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Contact Management Software is an application used by people to manage their personal and business contacts on a single place. The application is usually available in web-based form or downloadable form to be used on desktops, mobile and other devices with complete synchronization. Most of contact management software feature auto-update that automatically fetches and updates contact information from several websites and other media. These applications can easily be used to manage important business contacts, build relationships, schedule to-do tasks and meetings, and more.

Here are some of the most widely used contact management software applications.



By FullContact Inc.

FullContact is contact management software that allows users to manage all their contacts in one place with automatic update. FullContact application is available for several platforms, including iOS, Mac, Gmail, and more. The software automatically fetches all user contacts, updates their profiles with information and photo from social sites, and synchronizes updated contacts to all devices and places so that users have access to updated information always.

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Contactually CRM

By Contactually, Inc.

Contactually is a web-based contact management system that allows users to convert their contacts into meaningful business relationships. It helps you identify key relationships and how your contacts can help in certain needs of your business, such as referrals, signups, recommendations, etc. Contactually makes it easy for users to follow up upcoming meetings or speeches and other activities from their network and keep records of all activities.

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Plaxo is a cloud based contact storage and management application that is used to maintain clean, updated and easily accessible contacts and address book. The application is compatible with all standard devices to be accessible anywhere, anytime. It allows users to manage all their contacts in a single address book with the help of a dedicated virtual assistant. The software can also update contact information from social network sites, remove duplicate contacts and more.

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Act! is a simple and affordable contact management application used by individuals and small businesses to manage their business and personal contact information and other activities. The software is available with multiple subscription options to suit the needs of different users. It is aimed at saving time for users and allowing them to build better business relationships with organized customer and prospect details, accessible on any device.

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By Vistaprint Netherlands B.V.

ContactMe is a business contact management application used commonly by small businesses to manage contacts, track daily tasks, add contacts, and more. The software comes integrated with a to-do list and calendar for easy tracking and scheduling of daily tasks and meetings. In addition to general contact info, ContactMe can store email, notes, files, photos, and other details with contact profiles. The application can be easily integrated anywhere on the web.

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By BatchBlue Software, LLC

Batchbook is a simple contact management CRM tool for small businesses. It allows users to easily manage all their business contacts and customer information on an easily accessible, cloud based platform. Batchbook is not just a contact storage system, but a complete customer management solution that can be used to manage profiles, information, social info, to-dos, deals, communications, meetings, schedule, payment info, and much more.

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Zoho ContactManager

By Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Zoho ContactManager is online business contact management software used by businesses and professional to manage contacts, schedule meetings, tasks and appointment, collaborate with team members online, and for effective management of business. In addition to employee profiles, ContactManager can be used to store and manage customer information, including upcoming schedule, overdue tasks, ending deals, etc. It also supports reporting, email integration, social apps, and company profiles.

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KarmaCRM is a web based contact relationship management application used by small businesses for building better contacts and relationships with their customers. The software supports full customization to allow users to mold their application fields, screens, labels, colors, and everything else to suit their particular business. The CRM also allows users to stay in sync and easily communicate with teammates, send emails, schedule meetings, manage deals, and much more.

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By BluCapp, Inc.

Scrubly is a complete contact management solution that not only stores all your contact information on one place, but also removes duplicate entries, deletes junks, merges same contacts, fixes formatting errors, and more. The software is compatible with multiple third-party applications, including Gmail, Mac, Outlook, Google apps, and more allowing users to manage their work and relationships from a single platform. Scrubly fetches contact info and details from their Twitter profiles.

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Evercontact CRM software is an application used by businesses and individuals to automate contact management system. The software can easily integrate with and updates data from various third-party apps, such as Gmail, Office 365, Salesforce, and others. It makes sure that your address book is always up-to-date with the most recent contact information. Evercontact automatically captures signatures from emails, contacts from any web page, and more.

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By BigContacts, LLC

BigContacts is affordable contact management software that allows users to organize contacts, tasks, emails and relationships from a single platform. It features a powerful dashboard that can be used to manage all contacts, tasks, schedules at one place with multiple contact info, including, notes, meetings, calls, files, sales opportunities, email communications, and more. It also features email/text alerts and reminders to keep users always ready for an opportunity.

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By Allclients LLC

AllClients is a simple, web-based contact management platform mainly used by businesses and marketers to manage their contacts and marketing tasks. The software provides many services, including contact storage, to-do list, contact search, landing pages, calendar, deals management, autoresponders, text-to-join, teams, recorded messages system, and more. AllClients easily integrates with major email services to automatically update emails and send newsletters.

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By Oprius Software Inc.

Oprius contact manage software is mainly used by sales consultants and marketers to effectively manage contacts, tasks, calls, emails, schedule and meetings from one platform. It also allows users to communicate and stay up-to-date with their teams through built-in team notifications. Oprius' Relationship Builder tool allows users to automate business sales processes that involve sending automatic emails and scheduling tasks with clients on appropriate time.

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By fruux GmbH

fruux is a free contact management system that automates contact and calendar management and synchronization process so that users can easily access their contacts, tasks and calendar from any device, anytime. It is an ideal CRM application for teams that work in collaboration and share contacts, tasks and calendars. It also features automatic backup of backup and consistent synchronization among devices. Fruux supports and can be accessed on all major devices and platforms.

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