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When working with digital data, you may risk losing your data due to certain unforeseen circumstances, such as disaster, system failure, viruses, and more. Thus, it is important to always keep your data backed up in a secure system that allows you to access your data anywhere and recover it when necessary. Cloud Storage Service helps you to store your files securely online, as well as share and sync your files across multiple devices and users.

These are the best cloud storage service solutions that you can use:



By Dropbox, Inc

Provides secure online file storage service that allows you to store, share, and sync your files easily. It features safe and reliable backup, simple file sharing, read-only shared folders, remote wipe, password-protected shared links, powerful admin control, and more. The service helps you to take your files anywhere and work together with your team.

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Provides secure content and file sharing platform designed specifically for businesses. It features enterprise security, ecosystem apps, FTP alternative, document management, executive boardroom, project management, virtual data room, marketing asset management, sales portal, and secure enterprise mobility. The software can be used in advertising, construction, education, energy, high tech, legal, manufacturing, and other industries.

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Provides cloud storage and file backup service for your photos, files, documents, and other data. It allows you to store any file, see your files anywhere, as well as share your files and folders with others. The service is connected with Google Photos, allowing you to see your stored photos directly from Drive.

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By Microsoft Corporation

Provides file storage service which allows you to store and share files with 15GB of storage. It is connected with various services provided by Microsoft, including, Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, OneNote Online, and more. You can get additional storage by uploading photos, subscribing to Office365, and referring the service to others.

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Provides file storage service that allows various Apple devices to connect and sync seamlessly. It also allows you to access the web-only version if you don’t own any iOS or Mac devices, with 1 GB free storage. It features Mail, Contacts, Photos, iCloud Drive, Find My iPhone, Pages, Numbers, Storage and Backup, and more.

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Amazon Cloud Drive

By Amazon Digital Services, Inc

Provides online storage and online backup platform that offers unlimited file storage. It features anywhere access, world-class security and protection, extra storage for your mobile device, sleek timeline layout, mobile apps, automatic photo backup, and more. Amazon Prime members can store unlimited photos for free, with additional 5 GB storage for videos.

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By Mega Limited

Provides cloud file storage service that protects your online privacy. It features end-to-end encryption, secure global access, secure collaboration, up to 4TB storage, mobile apps, sync client, email and chat, browser apps, and more. It offers free 50 GB of storage for users who are signing up for the service for the first time.

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By Barracuda Networks, Inc

Provides business and personal online storage that allows you to sync, protect, and share your files. It features up to 1TB cloud storage, no file size limit, file revision history, sync desktop files, file recovery, mobile access, and more. The software helps you to drive productivity, access your files anywhere, and secure your data.

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Allows you to back up your computer files online with 100% automated backup. It features anywhere file access, encrypted and secure storage, file and folder sharing, mobile access, file versioning, multiple computer sync, and more. It works in three simple steps: select file to upload, store file in the cloud, and access file anywhere.

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Acronis True Image

By Acronis International GmbH

Provides cloud-based backup software that helps to protect your digital life. It features full disk-image backup, universal restore, quick data recovery, security and privacy, flexible file recovery, fastest backup and recovery process, retention schemes, advanced backup, and more. It offers various backup solutions, including disaster recovery, migration, system provisioning, and disk management.

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Provides personal and business cloud storage solutions that work as your private cloud storage. It features file management, unlimited capabilities, file sharing, synchronization, security, accessibility, file versioning, third-party integrations, invite to folder, download and upload links, and more. The software uses the top-level TLS/SSL security encryption to protect your data transfer anytime and anywhere.

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By Egnyte, Inc

Provides enterprise file sharing software that offers intelligent file sharing technology that you can use on the cloud and on premise. It features enterprise-class security, branding, FTP access, mobile access, desktop sync, file locking, link expiration, and more. It offers various mobile security features, including trusted device, native mobile device control, and remote wipe.

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By ownCloud, Inc

Allows you to access your data from any device, with one single open platform that is flexible and scalable. It features file sharing, encryption and security, activity feed, calendars and contacts, collaborative editing, and more. The software also allows you to use and develop apps on the cloud storage to extend your cloud functionality.

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By Carbonite, Inc

Provides cloud backup service that allows you to securely protect your data online. It features easy setup and backup, ultra-secure data centers, syncing and sharing, admin dashboard, anywhere access and recovery, courier recovery service, and more. The software can be used in laptops, desktops, external hard drives, NAS devices, Windows file servers, and databases.

