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Often you need to develop your own IT infrastructure to maintain the flow of traffic within the system. Creating a data center is really hectic and can cost millions for a budget. The best way to get your own IT infrastructure is by deploying the work load over any rented ones available in the market. All the available colocation services offered by companies are not up to the mark and they may fail to provide a good uptime for the cause. 

Here are a few of the best companies are below which delivers quality services to its customers without even having the hassle for getting stranded midway.



By Equinix, Inc.

IBX provides data centers and colocation services offers individuals with a place to rent the servers for their own business venture. Having around 1100+ networks and an 11M + ft2 of space for data centers, it is marketed around 33 markets popular in 15 countries and on 5 continents. IBX helps to configure and provides support for high end and powerful deployments.

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By Phoenix NAP, LLC

PhoenixNAP offers colocation services and IT solutions across the US and UK. Phoenixnap facilities offer technically sound on-site executives for support. It also provides a range of data carrier choices and an assured up-time at any environment. Product options consist of ¼, ½, full cabinets and special private caged environment. It also provides multiple location in case of disaster needs. PhoenixNAP provides an efficient and a high density output.

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Rackspace is known for its colocation services and the variety of options that it provides. Users wanting to turn their business into a successful one can rent the hardware and the space which rackspace is providing. Whether it be private cages or just half of a cabinet, everything is in order. Rackspace managed colocation offers a highly secured environment with the option of a disaster management in case. It also helps in the growth planning of the business architecture.

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By Digital Management Partners, LLC

Gigenet is known for its colocation facility built in Chicago providing power, bandwidth and cooling infrastructure for high level hosting server. It provides high reliability with the Dual Mitsubishi 9800 UPS power, a zero percent downtime and a 2000 gallon of diesel generator in addition to the rack density. The cooling system is engineered to balance the cooling power for the equipments present in the facility.

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CenturyLink grants colocation servers for business houses to pamper their business needs. It provides a high level security and a reliable service to raise the growth prospects and thus lowering the cost cutting. Around 60 data centers are available around the globe, providing a high density operation. Users can choose from a list of carriers and helps running a business with no downtime. The facility is also supported by trained engineers who checks on with the devices and equipments as and when necessary.

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Liquidweb comes with a colocation service based in Michigan for business ventures who are looking for a server needs. The data centers are built with a N + 1 redundancy and guarantees a 100% uptime. It also offers disaster management and recovery services in case of any issues. The power and cooling density within the facility is controlled to make sure of the environment. The facility is also looked after by trained professionals in the IT field.

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Hurricane Electric Colocation

By Hurricane Electric Hostmaster

Hurricane Electric has earned a name with its colocation services and facilities. The plans vary for different availabilities ranging from a single 1U server, full cabinet and a server house consisting of 1000 ones. It also offers a disaster management option in case of any problems and a backup system for recovery. The floors are raised to support the cooling process and the technicians provide overall support for any related issues.

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Verizon Colocation

By Verizon Trademark Services LLC

Colocation and hosting services provided by Verizon helps in a controlled cost over the operations and proves to be quite hassle free. The services provided are secure with a flexible management option for all the business needs. Verizon provides 50 data centers around the globe with professional staff who looks forward over any issue detected. It also provides cabling and inventory analysis for the equipments as well.

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Peer1 Colocation

By Peer 1 Network (USA), Inc.

Peer1 has come up with the new colocation service for any sized business venture. Peer1 has around 10 hosting data facilities in North America and one in the UK. It provides services for monitoring networks, cabinet renting, high level protocols over the security, etc. Experts are also hired to manage the infrastructure over the facility. High level redundancies over the cooling and the power helps in omitting out the prospect of having a disaster.

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Webair Colocation

By Webair Internet Development, Inc.

Webair provides custom colocation services for cutting out the time, costs and the risk issues in running an own data center or a colocation facility. It also provides management over any man-made or natural disaster occurring in the facility. Highly trained personnels look after the equipments and the facility to ensure a problem-free environment. Individuals can rent racks, full cabinets or even private cages for the colocation purpose.

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Internap Colocation

By iWeb Technologies, Inc.

Internap offers colocation services for business individuals through the server management program. Consisting of around 16 data centers around America, Internap provides a high end security for the customers. Ranging from individual racks to private grated cages, customers can choose from a variety of services. In case of any disaster, a team of high profiled engineers is there to help out with any issue.

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Streadfast Colocation

By Steadfast / NoZone, Inc.

Streadfast helps business houses in providing colocation services with a 100% uptime. Having 2 centers in Chicago and one in New Jersey, Streadfast offers a highly redundant network area. Disasters are not at all fatal and are looked after by trained staff within the premises. The power and the cooling are also kept in a balance to avoid any unnecessary turbulence within the facility.

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By Sungard Availability Services LP

Sungard Availability Services provides enterprise solutions to any business venture. With the colocation service it provides, Sungard has around 40 data centers in America and UK. The downtime of the servers is zero and higher level technicians assure of any damage to the equipments and the facility. It also has an effective disaster recovery management process in case of any calamity.

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By Zayo Group, LLC

Zayo offers data centers and colocation services for an enterprise level business. Having around 36 US facilities and 9 France units, Zayo has come up with a facility of owning a new server. The power and cooling are put in a balanced mode to reduce any disaster within the area. A disaster management program is also included that helps in cutting out any calamity within the facility. The backup generators also help in providing power in case of any load shedding.

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Windstream Colocation provides server colocation services to any business house. The colocation facility works on a 2N standard and offers multiple racks, full and half cabinets, privatized cages etc. within the data centers. It also has a disaster proof infrastructure maintained by a group of highly qualified technicians. The facilities also contain powerful backup generators in case of a power shedding.

