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In this day and age, modern enterprises are relying so much on various cloud platforms to run their services and deliver them to the end users in the best possible way. Various businesses are using multiple cloud services to run their cloud-based applications, and many of those services are often scattered and difficult to manage. The cloud management platform allows enterprises and service providers to create a simple platform for their clouds, so that they can plan, manage, and organize their clouds more effectively, with lower IT costs. 

Here are some of the best cloud management platforms that can be used by enterprises and service providers to enhance their cloud performance:



By Cloudyn Software Ltd.

Cloudyn provides cloud management and monitoring software for Google and AWS, which helps your business to optimize your cloud deployment, cut IT costs, gain insights, and compare your cloud performance. It features forecasting, actionable recommendations, unused resource optimization, cost and performance comparison, role-based access, charge-back management and cost allocation, data consumption monitoring, and more. The governance and reporting feature includes instance usage trending, cost and usage anomalies, and custom report sharing.

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By Cloudability Inc.

Cloudability provides a data-driven cloud cost management solution that helps to monitor your cloud spending, optimize your costs, and manage your finances. It features budget alerts, daily email reports, custom widget dashboard, report scheduling and sharing, RI (Reserved Instances) planner, AWS cost analysis, allocation reports, multi-user support, API access, EC2 usage analytic, custom reports, filtered views, and more. The software can be used by IT professionals, product owners, finance teams, and executives.

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By Citrix Systems, Inc.

Citrix Workspace Cloud provides cloud desktop deployment and management platform that helps businesses to boost their productivity with secure delivery of cloud applications and data. It offers various features, including blueprints, deploy management, desktop and app delivery, multiple resource locations, mobile productivity apps, secure document storage, design and edit blueprints, and more. The platform helps to provide a simple and integrated cloud management for application, mobile, and desktop infrastructure, with lower IT costs.

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By Virtustream Inc.

xStream provides an integrated cloud management platform for cloud service providers and IT organizations, which helps to deliver high quality enterprise-class cloud applications to the end users. There are various integrated cloud capabilities provided by this platform, including enterprise applications, advanced GRC (Governance, Reporting, and Compliance), continuous SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), private/public/hybrid cloud deployment, multi-level billing, and more. It features 2-factor authentication, isolated application zone, encrypted data storage, website management, and content management.

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By Scalr, Inc.

Scalr provides a SaaS cloud management platform with business agility, multi-cloud for enterprise, and governance and security. It offers various features, including public and private cloud management, auto-scaling, orchestration, reusable roles, third-party integration, administrator and direct database access, cost allocation and prediction, and more. There is an open-source version of the software available, which allows you to modify the software source and sell the software as you see fit.

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By CloudHealth Technologies, Inc.

CloudHealth provides cloud service management that helps to maximize your cloud efficiency, which can be used by enterprises, technology companies, and service providers. It offers various capabilities, including assessments, access management, governance, reservation management, cost management, partner console, performance optimization, and usage analysis. With this software, you can simplify your cloud ecosystem in 5 easy steps: consolidate cloud infrastructure, evaluate business perspectives, analyze performance, execute for optimization, and automate the governance policies.

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By CloudCheckr Inc.

CloudCheckr provides AWS security and cost management solution, with continuous monitoring that helps to fulfill various compliance frameworks. It features infrastructure security and event alerting, policy management, spend optimization, cost allocation, security group and permission mapping, perimeter assessments, automated security checks and alerts, and resource reporting. Perimeter assessments allow you to scan your cloud environment automatically to find all publicly available resources, with automated alerts and notifications.

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By RightScale, Inc.

RightScale provides cloud portfolio management software that allows enterprises to move their cloud applications into various platforms within their cloud portfolio with ease. The software offers various benefits, including faster application delivery, market expansion and capability enhancements, increase on investment flexibility, IT efficiency improvement, and risk reduction. It supports various cloud services, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Google Cloud Platform, Apache CloudStack, OpenStack, VMware vSphere, and IBM SoftLayer.

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By Abiquo Europe Ltd.

Abiquo provides hybrid cloud management software for businesses, which helps to streamline the use of all types of cloud platforms within your business. It features true hybrid cloud, deep integration, inherent security, powerful API, hybrid cloud service development, full access control, deep insight, one-click cloud deployment solution, and pricing model management. The software can be used with various cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, ElasticHosts, DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace US, HP Public Cloud, Oracle VM, and more.

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By GigaSpaces Technologies Ltd.

Cloudify provides open-source pure-play cloud orchestration and automation system based on TOSCA (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications), which covers orchestration and automation for the entire app life cycle. It features OpenStack orchestration for any use case, TOSCA orchestration for any VMware stacks, Docker orchestration for hybrid workloads, and plug-ins for any infrastructure. The system works in 6 simple steps: blueprint configuration, single-click installation, monitoring, auto-healing, upgrading, and auto-scaling.

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By Inc

Mist provides an open platform for the management of the various infrastructures, allowing you to govern your clouds in the best way. It features unlimited managed servers, server creation and deletion, SaaS platforms, group filtering and tagging, monitoring and automation, data retention, monitoring rules per server, and more. The software allows you to control your clouds from a single panel, monitor everything, simplify your workflows, break free from vendor lock-ins, and stay secure.

