Credit Card Processing Companies

For any online business who wants to accept orders online, they need a reliable credit card processing solution. Luckily the market is mature and there are hundreds of companies offering this service. These companies offer pricing from fixed monthly fees to per transaction fees depending on their pricing structure. They also have readily available extensions to directly integrate their service with almost all the leading ecommerce solutions.

Below are some leading providers ranked according to their popularity.



By PayPal Holdings, Inc.

PayPal provides various payment services that allow you to buy online, send money, or set up a merchant account to sell your products online. It features safe shopping, email-based payment system, shop via mobile devices, payment request, global payment processing, and more. The merchant account can be created for free, with a fixed per-transaction fee. They offer many merchant tools including simple shopping cart and buy now buttons to sell things online.

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By Stripe, Inc.

Stripe allows you to accept web and mobile payments, with well-designed and optimized checkout for any device. It features a robust and clean API built for developers, checkout, total control, integrated mobile payments, coupons, trials, and more. It offers no monthly fees, no refund cost, and no hidden fees, with pricing set per successful transaction. The company provides a developer friendly environment to the businesses and developers to build online payment infrastructure and fraud prevention. The service is available in a few countries only and they're expanding their reach to more countries.

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Google Wallet allows you to make payment with your credit or debit card through Google payment system. The Google Wallet account is connected with all services provided by Google, including Google Play, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Express, Android Pay, and more. It features tap and pay, Google Wallet Card, send and request money, and more. The service is available in only few countries and also offer other features such as storing gift card from leading stores and redeem them locally.

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By CyberSource Corporation provides credit card processing services that allow you to accept payments online. It features mobile payments, retail payments, mail or telephone payments, fraud prevention, recurring billing, secure customer data management, sync for QuickBooks, and e-Check processing. To use this service, there are one-time setup fee, monthly gateway fees, per-transaction fee, and free additional services.

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By Worldpay US, Inc.

Worldpay provides secure payment processing services that are divided into three areas: UK, US, and the rest of the world. It provides payment services for small businesses, which include online payment gateway and online payment methods. It also provides payment services for larger businesses, including card payments, alternative payments, fraud and risk management, and more.

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By Square, Inc.

Square provides a credit card processing service, with various business solutions. It can be used for various business types, including food and beverage, retail, beauty professionals, professional services, as well as home and repair services. It features mobile credit card reader, POS stand, secure online invoicing, insightful sales reporting, app marketplace, and custom gift cards.

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By CyberSource Corporation

CyberSource provides global payment management solutions, with security and fraud management. It features payment processing, payment security, merchant solutions, partner solutions, and other services. The payment processing service features cross-channel payments, gateway and processing connections, payment cards, digital wallets and instant checkout, direct debits and bank transfers, reconciliation reports, payer authentication, recurring billing, and more.

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Amazon Payments provide an online and mobile payment services that allow your buyers to pay securely and conveniently. It provides various merchant tools, including shopping cart, login options, shipping/billing, payment marks and buttons, and more. It allows you to protect your customer identity, maintain consistent brand experience, offer recurring payment, and protect from fraudulent transactions.

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By Alibaba Group

Alipay is a third-party online payment solution, with cross-border website payment, cross-border mobile payment, and Alipay ePass. The cross-border website payment provides an instant payment solution, secure and convenient payment experience for buyers, and 3-month refund period for buyers to increase their satisfaction. It also offers an auto-debit service, with integration for recurring payment solution.

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By Skrill Ltd.

Skrill is a money transfer and online payment system for personal and business use. Earlier the company was known as Moneybookers but they re-branded their service in 2011. The personal account features pay and play, instant transfers, prepaid MasterCard, and more. The business account features digital wallet, alternative payments, card processing, payouts, and more. It can be used by various industries: gambling, social networks, forex, digital services, and retail.

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By Digital River, Inc.

Beanstream is a Digital River company that allows you to accept payments online and on the go. It provides various services, including eCommerce, mobile payments, Beanstream mobile, virtual terminal, recurring billing, batch processing, online registration, tokenization, developer portal, basic fraud tools, EFT payments, and risk management. It offers three pricing options: Essentials, Enhanced, and SproutPOS.

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Bank of America Merchant Services

By Bank of America Merchant Services, LLC.

Bank of America Merchant Services provides payment solutions for businesses to start processing credit card payments from customers. It features eCommerce platform, check solutions, core acquiring, international acquiring, POS systems and software, mobile payment solution, internet sales solution, data protection, fraud detection, alert, and more. It offers tablet point of sale and card processing services.

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Intuit GoPayment provides various payment services, including QuickBooks payments, online payment processing, merchant services, and credit card processing. It features ACH bank transfers, email invoices, mobile payments, multiple payment methods, receipt customizations, and more. There are two pricing options available: Pay-As-You-Go and Low Monthly Rates, with a fixed swipe rate, keyed rate, and transaction fee.

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By WM Transfer Ltd.