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By Peak 10, Inc.

Peak10 offers high performance network connection in favor of the colocation services. Having numerous data centers around the globe, Peak10 has come up with a N+1 standard in providing enterprise solution to its customers. The data centers provide 100% uptime and a disaster management module helps in managing the facility during such cases. The recovery process also helps in providing a high level recovery program in case of any discrepancy.

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By TierPoint, LLC

Tierpoint eliminates the option of building a new data center from scratch and erecting up a new facility in the process. Tierpoint has its own colocation service with data centers around the world. The downtime is absolutely zero for the workaround and the facility is invigilated by highly trained officials within the facility. The power and the cooling process are also kept in a balance to avoid any extreme situations.

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35.38 has made a major name with the data center solution and services that it provides to its customers. Constant guarantees their customers with a 100% uptime and a 1000+ Gbps network capacity. The whole facility is secured and under the surveillance of trained professionals. The disaster management process also helps in eliminating any disaster occurring at the data center. Backup generators are also present during power cuts.

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By CyrusOne, LLC

CyrusOne provides flexibility and a scalable colocation service for an enterprise business. The data centers are highly secured, with a power requirement of 2N, N or both. No need to be concerned over the cooling process as it is automatically controlled within the facility. The facility is also under the lookout of highly trained professionals in case of any disaster. No downtime also guarantees the customer with a risk reduction process.

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By CoreSite Realty Corporation

Coresite offers colocation services for the deployment of any IT infrastructure of a business Enterprise. The facility provides multi tenants offering services with renting of cabinets, cages and privatized suites. It also comes with a backup generator during power faults. The uptime is kept at a 100% normality and the data centers are watched over by professional technicians in case of any calamity.

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By Cyber Wurx LLC

Hosting a business hardware within a world class tier 1 facility is the service that Cyberwurx provide for enterprise business firms. Renting of racks, cabinets and cages are offered for different plans. The power and the cooling process are also kept at a balance and the whole facility is under the strict surveillance of trained professionals. A disaster management program also enables the customers with a zero downtime.

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Digital Realty

By Digital Realty, Inc.

Digital realty provides data center solutions for business ventures around North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. It works in a high density network medium with a capacity of 1000 + Gbps. The services offered comes for racks, cabinets and cages. The facility is also provided with a disaster management module that keeps all the risks at bay. The server downtime is also kept at zero to provide more access for the customers.

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OneNeck Colocation

By OneNeck IT Solutions LLC

OneNeck IT Solutions delivers a flexible and a scalable environment for all colocation needs of a business house. No need to build up an own environment and buying equipments and servers to support it. OneNeck provides all the options of utilizing the facility of server needs. The servers are highly secured with a high density network medium. The backup generators help during power cuts and the servers are kept cool under an automated temperature regulator.

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IO Colocation

By IO Data Centers, LLC

IO colocation helps business houses to shift their own data center blueprints within a strong, reliable and highly secured location. The servers are rented according to plans and are as racks, cabinets and private cages. The temperature is also kept under control while the professional staff tends to the issues within the facility. The server downtime is maintained at zero and the network provides a high density traffic.

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By The Telx Group, Inc.

Telx provides colocation sevices to organizations looking forward to deploy their workload over a rented server. The server mainly can be rented according to the plans and may consist of privatized cages to cabinets and racks. A facility is also provided with backup generators during power cuts and the cooling area is balance using a temperature controller. Trained staffs are also present to look after the facility in need.

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By Expedient Data Centers

Expedient provides colocation space within their own the data centers for business enterprises. Organizations can deploy their work over the servers which could lead to saving time and produce results effectively. The data centers work over a high density network medium and is secured in case of any data theft. The power and the cooling balance are also kept in an equilibrium position and the disaster management also helps in omitting out any issues during the calamity.

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By Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC.

Navisite has been a name with the variety of colocation services that it provides for business houses. Keeping the server downtime at zero, it helps the business to acquire a high level traffic anytime. The facilities for the data centers are equipped with trained professionals who look out over any interim cases over the same. Customers have the opportunity of choosing between a 19” or a 23” cabinet or privatized suites.

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Atlantic Metro Colocation

By Atlantic Metro Communications

Atlantic Metro provides high reliability and redundancy in offering colocation services to its customers. The security is kept on a high and the facility is always surveyed by trained technicians. The cost is lower than building up an own data center for usage. The uptime is always kept at a 100 percent that enables user to connect to the world without getting disconnected. Increased bandwidth and a disaster management protocol help in evading any calamity as such.

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By QTS Realty Trust, Inc.

QTS provides colocation services for any business venture. High security and reliability is offered as a patent service. The Uptime is strictly maintained at 100 percent, thus allowing organizations to be on the internet market without getting disconnected. The network density is also quite high and the cooling capacity is maintained automatically. Well trained staffs and technicians are always on the lookout for any issues related.

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Server Central provides services in colocation offerings in different business fields. Free redundant power is available for all the cabinets and racks present. One can also opt for privatized cages having a high network density. The data centers are provided with a 100 percent uptime scenario and the facilities are under strict surveillance of trained technicians. The servers are highly secured without any options of data theft.

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C7 Colocation

By C7 Data Centers, Inc.

C7 provides world class data facilities for different business organizations. It supports a Tier3 type data center facility and a redundant N+1 infrastructure. The high density network also provides a cutting edge to the solution it is offering. Racks, Cabinets and private cages are available according to the plans and the facility is safeguarded using an anti-disaster protocol. The technicians are always there in case of any issue or emergencies and do tend to the customer at times.

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