Cloud Security Platforms

Cloud security platforms allow businesses to protect their secure data as well as offers many other features such as thread alert and protection, compliance service, disaster recovery and much more. These products are usually for enterprises who rely heavily on their cloud infrastructures. These services are for various markets from health care to IT. Below is a list of leading cloud security products.


Skyhigh Network

By Skyhigh Networks, Inc.

The application assists the enterprises to avail the cloud based security services, comprehend the information flow and find the loopholes in the policy enforcement. You can identify the cloud-based accounts that are compromised by the hackers. Confidential data loss can be avoided using SKYHIGH network product as it provides security in synchronization with industry regulations. Standard data security is implemented with the help of encryption technologies.

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By Adallom, Inc.

Adallom is a customized security solution that can be seamlessly added to the cloud based enterprise management system. The application assists in monitoring the behavior of the users on the data cloud platform. Unmanaged devices are perfectly managed by the security solution using proxy access technology. Users can create their own cloud based security framework or use the existing architecture in the cloud.

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Threat Stack

By Threat Stack, Inc.

Threat stack is a cloud based security solution with scalability and affordability as primary attributes. Its security architecture can be customized according to the technological infrastructure of the customers. One of the most important facets of threat stack is that it provides early warning signal if an abnormal change in user account is noticed or if the data process is altered. In addition, round the clock support is available to the clients.

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By Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

Perspecsys provides cloud based security to the clients belonging to different domains such as retail, manufacturing, health care and finance. It ensures the company is security complaint as pre the latest standards. The application monitors the flow of information by encrypting and tokenizing the data. Moreover, the indexes are also tokenized so that data protection reports can be generated on a fly. Data sovereignty and residency requirements are met by the tokenization techniques that are created as per the industrial protocols.

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By CloudLock, Inc.

The Cloudlock solution seamlessly integrates with cloud based systems such as sales force and Google app without any problem. It offers one stop solution through the single interface. Quick identification of sensitive information and their protection in the cloud is one of the foremost objectives of the application. Existing cloud based solutions are secured with the help of the Cloudlock irrespective of the business domains.

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By Netskope, Inc.

The Cloud based security system offers the option of auditing the cloud activity. It will be easier for the companies to track the behavior of their employees in the cloud. Out of compliance behaviors and hacked accounts can be quickly identified by the application. Customized security policies can be designed based on the type of the users, devices and apps. A single identity management platform in the solution is used to manage the security of all the cloud based applications of the system.

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By Qualys, Inc.

The application plays an important role to monitor the visibility of the IT assets in the cloud round the clock. It identifies the security threats before they become dangerous and penetrate the system. Automated risk assessment is conducted on a periodical basis to comply with the existing security standards. Cloud based configuration ensures that the enterprise doesn’t have to install costly servers in the premises.

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By Beyond Security, Inc.

AVDS is used for testing network, software and web applications. It is bestowed with zero false positive design to find the errors accurately and generate report on a fly. As a result, you can fix the problems quickly rather than wasting the resource in identifying the issue. The application can not only be used for small networks but also large ones with numerous IPS located across different continents.

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By Zscaler, Inc.

Zscaler is a cloud based solution not only for the cloud based applications but also for internet software. It supports multiple users and boasts of a distributed architecture to boost the security efficiency. The application not only protects the PC from the malicious hackers but also provide seamless security to the different types of mobile apps. Customized user controls are available with Zscaler for the clients.

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Cloudpassage Halo

By CloudPassage, Inc.

One of the most striking features of the Cloudpassage halo security solution is Micro segmentation of the network to increase the visibility of the assets and detection of lateral threats as soon as they arise. Due to multilayered security architecture, the hackers may find it extremely difficult to penetrate into the cloud. The application automatically checks whether the security of the assets comply with the standard rules and regulations.

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By Evident.IO, Inc.

Evident conducts automated scanning of the risks associated with different accounts on a regular basis. It provides complete snap shot of all the assets and the vulnerabilities that have to be plugged into ward off the attackers. Application programming interfaces are available to conduct the thorough assessment of the IT infrastructure in the cloud. If a threat is identified, it is quickly eliminated by the application methodically.

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Alert Logic

By Alert Logic, Inc.

Alert Logic incorporates active analytics attribute that compiles the logs of data and identifies the security threats for the remedial actions to be taken. Users do not have to waste energy on the fault alerts but they can focus on credible and real threats. The security team of Alert logic is well qualified and experienced to handle the attacks on the cloud based system. It offers round the clock monitoring and management of the system without escalating the cost.

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By Elastica Inc.

Cloudsoc assists in finding the cloud based apps that are reliable and also the ones which are prone to security threats. Therefore, an IT expert can use the report to protect the system. Application is also capable for auditing different types of data by connecting to the cloud apps. Moreover, the security solution also tries to identify the problems with the security compliance and immediately rectifies them.

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By CipherCloud, Inc.

It is an open platform security solution for all the cloud based apps so that they can be secured on the network. The application uses diverse technologies such as encryption and tokenization to protect sensitive information. Ciphercloud automatically detects the violation of the security standards and notifies the users immediately. It is compatible with other antivirus systems available in the market. Application uses data loss prevention technology to identify the leakage of the information and the direction of the flow.

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By Dome9 Security Ltd.

Dome9 offers multi layered security to the cloud based servers. Using the innovative patent pending attribute, it blocks the access of the ports when not in use and allows the clients to connect in a time bound manner. The application is equipped with the capability to rectify the manual errors in the cloud based systems. One of the most important features of the application is the automated cloud based security policy which is consistent across all the regions.

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White Hat Security

By WhiteHat Security, Inc.

White Hat Security is completely focused on the web application based security testing. It explores security loopholes in the website and application. In order to ensure mobile based app testing, automated and manual resources are used in an effective combination. White hat security performs detailed testing of the codes and also provides suggestions to make the security fool proof. It increases the effectiveness of the application development process by providing access to the codes round the clock.

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Armor AnyWhere

By Armor Defense Inc.

Armor AnyWhere makes the cloud security impregnable by using the OS hardening technology. It eliminates the applications and settings that are vulnerable to attacks. The security system performs periodical scans to identify the vulnerabilities and reduce the scope of attack. Armor anywhere performs automation of security to ward of complex attacks in the form of malicious programs. The system updates the cloud OS on a regular basis to due to enhanced visibility.

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By Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

Bluecoat provides a combination of web and cloud based security solutions to the users. It scans the entire cloud and identifies the potential vulnerabilities. The capability helps to find the threats and immediately neutralizes it. Traffic in cloud based system is encrypted to ward off the attack. Bluecoat also blocks the malicious programs based on white listing of applications and static code analysis. Due to security analytics capability, each information packet is recorded and indexed so that threats could be identified.

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