WebMoney is a universal payment system that allows you to do personal and business transactions easily. The personal account allows you to top-up your account, pay your bills, withdraw your money, get a loan, and raise funds. The business account allows you to accept payments, make payments, manage your budget, manage your work, and more.

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By, Inc.

2Checkout is an online payment processing service that allows you to accept global payments online. It features multiple currencies and languages, advanced fraud protection, flexible integrations, recurring billing, mobile optimization, faster checkout, and more. It offers no setup fees and no hidden fees, with the pricing per transaction based on the country you live in.

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By MH Pillars Ltd.

Payza allows you to send and receive money online, as well as sell products and get paid. It features various payment options, in-page checkout, corporate disbursement, free online invoicing, and centralized management. There are two account types available: Personal and Business. It applies fees for receiving funds, bank wire, credit card processing, and foreign exchange.

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By MIH Allegro B.V.

PayU is a corporate online payment solution with a wide coverage in global growth markets. There are three service types available: PayU for Consumers, PayU for Business, and PayU for Developers. The PayU for Business features single integration, better conversion rates, excellent fraud management, tokenization, express payment, recurring payments, mobile integration, robust platform, and more.

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Adyen provides international payment services with global omni-channel technology. It features various services, including online payments, mobile payments, point-of-sale payments, and MarketPay. The online payment service features hosted payment pages, direct API, easy encryption solution, one-click checkouts, single screen pages, conversion analytics, and A/B testing. Payment modules are available, including PrestaShop, Amadeus, Magento, and more.

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By Optimal Payments Plc.

Neteller provides online payment gateways that allow you to transfer money online securely. It features personal spending account, strong fraud protection, safer encryption than credit cards, secure and private payments, Prepaid MasterCard, and more. It applies fees on various payment processing, including deposits, bank draft, bank transfer, check, member wire, foreign exchange, and card transactions.

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Braintree allows you to accept payments online from various platforms, including PayPal, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay, credit cards, Venmo, and more. It features multiple countries and currencies, fraud protection, no redirects, PCI-compliant, recurring billing, partnership, and more. It applies per-transaction and chargeback fees (applied per incident), with no monthly fees and no hidden fees.

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By CCBill, LLC.

CCBill provides credit card payment processing for consumers, merchants, and developers. For consumers, it features encrypted purchases, order management, and a 24/7 phone or online support. For merchants, it features multiple international payment options, all-in-one eCommerce solutions, fraud protection, and risk management. For developers, it features extensive customization, API, integration tools, and simple data extraction.

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By Paxum Inc.

Paxum provides an e-wallet service with complete payment solutions for eCommerce. It features low processing fees, money transfer, money withdrawal, payroll solution for businesses, and affiliate payment solution. It offers two accounts: Personal and Business. It applies fees for ACH withdrawal, peer to peer transfer (transfer to and from other Paxum users), and wire transfer.

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Converge (formerly Virtual Merchant) allows you to accept payments in various ways: eCommerce, in-store, mobile (on the go), mail, and phone. It accepts various types of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, electronic gift cards, Electronic Benefit Transfer, and cash. It features encryption, tokenization, detailed reporting, customizable payment screens, and user permission management.

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By Moneris Solutions Corporation

Moneris provides POS, credit card, and debit card payment processing, with loyalty gift cards. It features online payment, fraud and risk tools, e-business management tools, shopping cart integrations, retail management solutions, loyalty programs, rewards and recognition, and more. It provides various industry solutions, including restaurant, retail, business to business, home and commercial services, and more.

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By WePay, Inc.

WePay provides a flexible payment API for various platforms, including marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms, and SMB platforms. It offers two types of services: Connect and Clear. The Connect service allows your users to accept payments with WePay, and the Clear service allows you to provide your own payment solution for your users using your business brand.

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Payment Express

By Direct Payment Solutions (DPS)

Payment Express provides EFTPOS, payment gateway, and online credit and debit card processing. It features modular payment solution, wireless payments, recurring billing, hosted payment, batch processor, POS terminals, and more. It offers five pricing plans: Starter, Business, Corporate, Enterprise, and Payline. All plans include a setup fee, monthly service fee, overage fee, and limited transactions.

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By Dwolla, Inc

Dwolla allows you to send money online with a secure digital payment network. It features simplified payment, integrated custom payment solutions, real-time bank transfers, mass pay, recurring payments, next day transfers, next day settlements, facilitator fee, payment profiles, white label, and OAuth + Restful API. There are three pricing options available: Plus, Premium, and Custom.

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By ProPay, Inc.

ProPay provides credit card processing and merchant services that allow you to accept credit card payments securely. It offers various products and services, including merchant account, QuickBooks integrations, mobile app, mobile card reader, eBay auctions, ACH processing services, and more. It provides various industry solutions, including global payments, payment facilitators, direct selling companies, and more.