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By CliQr Technologies, Inc.

CliQr offers an application-defined cloud management platform with full life cycle management and application-defined architecture for deployment and management of clouds, users, and applications in one single platform. It features graphical topology modeler, cloud execution venue choices, anywhere deployments, run-time policy management, unified administration and governance, tag-based governance, extensive security, financial controls, customizable service library, and application marketplace. It offers various use cases, including application migration, IT-as-a-service, capacity augmentation, DevOps Automation, and service providers.

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Stratosphere provides a high-performance managed cloud computing platform that is globally available and designed to meet various enterprise requirements, including usability, governance, compliance, and interoperability with traditional platforms. It features lower cost storage , usage-based billing, server scaling on-demand, rapid account and server provisioning, API and customer portal access, and automated server snapshots. It offers various integrated cloud management platforms, including Datapipe Cloud Portal, CloudStack, and RightScale.

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By Gravitant, Inc.

Gravitant provides a cloud management platform and cloud brokerage software, which enables enterprises to use multi-sourced operating model. The software allows you to transform your cloud to hybrid IT, deliver your IT assets as a service, plan your transition to the cloud, empower self-service IT, incorporate shadow IT, proactively govern and control multi-cloud system, and move to the next-Gen IT outsourcing. The software can be used by CIO, IT executive, cloud admin or broker, solution provider, and government.

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Cloud Cruiser

By Cloud Cruiser, Inc.

Cloud Cruiser provides cloud financial management for Microsoft Azure, AWS, and hybrid cloud platforms. It features real-time ad-hoc data visualization, powerful standard reports, insights with recommendations, automatic emailed alerts, customizable alerts, clear visualization of trends, one-click integration, and data transformation. It offers various benefits, including better management of your cloud resources, proactive spending management, the usage of history to forecast future trends, simple and easy data gathering, and turning data into richer insights.

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By Flexiant Limited

Flexiant provides cloud management and cloud orchestration software that helps you to increase your profits from cloud services and lead the market with innovation. It features multi-tenancy, metering and billing, multi-hypervisor, multi-tier storage, scalable architecture, infrastructure blueprints, 3rd-party plugins, and flexible self-service. The software is available on various cloud platforms, including Google Cloud Platform, Windows Azure, Joyent, OpenStack, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, SoftLayer, Acens, and CloudSigma.

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By Egenera Inc.

Egenera provides cloud management software platform that combines PAN Cloud Director, PAN Domain Manager, and PAN Manager, allowing you to design, deploy, manage, and protect your IT-as-a-service in a simple way. It features workflow creation, service catalog, self-service portal, tracking and charge-back, enclosure manager, heterogeneous environment, advanced storage management, pool creator, disaster recovery, adaptive capacity, and more. It offers various solutions, including data center consolidation, cloud as a service, mobile cloud infrastructure, hybrid and private clouds, and key applications.

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Dell Cloud Manager provides enterprise cloud management solution that helps you to plan, manage, and optimize your cloud system. It features key management and encryption, access controls, financial controls, extensibility, self-service provisioning, application deployment, automation, and curated cloud services. You can also choose clouds, tools, and delivery options with multi-cloud management, configuration management, API integration, installation options, and procuring clouds through Dell.

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GemShelf provides a system that allows you to integrate your organization's clouds into one platform, making it easier for you to capture, find, and share files within your clouds. The system can be integrated with the existing software that you already use, such as WordPress, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. For teams, the system can help to facilitate teamwork, capture web content quickly and easily, share and manage all relevant files, and connect with team members anytime.

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By Ensim Corporation

Ensim provides cloud billing and provisioning platform for service providers and enterprises, presented in a big service catalog marketplace. It offers subscription management, cloud marketplace, storefront module, service catalog, recurring billing modules, provisioning and operations management module, cloud service, and application connectors. It provides various third-party connectors, including Windows Server Hyper-V, Lync, Exchange, VMware, Windows Active Directory, Tucows, Citrix XenApp, Microsoft Azure, Google Apps, SharePoint, and more.

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By CloudBolt Software, Inc.

CloudBolt provides self-service IT software and cloud management platform for enterprises, which provides a single console for all of your cloud platforms. It features intuitive user interface, service catalog, auto-discovery, automated provisioning, automatic self-service IT, external workflow support, rapid time to value, extend configuration management, assign access, assign network, and more. It offers various third-party integrations, including HP Server Automation, VMware vCenter, OpenStack, Google Compute Engine, Oracle Cloud, Docker, and more.

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By Embotics Corporation,

Embotics provides cloud management software for enterprises and service providers, which helps to empower your business. For enterprises, it features complexity-free alternative, multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud management, end user self-service and distributed administration, economic comparison and rationalization, flexible workflow and life cycle management, and more. For service providers, it features service catalogs, automated provisioning, self-service portals, private label branding, multi-tenancy support, charge-back and billing, REST API integration, and VM control access behind firewalls.

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Azure Costs is a service to track spendings, optimize costs and govern finance for Microsoft Azure. The service supports all business models of the Azure Cloud with a strong focus on the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider program. Customers realizing with Azure Costs active cost monitoring and departmental cross charging in the world wide and the Azure Cloud Germany.

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