerts directly to customers’ calendars with easy accessible links. ECAL features a rich analytics dashboard that gives all useful details for businesses to understand who their customers are, what they exactly want, and when they want it.

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