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Content Management Software or system (CMS) is an application designed for people looking to publish content online. The application allows users to publish, edit, modify, delete and maintain their content from a central dashboard or interface. CMSs are designed for people, who need a common web based platform to run their operations such as, blogs, ecommerce sites, news sites, etc. Content management software allows any user to be able to manage content on a website even without the knowledge of the code.

Here are some popular Content Management Software suggestions based on popularity.



By Automattic, Inc.

Wordpress is an online content management system that allows its users to create simple blogs and complex websites. Wordpress features several tools to make users able to create awesome web applications even without much coding experience. Additional plugins and themes allow users to integrate even better functions and features in their websites. The CMS can be easily downloaded and installed on any supported hosting platform within minutes.

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By Open Source Matters, Inc.

Joomla is a popular online content management application that allows users to make personal or business websites within minutes. The software is available in downloadable form that can be installed on any hosting platform easily. Some of Joomla features include open source, multilingual, thousands of extensions, easy-to-use interface, effective support through community forums and service providers, easy updates, media manager, integrated help system, contacts component, smart search, etc.

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By Drupal Association

Drupal open source content management platform allows users to build powerful websites, blogs and applications with or without any technical knowledge. The software supports thousands of add-ons and designs to let users improve the worth and qualify of their web applications. The software is managed and supported by a huge community of contributors, who are working continuously to make it better and are always ready to help other users.

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ExpressionEngine is a content management system that comes integrated with a powerful set of tools to allow users to build amazing applications. The system is also supported by an add-on community where users can find even more and better tools for their web applications. ExpressionEngine is featured with many things including multiple site support, custom entry fields, SEO friendly URLs, RSS syndication, multiple categories, ping servers and more.

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By Typo3 Association

TYPO3 is an open source content management system available for free for anyone to use. Users can create their web or mobile applications using TYPO3 interface easily, and can even become a part to contribute in the growth of the application. Whether a user wants to build a small personal blog, website or a large and scalable business portal, TYPO3 is there allowing users to manage and publish content across multiple devices.

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By MODX Technologies, LLC

MODX is a web content management platform that allows users to create websites and gives them complete control over their site and content through a single dashboard. MODX has been designed on the concept to make a CMS that works to make a site more beautiful and better in every manner. It allows users to build creative web applications based on existing websites or based on a complete new idea.

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By PortlandLabs, Inc.

Concrete5 open source content management software is designed for designers, developers and for common people, who have nothing to do with technology. The system is so easy-to-use that owners can even edit website content while reading the live version. And the user loves the interface and website design. Concrete5 allows you to create whatever designs you want to create with the help of inbuilt tools and additional add-ons.

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Evoq Content is a popular CMS application built for anyone, who wants to design a modern web application. Evoq comes integrated with thousands of features that make it suitable for any application design, and it also supports many additional pluggable apps for even better designs. Some of its features include easy content creation, workflow & asset management, mobile responsive designs, content analytics & SEO, etc.

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Sitefinity is a CMS system that not only allows its users to build creative web applications, but also allows them to track customer experience and evolve in the process. With Sitefinity, anyone can build a web application by simple dragging & dropping widgets in the content area. Create design and content that your audience will love, analyze customer experience and improve website design for better results.

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By Ryan Cramer Design, LLC

ProcessWire is a very easy-to-use and free PHP5 open-source content management application used to create big, fast and strong websites from a simple dashboard. The CMS is featured with built-in user management to define user access, permissions and roles. ProcessWire allows users to access their pages, fields, markup and templates, and to modify them in any possible way to develop a website and manage content efficiently.

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By SilverStripe Limited

Silverstripe is an intuitive content management software designed for developers and editors to make website development process easier. The software comes with an easy-to-use dashboard where users can easily design web pages, manage files, create reports, manage user access and design website navigation with handy tools. In addition to inbuilt tools, Silverstripe CMS also gives you access to various modules and themes extending its usability.

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GetSimple CMS

By www.get-simple.info

GetSimple CMS has everything a developer can ask for and nothing absurd. It is a very simple yet powerful content management system to design and develop creative websites. GetSimple plugin system gives you access to hundreds of inbuilt plugins to extend its capabilities. Users are allowed to create their own themes to go along with default HTML5 system. The CMS supports Dreamhost, pair Networks and many other popular hosting platforms.

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Contao is an open source content management system ready to download and install with any host to create amazing websites. Contao is a rather new, but proven CMS and is being used by thousands of website owners worldwide. The CMS is getting updated and developed continuously to make it better for general user. Being an open source platform, it allows users not only to enjoy integrated features, but also to make changes whenever needed.

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CMS Made Simple is a CMS designed to be feasible for small businesses to large websites. The open source content management platform allows users to effectively manage their content in the form of user-friendly and interactive applications and websites. Its features include SEO friendly URLs, integrated audit log, modular and extensible through add-ons, continuous support through forums and irc, group-based permission system, integrated file manager with upload capabilities and many more.

