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Construction Estimating Software is an application designed for contractors and builders to allow them to calculate the estimate construction cost for a project. People, who hire contractors to build properties, often ask for an estimate construction cost for the project and this is where a construction estimating software is used. These applications calculate the estimate cost of the particular construction project based on various details. It is important to calculate the construction cost in advance, and so is to find the right construction estimating software.

Here are some popular construction estimating applications you can choose from



By Textura PlanSwift Corporation

PlanSwift is a construction estimating software that calculates estimate cost of the site construction based on data entered by user. PlanSwift takes into consideration everything from labor, perimeters, beams, rebar, amount of paint to be used, square footages, volumes of simple or complex areas, concrete, insulation, length of wire and everything else, and calculates almost accurate cost of construction. You can plan, calculate the cost and start the job at once.

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By Heavy Construction Systems Specialists, Inc.

HeavyBid is an estimating software designed specifically to calculate the cost for construction industry. The software allows users to plan construction estimate, review the plan and make changes accordingly. Other services include sub and supplier quotes analysis, flexible work breakdown structure for better estimates, easy integration with other software, compatible to multiple platforms, automatic error alerts, multiple estimating data sources, and flexibility and multi-level breakdowns.

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Quick Bid

By On Center Software, Inc.

Quick Bid is a construction project management and estimating software designed for contractors. Quick Bid allows estimators to calculate the cost of a particular construction project and to generate profitable bids based on precise material and labor costs. The cost can be changed by making changes in the cost, quantity or quality of any product or service of the project. Quick Bid saves money, reduces project time and finds the right quotes.

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Clear Estimates

By Clear Estimates, Inc

Clear Estimates is an estimating software for construction contractors that allows contractors to make the lowest bids and save money on projects. The software calculates the estimate cost of a project based on material cost, labor cost, products, time, etc. and lets contractors know whether a particular project is beneficial or not. Clear Estimates present a formal proposal of project cost estimation including cost status, summary table, bid request, etc.

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By Trimble Navigation Limited

Accubid by Trimble is a complete construction estimating software solution that estimates the complete cost of a project, based on various construction stages, resources and products. The software comes equipped with a database of thousands of items and assemblies, suitable for any construction project. Contractors can choose items, quantity, labor and other factors to calculate the estimate cost of the particular construction project.

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Viewpoint For Estimating is a construction software used by estimators to takeoff, estimate and bid construction projects for maximum profit. The software is very easy-to-use and makes it easy for contractors to calculate the estimate project cost and prepare profitable bids. With Viewpoint For Estimating, users can perform takeoffs for on-site projects and make more profitable bids in less time. Estimates calculated by Viewpoint are accurate, faster and customizable.

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B2W Estimate

By B2W Software Inc.

B2W Estimate software is designed for contractors to manage their estimating and bidding process for profit. B2W is easy-to-learn, insightful, powerful and fully-featured, and is ideal for any construction project. With the help of this software, estimators can easily start making profitable bids by spending more time estimating, not just entering data. Other features include easy-to-use interface, less time consuming, accurate estimates, centralized resource database and mobile compatibility.

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By To-Scale Software, LLC

STACK estimating software allows contractors to turn a digital takeoff into a detailed estimate to calculate costs of various operations and make better bids. STACK is compatible with Windows and MAC, and can be used to generate takeoffs and estimating reports anywhere, anytime. The software speeds up the estimating process so that you can bid more in less time and in turn, increases your overall profits.

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HD Project Estimating

By Hard Dollar Corporation

HD Project Estimating software is used by contractors and builders to build estimate cost models of various construction projects. The software integrates standard processes and methods for cost estimation and its features allow estimators to keep their project cost information accurate and organized. Some of its features include role-based templates, central resource rates, integrated RSMeans for free, common views, industry-specific libraries and much more.

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eTakeoff Dimension is a complete estimating and takeoff solution for constructors and estimators. eTakeoff Dimension allows estimators to view and print plans, prepare takeoffs, generate estimates and make bids. The software is featured with advanced technology for speed and efficiency, advanced measuring and scaling, flip & rotate measurements, advanced viewing tools, printable measurement list, layers, bid codes, drawing legend for details, drawing annotations, FTP integration, issue management and drawing comparison.

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By ProEst Estimating Software

ProEst is a construction estimating application known for its accurate and efficient estimating features. The software is featured with the power of SQL and the design of Microsoft Office that makes it use-friendly and easy-to-use. ProEst allows users to generate estimates, perform digital takeoffs, make bids and generate project reports and proposals quickly. Adjustable markups make it easy to change the bids to make it suitable for any construction project.

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Takeoff Live is a very simple yet powerful digital takeoff and estimating software for construction projects. The software lets users calculate the cost of their construction projects based on footage, volume, construction material, resources, labor, etc. Users can even calculate the amount of material they will need for a particular project and how much it will cost. The software is easy to use and yet is fully featured to perform complex estimates.

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