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Sage Pay

By Sage Pay Europe Limited

Sage Pay is a simple and secure payment service that helps to grow your business faster. It provides business essential payment features (online, face to face, phone, and e-Invoice payments), flexible integration methods, fraud prevention tools, quick settlement, valuable business insight, and Sage Account integration. There are three pricing options available: Flex, Plus, and Corporate.

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By CCNow, Inc.

CCNow offers a merchant account alternative that allows you to sell items and accept credit card payments online. It features hosted shopping cart, open-source shopping cart, email invoicing, auction payment services, DVD fulfillment, multiple currencies, and more. It offers a pricing plan per-transaction based on where you live, as well as a one-time setup fee.

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By PaySimple, Inc

PaySimple is an online payment solution that allows you to accept payments anywhere and manage your customers. It allows you to accept various payment methods, including credit cards, ACH payment, e-Check, Point of Sale, and online payments. It also provides various ways to manage your customers, including customer communication, information management, and data entry saver.

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Ingenico Group is a global leader of online payment solutions, providing smart terminals, mobile solutions, and payment services. The payment services include e-commerce solutions, full service e-payment, multi-channel solutions, financial solutions, and marketing solutions. The mobile solutions include in-store mobile point of sale solutions, out-of-store mobile POS, on-board mobile POS, and estate owner mobile POS.

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Chase Paymentech

By Chase Paymentech Solutions, LLC.

Chase Paymentech provides credit card processing services for merchants, which allows you to accept payments on the go. It offers various products and services, including mobile checkout, mobile dashboard, payment gateway, virtual terminal, iTerminal, credit card machines, and wireless terminals. It provides various credit card payment solutions, including merchant account, eCommerce, POS payments, and more.

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By NETbilling, Inc.

NETbilling is an online credit card processing service that provides 99.8% uptime and free shopping cart integration. There are various services available: credit card processing, ACH/check processing, call center services, and merchant account acquisitions. It features best processing rates, easy setup, advanced fraud defense tools, recurring billing, extensive fraud scrubbing, automated cancellation form, and more.

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By BluePay Processing INC

BluePay provides credit card processing services with integrated payment processing. It features B2B payment processing, level 3 cards, batch processing, integrated payment, enterprise plugins, security, multi-channel processing, reconciliation, and more. It can be used with various merchant types, including B2B, eCommerce websites, banks, credit unions, restaurants, non-profits, retail stores, gas stations, small businesses, and more.

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By Australia Post Group

SecurePay allows you to accept online payments safely, with shopping cart integrations. It provides two services: SecurePay Online Payments and Payment Gateway Only. The online payment service applies a per-transaction fee, without any setup or monthly fees. The payment gateway service applies a per-transaction fee, with an annual fee. It is available only in Australia.

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By Messiahic Inc.

PayJunction allows you to process payments, capture signatures, and email and print receipts. It features transaction management, searching and reporting, account management, setting customization, mobile processing, payment gateway, simple hosted shopping cart, third-party integrations, and API. It applies fees for swiped debit card, keyed debit card, swiped credit card, keyed credit card, and ACH check.

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By TransFirst, LLC

TransFirst provides a customized credit card processing and merchant services, with innovative technology. It offers various products, including POS systems, online credit card processing, mobile credit card processing, telephone processing solutions, payment processing equipment, small business credit card processing, and more. It features software integration, virtual terminal, iPos/register, mobile, hosted payment, and credit card machines.

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By Mercury Payment Systems, LLC

Mercury provides credit card processing and merchant services, with fast transaction and reliable uptime. It can be used by various businesses, including quick service restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, clothing store, bookstore, convenience store, salon, spa, automotive, and more. It offers various products, including payment processing (MercuryPay), stored value, gift card (MercuryGift), and security (Merchant SecureAssist).

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Nochex provides online payment services that allow you to pay online and receive money. It offers telephone and mail order payments, recurring payments, multi-currency payments, auto-sweep payments, multi-seller payments, European service, penny-auction payments, and online payments. It applies fees per transaction, without any additional fees. It features website integration, management and reporting, and fraud prevention.

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By PSiGate Inc.

PsiGate provides online payment solutions and payment gateway services with a one-stop shop. It features payment gateway, virtual terminal, recurring billing, mobile swipe, merchant tools, fraud tools, Canadian and US dollar currencies, card number verification, and hosted pay page. There are three pricing options available: Starter Package (no monthly fee), Growth Package, and Customer Pricing.

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First Data Payeezy

By First Data Corporation

First Data Payeezy offers eCommerce platform and online payment systems, with two main services: Apple Pay and Android Pay. The merchant service offers real-time payment manager and hosted checkout. The Apple Pay service offers simple integration, with a starter kit that can be integrated with your website/app. It features secure transaction, data encryption, and tokenization.

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Cayan provides flexible payment solutions for all businesses, with future-proof and open source platform. It features payment processing, EMV, NFC payments, loyalty programs, gift cards, payment gateway, equipment, and value added service. It provides three types of products: Flex, Genius, and Enterprise. The Flex plan offers cash advance, invoicing, PIN debit, check verification, and more.

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