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If you want to minimize downtime, cut maintenance cost, increase productivity, and increase customer satisfaction, employing the use of CMMS (Computerized Machine Management Software) is crucial for your business. With a good CMMS platform, you can manage your facility maintenance more efficiently. You can even prevent any maintenance problem before it happens, by using predictive maintenance function.

Here are some of the best CMMS platforms that you can use to manage your business facilities:



By Corrigo Incorporated

Corrigo provides facilities maintenance and work dispatch solutions that help to cut business costs and improve customer satisfaction. It helps to strengthen your brand, control your spending, build the best team, connect work order network, and route service requests faster. It can be applied to restaurants, retailers, grocers, home builders, small businesses, hospitality, and more.



By eMaint Enterprises, LLC

eMaint provides CMMS, EAM, and maintenance programs with superior software and exceptional service. It features work orders, asset management, preventive maintenance, inventory management, reports and dashboard, MX mobile solution, work scheduling, condition monitoring, and document storage. It can be applied for equipment maintenance, fleet maintenance, service scheduling, facilities maintenance, as well as oil and gas.




FacilityDude provides online facilities maintenance solutions and CMMS tools designed to help manage your facility. It features centralized requests, automated maintenance workflow, simple reporting, streamline inventory requests, project prioritization, BAS intelligent building devices, Critical Alarm, work order, planned maintenance, and more. The system can be used in healthcare, government, clubs, manufacturing, commercial, and other industries.


Maintenance Connection

By Maintenance Connection, Inc

Maintenance Connection provides computerized maintenance management software that helps to connect maintenance professionals with their operations. It features work order tracking, asset management, preventive maintenance, service requests, inventory control, reporting, mobile CMMS, and 7 layers of security. The security layers are authentication, filtered browsing, roles, process filter, data access filter, audit trail container, and encryption.


Maintenance Assistant

By Maintenance Assistant Inc

Maintenance Assistant provides cloud-based CMMS software that helps to improve the maintenance management of your facility. It features assets and set-up, work orders, preventive maintenance, rotating assets and spares, MRO inventory management, multi-site management, API connections, and reporting. The software helps to reduce equipment failures, improve health and safety compliance, and perform on-time maintenance work.


Maintenance Pro

Maintenance Pro provides equipment management, maintenance, and repair tracking software that is flexible and easy to use. It features asset tracking, preventive maintenance, repair maintenance, history recording, maintenance notifications, parts inventory, work orders, reporting, add-ons, and more. It offers various add-on modules, including security module, fuel import module, basic report designer, and professional report designer.



By ManagerPlus Solutions, LLC

ManagerPlus provides simple and powerful maintenance management software that helps to maintain your assets. It features maintenance scheduling, work order management, asset tracking, inventory control, purchase orders and budgeting, and reporting. The software helps you to increase your productivity, minimize downtime, consolidate reporting, monitor maintenance, document your activities, schedule recurring maintenance, and streamline your workflow.


Facility Management eXpress

By Facilities Management eXpress, LLC

Facility Management eXpress provides a simple facilities management software that helps to keep your maintenance professionals connected. It features streamlined work orders, planned maintenance scheduling, event scheduling, fleet vehicle maintenance, enhanced asset management, and QR codes. The software can be applied in various organizations, including schools, property management, government, religious organizations, restaurants, manufacturing, and more.



By NetFacilities Inc

NetFacilities provides web-based facilities management and maintenance tracking software that helps to manage your facility efficiently. It features work order management, asset tracking, preventive maintenance, vendor management, inventory management, job-site management, labor tracking, mobile access, and reporting. It can be used for schools and universities, property management, hotel and restaurants, retail, manufacturing, transportation, and more.



By Cybermetrics Corporation

FaciliWorks provides CMMS, facilities management, and asset management software that can be used on on-site servers, hosted servers, mobile, and desktop platform. It features flexible installation options, flexible accessibility options, standards compliance, current system status monitoring, favorite reports, tabbed data screens, and more. The software helps you to minimize downtime, accelerate ROI, and minimize risk.



By Mapcon Technologies, Inc.

MAPCON provides advanced maintenance management software for professionals, which is available as on-demand service or can be installed on your own server. It features maintenance management, asset management, storeroom management, purchasing management, multi-user profiles, report generator, email reports, and more. It can be used for BioFuels maintenance, building maintenance, education/school facilities, equipment maintenance, and more.



By Hippo Facilities Management Technologies, Inc

HippoCMMS provides CMMS maintenance and maintenance management software with powerful and user-friendly web-based platform. It features on-demand work order management, preventive maintenance management, asset and equipment management, inventory management, Hippo reports, mobile apps, resource and vendor management, and fleet management. It can be used in various industries, including manufacturing, facility management, healthcare, hospitality, and education.



By Maxpanda Software Inc

MaxPanda provides maintenance management and preventive maintenance software that works on any device. It features work order management, automated alerts and texts, inspections and reports, negative trend identification, preventative maintenance scheduling, customizable tasks and checklists, past-due notifications, and more. The software can be implemented in healthcare, education, resorts and hotels, construction, public works, and more.


TMA Systems

By TMA Systems, LLC

TMA Systems provide advanced maintenance management software designed for diversified industries. It features request management, materials management, project management, time management, contract management, mobile solutions, executive dashboard, capital planning, custodial management, general inspections, utility services management, IT service management, and more. It can be applied in the public sector, healthcare, education, corporate, and other industries.




DPSI provides computerized maintenance management software that is flexible, easy to customize, and scalable. It features work orders, work requests, maintenance scheduling, asset management, parts and inventory management, purchase orders, project management, reports and graphs, general budgeting, add-on modules, and more. It offers various add-on modules, including dashboard, mobile, cloud, integrator, and web requester add-ons.



By SpecTech, Inc

MPulse provides CMMS platform that is flexible and easy to use. It features PM scheduling and tracking, work order management, Basic Inventory, user-definable graphical reporting, employee records, maintenance advisor dashboard, barcode printing and input, and media integration. There are various add-on modules available, including Inventory Clerk, Purchase Requisitions, Condition-Based Maintenance, and Advanced Asset Status Board.



By MicroMain Corporation

Micromain provides powerful, simple, and affordable maintenance and facility management software that helps to increase productivity and reduce costs. It features mobile CMMS, work orders, preventive maintenance, purchase orders, asset management, batch reports, predictive maintenance, and more. It can be used in various industries, including industrial and manufacturing, government and utilities, education, and real estate.



By Tero Consulting Ltd.

Web Work Azzier is completely web based (SaaS) CMMS software equipped with advanced asset maintenance functionalities, planning, scheduling as well as corporate interfacing requirements. The product is ideal for maintenance operations and businesses who are looking for CMMS system which is evolving regularly and continues to remain ahead of the times. Although it is web based, the product can be also accessed using native Android and iOS apps.

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Limble CMMS is a modern, easy to use, cloud based CMMS system. We provide cutting edge technologies that help companies around the work maintain their assets and reduce maintenance costs. Our software includes Preventative Maintenance, Work Order Management, Asset Management, Inventory Tracking, Parts Management, Reporting and so much more all available through our Android, IOS and web applications.

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