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Every day, a lot of processes, systems and applications keep moving in to the cloud. The cloud gets rid of the requirement for the additional infrastructure while providing maximum flexibility and rapid scalability. However, the Information Technology systems today are highly complicated beasts, making use of countless databases, platforms, channels and applications. Only cloud integration can help companies to run businesses in a competitive and cost-effective manner.

Below is a list of app integration service providers that businesses can consider:



By FTTT Inc.

IFTTT is an online service which aggregates several other web applications in to 1 place and then performs actions. In simple words, IFTTT lets users to create recipes which involve 2 web applications, 1 app for triggering and the other application for performing actions. It is a web automation service designed for short tasks between web-connected services. IFTTT supports major social networking sites, sync services and blog services.

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Zapier helps people to automate and connect the applications they use, in an easy manner. Major players such as intuit, Salesforce, Dropbox and Google use Zapier for offering their clients integrations with more than three hundred and fifty applications. The developer platform from Zapier facilitates developers for adding APIs for public or private use. The company faces several marketing challenges and technical hurdles to make the work easier for clients.

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By, Inc.

Segment is a startup data firm that specializes in data integration and online marketing and it builds a platform to help clients collect their customer data. It provides an API for tracking customer information over numerous channels and devices and sending the same to internal systems, SQL databases or 3rd party tools. It cuts the need for writing codes for integrating new tools that remove dependencies among teammates and save time.

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By Mulesoft, Inc.

MuleSoft is an app integration agency specializing connectivity and integration, offers services for connecting the world’s devices, applications and data. It makes connecting anything simple and easy with its Anypoint Platform, a comprehensive integration platform for SOA, APIs and Software as a Service. Tons of companies in sixty countries, from established brands to startups, make use of Anypoint Platform for gaining competitive edge and innovating faster.

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By AOMEI Technology Co., Ltd.

MultCloud, a cloud service, can out numerous cloud drives to one. MultCloud offers services to users who have several cloud drives and require help in transferring files from one cloud drive to another. It lets the users to manage all their drives via a single user account in MultCloud. It also allows businesses for combining free storage of numerous cloud drives for using the same together.

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By Cloudpipes Ltd

Cloudpipes makes web apps communicate with each other. By offering customer-friendly, easy-to-use interface, Cloudpipes lets non-technical users for building customer incorporations between numerous cloud services. It also allows them to automate the existing workflows. The company helps its clients in earning customer loyalty by providing personalizes support and quick responses. Cloudpipes also helps businesses to covert leads by reducing the time taken to create and update CRM records.

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CloudHQ, through its cloud integration services can make workplaces completely platform agnostics as well as protect the cloud data of its clients. Even in cases, where clients use only one prime storage platform, CloudHQ lets businesses’ partners, clients and employees to make use of other cloud apps for different purposes. It also ensures that people can collaborate through the main storage platform and protection of data.

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By OneSaas Pty Ltd

OneSaaS is a provider app connect services that lets companies to get their business applications working together. It connects its clients’ business applications so the data is automatically shared – including ecommerce, invoicing & billing, email marketing, accounting and Customer Relationship Management apps. With OneSaaS in place, businesses can avoid manual data entry and transfers. Also, it allows clients to know their data is up-to-date and accurate.

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By Boomi, Inc.

Boomi from Dell delivers a multi-purpose PaaS and facilitates customers for integrating ant combination of on-premise and cloud applications without coding, software or appliances. Companies of any size, from large organizations to growing companies can enjoy fast time-to-value due to substantial cost savings and reduced implementation times over conventional MDM, API and integration management solutions. Professional SaaS providers like Taleo, Salesforce and NetSuite rely on Boomi.

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By Sas Pod Programming

Podbox is a cloud integration platform which syncs data between on-premise apps and cloud. Businesses rely on up-to-date and clean data in their applications without loss or duplicate. Data sync is one of the most required cloud integration facilities which Podbox offers through loads of built-in application connectors. With Podbox in place, businesses will be able for setting up sync flows between their apps within minutes.

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By ZapStitch Technologies Inc.

Pipemonk, a cloud integration platform helps businesses in automating data flow among cloud apps. Organizations which use several cloud software can use Pipemonk for connecting and integrating data across several cloud software across ecommerce, accounting, CRM and marketing. It is designed in such a way that even non-technical users would find it easy to use. Pipemonk offers good support to clients by keeping them updated at all the stages.

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By Bedrock Data, Inc.

Bedrock Data is a data and integration management platform which lets users to create affordable integrations among their business systems. It offers multi-directional syncing as well as helpful features to its clients. The platform is built on present-day technology, optimized for performance and speed. It specializes in integration across CRM, data, API, SaaS, database, finance, and marketing. Bedrock Data also offers MDM and data automation services.