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Code42 CrashPlan

By Code42 Software, Inc

Provides endpoint backup and restore software that allows you to silently backup all end-user data. It features automatic and silent backup, self-service restores, breach remediation, incident detection, secure encryption keys, identity management, simplified legal holds, and more. The software is completely scalable, featuring open API, de-duplication and balancing, real-time reporting, and unlimited storage.

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By JDI Backup Limited

Provides free online cloud storage that allows you to access your file anytime from any device. It features multiple device syncing, mobile access, files and folders sharing, file protection, file manager, data encryption, drag and drop system, and more. The software is available for various platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and mobile operating systems.

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By SugarSync, Inc

Provides cloud file sharing, sync, and online backup solution that you can use for any device. It features file version control, data restore, public link sharing, online collaboration, folder permissions, offline file access, shared folder sync, data protection, and more. The mobile version is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Phone.

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Provides online storage, online backup, and cloud storage solution with personal, business, and enterprise-level data protection. It features easy search tool, edit documents online, remote transfer, file history recovery, public file expiration, and more. It also offers data recovery service that helps to recover lost data caused by hardware failures, viruses, and system crashes.

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By Backblaze Inc

Provides easy and secure online backup service with unlimited data backup for PC and Mac. It features unlimited data, unlimited file size, unlimited file types, external drive backup, encrypted data storage, personal key, and more. The software can also help to find your lost computer and recover the data from the lost computer easily.

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Provides online backup solutions that allow you to protect all your files, as well as your important business data. It features multiple device backup, hybrid backup, IDrive Express, security and privacy, online file sync, real-time backup, remote manage, and more. It also offers various business features, including disk image backup, server backup, and sub-accounts.

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Provide secure cloud-based data protection service that allows you to store important business data securely on the cloud. It features online backup, message archiver, server backup, cloud drive, data recovery, virtual machine integration, replication, centralized management, and more. The software can be applied in retail, health care, government, education, and legal industries.

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By Livedrive Internet Ltd

Provides cloud storage and unlimited online backup that allows you to protect and back up your files instantly. It features automatic online backup, instant setup, anywhere access, easy file sharing, secure storage space, file sync for multiple devices, and more. The software helps you to collaborate with your team and share your files online.

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By Mozy, Inc

Provides online data backup solution that allows you to back up your business data in a more cost-efficient way. It features automatic cloud backup, data restores and file access, military-grade security, administrative tools, world-class data management, and more. It offers various solutions, including server backup, remote and branch office backup, Mozy Sync, and more.

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By SpiderOak, Inc

Provides cloud-based backup solutions that allow you to protect your privacy online. It features encryption, private password, meta-data, fault-tolerant design, efficient versioning, storage redundancy savings, real-time multi-device access, safety sharing, key management, flexible hosting, user management, unlimited storage, and more. It offers various solutions, including SpiderOakONE, SpiderOak Groups, Enterprise, Cryption Password, and Encryptr Password.

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By LogMeIn, Inc

Provides cloud storage service that allows you to sync and share your files with ease. It features public and private sharing, unlimited versioning, device wipe, direct sync, Cubby locks, centralized IT control, activity logs, domain-based administration, and more. It offers various security features, including AES 256-bit encryption, client-side encryption, and extra layer of protection.

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By OpenDrive, Inc

Provides cloud-based storage with anywhere access, allowing you back up your files and manage your content online. It features redundant backup, file encryption, file versioning, user management, custom branding, unlimited computer access, auto syncing and backup, online tools, and more. The software is available as web, Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, WebDAV, and API applications.

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Provides automatic backup and unlimited cloud storage service with UltraSafe encryption. It features quiet and automatic backup, mobile access, no file size/type limit, incremental backup, version history and archiving, end-to-end encryption, automatic video backup, mobile backup, and more. The software offers various security features, including 256-bit AES encryption, SSL, and UltraSafe MAX.

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yamiMFTX Server offers various business users with their easy-to-use software for small & large file collaboration on an ad hoc basis. It can also rescues your email mailboxes from oversizing as well as enables users to share sensitive business files securely and without sending those large files via email. You can deploy servers in your own datacenters with their software to meet security & compliance requirements. It offers many features including File transfer permissions and user access, which are available for every user. The file transfer can be done using any standard browser (such as Firefox or Chrome) and http/https allows to share files quickly and safely without need of any special client or reconfiguring any firewall settings.

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By Service2Client LLC

ICFiles is an encrypted and secure communication platform built with Soc 2, Type ii data center to securely share files. The company offers an advanced technology with unrivaled end-to-end security encryption for any virtual or physical location. ICFiles provides their customers with the powerful solution that can’t be obtained using regular email, FTP, SFTP or any other protocols.

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