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Content is mainly used for providing value to the audience and it is beneficial only if it is capable enough of understanding and engaging with the customers. A content marketing platform can help marketers coming up with the right content for their specific target market and drive more engagement and sales. There are available hundreds of content marketing and management applications and the success of your business depends on how effectively you choose the right one.

Here are some suggestions for content marketing platforms that you can explore and choose from.

Content Director from is an online content management platform to allow planning, sourcing and distribution of content for SEO and marketing. It is a complete integrated content marketing solution for small and medium businesses and marketing teams. Content Director key features include smart calendar for goal management, content at a glance, delivery scheduling, alerts, easy social and third-party integration, WordPress integration, multi-channel distribution, auto-scheduler, easy content newsletters, and more.

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By BuzzSumo Limited

BuzzSumo is a content research and marketing platform that allows users to search for the most shared or liked content on the internet for any topic. Users can easily plan their content marketing strategy based on the research and based on what their competitors are writing about. It also gives users the key influencers for their content promotion. Its services include content discovery, alerts, influencers & outreach, and more.

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By Contently, Inc.

Contently is an online content marketing platform that offers complete content management and marketing solutions that include collection of ideas, powerful management, optimized distribution, and insightful analytics for marketers. It is software designed by content experts to fulfill all content needs of a company, marketer or enterprise. Some of its services include advanced content workflow control, online payment, reporting & collaboration tools, competitor assessment strategies, and much more.

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PulsePoint content marketing platform is used to manage the storytelling efforts of the companies for marketing purpose. Users can either request for new content or work on their existing content to improve its value based on their needs, strategy and audience. PulsePoint allows users to share and make the content available to the audience anywhere, on any platform. In addition to content distribution, it also provides detailed insights in content performance.

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By Ultra Unlimited Corp.

PublishThis is an online content marketing and publishing platform used by marketers and companies to produce more effective content for their audience to meet the content marketing goals. Some of its benefits include user-friendly content, better audience engagement, more clicks, better social reach, time savings, and higher revenue. PublishThis features a smart dashboard that allows users to discover ideas, create audience-targeted content, and publish them anywhere.

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By Flyp Technologies Inc.

Uberflip content marketing and management system helps marketers and businesses create and manage content according to buyers’ needs and improve content quality based on their experiences. The software can be used to manage all content marketing strategies, including company blogs, social content, eBooks, videos, content library, resource center, and sales enablement. Users get their own responsive content hub to manage and optimize their content for better customer experience.

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By NewsCred, Inc.

NewsCred content marketing software is there to help users with their content marketing strategies and efforts. With the help of a user-friendly platform, marketers get the opportunity to know and understand their target audience and create effective content to promote their products or services to the right audience. NewsCred handles the content distribution and measurement tasks that involve publishing content everywhere and measuring customer response.

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By Curata, Inc.

Curata software is designed to help content marketers measure and improve their content marketing efforts to grow leads and increase revenue. Curata is a complete content management solution that provides marketers a platform to analyze the target market, discover the best content ideas, create and improve the content for the right audience, and publish or distribute it anywhere and anytime across multiple platforms.

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By Percolate Industries, Inc.

Percolate is a complete content marketing and manage solution that allows market analysis, planning, content development, production, distribution, and monitoring across multiple channels, brands, objectives and audience. Percolate’s desktop and mobile friendly marketing platform has been designed to meet the needs of any industry or size. Other services and features include enterprise marketing management, global brand management, social media management, customer care, easy online collaboration, scheduling, and more.

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ScribbleLive is a content marketing software platform designed to help marketers with useful insights and tools to improve their content marketing strategies and create more engaging content. ScribbleLive’s data-driven approach is the center of its content management system that allows marketers to analyze the customer data and design more effective and engaging content for the right audience. It also supports distribution and analysis of content after creation.

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By Daily Inches, Inc.

Kapost is a content marketing management platform that is helpful in every step of content development lifecycle, including planning, workflow, distribution, measurement, and optimization. It integrates various tools and features to improvise the content marketing strategies. Some of its services and features include B2B marketing strategy, effective team coordination, clear workflows, content calendar, closed feedback loop, content repository, easy sharing across platforms, and in depth analytics.

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By Skyword Inc.

Skyword is a global content marketing platform aimed at making it easier to develop and measure the content for the right audience. Some of its services and tools include workflow manager, content reviews, copy editor, editorial manager, and program manager. Skyword is an effective platform to help meet the great stories with the right market. It also provides users with the tools to be able to manage the progress and effectiveness of their content.

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ContentForest Pro is content marketing software to help SEO professionals and online marketers analyze and improve their marketing efforts. It analyzes the content and provides useful recommendations for improvements. Its services include automation of content sharing and auditing, up-to-date meta data, links, ranks, keywords, search volume and other data, error notifications, actionable recommendations for SEO opportunities, in depth insights and reports, keywords suggestions, and more.