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Plone 4

By Plone Foundation

Plone 4 is a popular state-of-the-art open source CMS designed to be faster, more beautiful and powerful than many other competitive CMSs. Plone CMS is available in multiple languages and allows users from any background to be able to create wonderful web applications even without any technical knowledge. The CMS comes integrated with many development tools and templates to make websites better and more powerful.

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By Pixel & Tonic, Inc.

Craft CMS has been designed with the aim at making developers more powerful with complete control over websites, while at the same time keeping the editing and content management process simple and elegant for users. Craft’s responsive control panel allows users to manage and control their content anytime on any device. The CMS is available in multiple languages and comes with an awesome local support for people from all around the world.

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TextPattern is a content management system for publishers, designers and developers, who want to build interactive web applications with complete control. TextPattern’s browser-based interface is completely user-friendly and is available in multiple languages for worldwide users. In addition to built-in tags and reusable code, the CMS comes with several other features including fast editing, media management, automatic text conversion and excellent customer support for better user experience.

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By PyroCMS, Inc.

PyroCMS helps users with or without any knowledge of code to design and manage websites of any level. PyroCMS is easy-to-learn and powerful enough to be able to create complex applications and websites. The CMS is powered by Laravel that gives users even more power and control over their applications by implementing a number of features in the existing CMS for better results.

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By grabaperch.com

Perch is a CMS built for web professionals and managers. Perch CMS allows users to design and develop a website in any way they want and provides continuous background support to manage the process, content and the end website. The CMS has many inbuilt powerful tools that give developers the power for creating complex websites. An easy-to-use admin panel allows end users and content managers to manage and edit content easily.

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LightCMS is suitable for any level of web applications from basic content management to advanced and complex websites. The CMS is very easy to use and provides the features of a complete web CMS system. In addition to built-in content tools, it also supports many add-ons and extensions for more control. Other features include text, galleries, blogs, forms, calendars, traffic stats, responsive design and content editing right on the page.

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By Microweber. Ltd.

Whether you want to build a website, blog or an online shop, Microweber can help. Microweber CMS has many inbuilt tools, designs and themes that allow users to create any kind of websites within minutes or hours. With an interactive, drag-and-drop based UI and real-time edits, users can insert whatever they want to see in their website. The best thing is that you do not even need to have a technical background to use this CMS.

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By Daylight Studio LLC

FUEL CMS is a content management system for premium, high-level websites. People, who always dream of building a large website, but never had expertise or knowledge to do so, can use this CMS to do the task. Developers love FUEL CMS because of its open and powerful platform and editors like it because of its interactive and beautiful design. Being an open source, it allows users to create, edit and change in any possible way.

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DotCMS is a complete content management system that can help users to develop any kind of website, web application, one-pager, campaign or intranet and any other content driven application even without any knowledge of web development. Some of DotCMS features include responsive design, open source, quick deployment, multi-site, push publishing on remote servers, extensible with additional add-ons, simple workflow builder, content reusability, etc.

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Symphony open source content management system is known for its simplicity and openness. It allows users to build anything by giving them the complete power over their content, data structures, markup and URL schemas. In additional to powerful inbuilt tools, the users can also access the extensions library for more features. The software is easy to download and can be installed on any server that meets basic requirements.

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Fork open source CMS is a nice alternative to other commonly used content management applications. Things that make Fork a powerful CMS include user-friendly interface, powerful apps, classic themes and designs, open source platform and integrated marketing tools. The easy-to-use interface and powerful extensions of Fork CMS make it a popular choice among beginners and professionals. Open source feature gives everyone the ability to contribute to the CMS.

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By Alkacon Software GmbH

OpenCms is an open source, reliable and easy to use content management software. OpenCms allows content managers to create and manage beautiful content driven websites easily. In addition to the browser based interface with configurable editors, it also supports WYSIWYG editor to allow users to create any type of content they want. OpenCms is a Java and XML based platform and is deployable on any commercial or open source environment.

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By ImpressPages UAB

ImpressPages is a PHP based content management system that provides developers the ability to write their own plugins and themes in the editor area. The CMS is also useful for people with little to no technical knowledge as its easy content management system allows users to create websites and applications fast. The administration interface is user-friendly and the layout and design are quite attractive and gorgeous.

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By Elcom Technology Pty Ltd

elcomCMS is suitable for mid to large web applications, websites, intranets, mobile sites, eCommerce sites, extranets, educational and online marketing. The CMS is powered with hundreds of featured tools and is multi-site enabled to provide control over all user websites from a single elcomCMS instance. elcomCMS features include local administration, ad serving, admin alerts, media center, menu creator, multimedia library, advanced search, Google analytics panel, blogs and many more.

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