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Flow XO

By Flow XO Limited

Flow XO lets companies connect their cloud applications together in to programmed workflows. It lets the workflows run though the existing email and applications. The simple workflow designer from Flow XO can be used even by non-technical users for up-selling, retention & renewals, on-boarding and marketing. It allows users to program repetitive work through tasks and triggers. Every trigger can begin multiple tasks and users can wait between the tasks.

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ItDuzzit offers cloud integration services for non-tech users for supporting complicated integration. The features from itDuzzit let users to configure integrate according to their needs. It offers an easy and fast way for connecting with cloud apps. With itDuzzit in place, users will be able to send information from web forms to CRMs, get notifications when customers make online payments and auto-publish information to their organizations’ social network.

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By Jitterbit, Inc.

Jitterbit is simple way for connecting all the data, apps and devices required for running digital businesses. The cloud connectivity platform from Jitterbit is easy to use and set up as well as cost efficient. It helps companies in streamlining interactions with staff, partners and customers. With this platform in place, business can totally go digital, so that they can meet the customers’ needs and stay strong among the competition.

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By Gmbh offers multi-purpose integration system for applications and IT systems which run on-premise data centers and in the cloud. This platform lets users to enjoy the benefits of standard integrations and customized solutions. It helps organizations using SaaS and SaaS vendors with application and data integration between SaaS and legacy software / on-premise and SaaS products. The company specializes in SaaS & API integration and integration Platform as a Service.

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By Nubera eBusiness, S.L

It is a dedicated organization for developing technologies related to the internet. CloudWork allows users to discover the right SaaS integrations for sharing data between well-known marketing, storage, finance, and helpdesk and CRM apps automatically. Instead of replacing older technologies with newer ones, CloudWork helps users in handling the pattern shift called upon by the cloud. It uses tools which support hybrid technologies using hybrid clouds and smart gateways.

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By Azuqua, Inc.

Azuqua, though its integration platform offers process and data integration for business to be customer-centric and agile. The platform from Azuqua gets rids of coding with a no-code integration which is easily incorporated by users, yet secured, protected and managed for IT. It empowers businesses by providing a cloud native IPaaS which supports IT’s need for security, oversight and security as well as the users’ need for self-service development optimization.

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By PieSync bvba

PieSync seeks for connecting all professional business-to-business services and provides flawless 2-way sync between the same. It keeps its users contact in sync among their favorite cloud applications in real time and tow-way. Users can simply set the process and leave the rest to PieSync, as the connection will be up and running within minutes. It lets the users to save the time they spend on contact management.

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By Workato, Inc.

Workato, an integration platform makes the time-consuming, complicated, and expensive cloud application connection simple and easy. It signs up and uses powerful cloud applications with the help of the IT. It helps users in creating business significant integrations among cloud apps within minutes without the need for developers and IT teams. Moreover, Workato helps users in enabling automation of business tasks and workflows across applications.

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By StackStorm, Inc.

StackStorm is an emerging provider of operations automation. It envisions a world of self-driven data centers which can operate on their own. It is an automation toll which wires together the entire workflows, apps and services of clients. It is flexible, extendable and built with ChatOps and DevOps. The solutions from StackStorm influence existing monitoring solutions and configuration management for delivering automation which ties together loosely coupled cloud infrastructures.

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We Wired Web

By Yeager Holdings LLC

We Wired Web offers web application and device integration services to business worldwide. It helps users in creating automations for moving data between famous web services for operating devices through digital interfaces. Also, non-technical users will be able to build automations with We Wired Web. With this service in place, users can build, inspect and modify actions, services and triggers that are incorporated as wiring diagrams.

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By Devart s.r.o.

Skyvia offers cloud and data integration services to users from across the world. It helps users to integrate their data easily and quickly without the need for special knowledge and coding. Skyvia helps its clients with data synchronization, export, import and migration. With this platform, users will get manual and daily backups. In simple, Skyvia lets users to manage, back up and access their data with its cloud service.

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DBSync is a provider of integration services for SaaS/cloud based on-premise and on-demand applications. It offers both standalone integration and Hosted or SaaS based integration offerings to its clients, while specializing in Integration-as-a-service, cloud and integration. DBSync offers several ways for replicating and integrating cloud applications. It is well-known for its work in the field of Healthcare, CRM and Accounting integration with customers from around the planet.

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By, inc is an online automation platform which makes it easy for building personal workflows from users’ favorite cloud services without need for programming. Bip, a web automation agent which connects web services, run workflows on command. It offers web automation services through which users can connect the services they want. With in place, users will get complete ownership of workflows, credentials and personal data.

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By AppFusions, Inc.

AppFusions is a provider of packaged integration apps. The scalable solutions from AppFusions solve complicated tech problems for organizations of different sizes ranging from SMBs to Enterprises. The products from the company bridge across various web based applications such as Google Drive, Box, Facebook and more. It offers professional support for migrations, system upgrades, DB merges, sysops, health-checks, technical mentoring, 24/7 hosting, custom development and more.

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