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By ContentGems by Intigi, Inc.

ContentGems content research and marketing platform is there to help marketers in devising powerful content marketing strategies. It allows users to research the best and most shared content for their target keywords and market, create audience-targeted content, share the content and insights on social media and other platforms, and engage with the audience more. ContentGems allows social integration with multiple third-party applications and platforms, including Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and many more.

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By Pitchbox, LLC

Pitchbox is an online content marketing and audience outreach platform suitable for SEO agencies, marketers, brands, and growth hackers. It is also a relationship management tool that helps people reach and build real relationships with their target customers, industry experts, influencers, and reviewers. Pitchbox also helps in the process of finding key influencers and getting your business noticed with the right buzz, reviews, and recommendations.

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By TechValidate Software Inc.

TechValidate is content software that allows businesses to create content based on customers’ reviews and recommendations. Their products and services include customer content creation, market research, customer insights and responses, research portals, connectors, and more. TechValidate grabs ideas from your satisfied customers and helps design more engaging content based on these reviews to target other potential buyers to improve overall customer satisfaction and trust in user brand.

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By Rainmaker Digital, LLC.

Scribe is a content marketing and optimization tool for online marketers and SEO professionals. It helps users create customer-friendly, effective and efficient content and allows more social sharing for better search rankings. It works in three easy steps; research involves gathering ideas and keywords based on customer preferences; optimization phase involves analyzing the content and improving it based on the recommendations offered by Scribe; and connection involves content distribution.

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By SnapApp LLC

SnapApp content marketing platform is a fast and easy way to create, analyze, manage, distribute, and improve content strategies. It provides tools for users to reevaluate their content marketing, create more and better interactive content, distribute to target audience and channels, and get better SEO results. Its notable features and tools include inbuilt content templates, workflow management, drag-and-drop interface, in depth analytics, and more.

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Contenttools content marketing software allows its users to create, collaborate, manage, and publish their content from a single online platform. The software features many tools for effective scaling and management of content marketing efforts. These tools include strategy builder, steamline communications app, editorial calendar, team manager, analytics & insights, and more. Contenttools is designed by experts to suffice the needs of content creators and writers for an effective content management platform.

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By Shareist, Inc

Shareist is a complete content management and marketing solution featured with tools for finding, planning, researching, distribution and sharing the content. It allows users to discover the best content for sharing, schedule content for sharing on social media, recycle, reuse or reshare important posts, and save them for later use. Shareist’s most notable features include support to multiple content types, fresh relevant content for research, collaboration inbox, and more.

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By Pressly, Inc.

Pressly content marketing and curation platform is there to help businesses create and publish engaging content for the audience. Its main focus is on creating and improving the overall reputation of the brand by publishing the right content for the right audience. It also focuses widely on social sharing and marketing of the business content to increase its reach and to drive more targeted traffic to the business.

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By Amplience Ltd

Amplience is there to help online businesses and ecommerce websites transform their existing content for more interactive and rich content marketing for better user engagement and conversions. Various tools, products and services offered by Amplience include shoppable content, product content management, vendor collaboration, video content for eCommerce, user generated content, and many more. Other features include interactive hotspots, live product data, mobile optimized, automatic content creation, and more.

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By ClearVoice, Inc.

ClearVoice is an online content marketing solution that allows users to plan, create, promote, optimize, and analyze their content from a single platform. The IdeaLab tool lets users discover the most popular content ideas and plan accordingly. It features effective collaboration to allow teams to connect and share ideas and thoughts for better results. In addition to content planning and creation, it also allows users to hire creators, share the content, and measure the performance.

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By Thismoment, Inc.

Thismoment offers various content marketing solutions for businesses and marketers to develop real-time content for better customer engagement and connections. There is one-to-many content solution for brands and live event marketers to create and promote event based content for live real-time user engagement. One-to-one content solution is for sales, support and influencers that includes personalize content and messages with Call to Action feature.

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By Experts.AI Software Corp.

Marketing.AI is an online platform used by marketers and businesses to manage their content marketing campaigns. It is a complete content management solution that provides tools and services for users to plan their marketing strategies and campaigns, appoint content creators, manage and approve the content through a collaborative platform, distribute, and measure results and user responses. Key features include editorial calendars, asset library, integrations, and more.

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By DistroScale, Inc.

DistroScale is an online content marketing platform and marketplace for complete management and marketing of native content. It allows users to buy, optimize, deliver, manage, and analyze the content. The platform is suitable for brands & agencies, publishers and anyone else in the need of a powerful content management solution. DistroScale specializes in responsive content that can be delivered and used on any platform and device.

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