Crowd Funding Platforms

Crowd funding is a way raise money on build initial user base for products using funding. Typically buyers commit some advance payment in return of early access to product at relatively discount price. Although there are various types of crowd funding platforms offer various kind of services and options to raise money. Here is a list of some leading crowd funding platforms.



By Kickstarter Inc.

Kickstarter which is a reputable crowdfunding platform intends to let different types of creative people - game developers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists, journalists, musicians - raise funds for projects by getting connected with their fans that get exclusive rewards and access in exchange for patronage. While being a reliable fundraising platform, Kickstarter is a publishing program through which project creators get to communicate with those who support them.



By Indiegogo, Inc.

Indiegogo is a place for projects for moving quickly from notion to market, augmented by a group of people who believe that the world can improve when all the ideas get a shot at success. It is a crowd funding platform which empowers creative people for funding which matters. As a crowdfunding program, campaigns are launched from different parts of the planet with the money contributed by its community.



By GoFundMe, Inc.

GoFundMe changes the method the world gives. The members of the GoFundMe community come together for supporting each other as well as the things that they care about. The campaign organizers at GoFundMe have raised a lot of funds for pets, sports, community projects, emergencies, education, medical expenses and a lot more. All these things make GoFundMe one among the well-known online crowd funding platforms.



By Patreon, Inc.

Patreon is a fundraising platform for creators and artists for funding projects on a persistent basis. Thousands of comic creators, game developers, podcasters, musicians and others engage and nurture with fans in an immediate, interactive and intimate way. Patreon intends to change the way in which people get paid for their work, shifting from advertisement-supported creations to straight support from their fans. Thousands of creators make salary from Patreon.



By CrowdRise, Inc.

Crowdrise, a crowdfunding program is about raising loads of funds for charity, while having fun. It has been ranked one among the top twenty five crowdfunding sites. The Crowdrise website is a combination of contests, social networking, crowdsourcing, online fundraising and other stuff. It is a reliable fundraising website for personal and charitable causes. It lets people raise funds for those who require help, events, marathons and charities.



By, Inc

Tilt, a technology organization makes it simple for communities and groups for collecting, fundraising, or pooling money effectively and securely on the internet. Apart from offering help to social organizers, the organization is certified in initiating fundraisers. Since 2012, thousands of groups have made use of Tilt for turning their ideas into reality. Tilt users have done a lot of things that make it proud.



By Razoo Global Corporation

Razoo is a crowdfunding program for philanthropy. It powers charity acts which together get to change the world. Razoo has raised millions of dollars on the internet, while creating new generations of philanthropists on a regular basis. It supports multimillion-dollar giving days to people who collect donations on behalf of the organizations they support. Razoo makes online crowdfunding easy while raising funds for individuals, charity, organizations and teams.



By Seedrs Limited

Seedrs is an equity crowdfunding platform which lets all kinds of investors to invest in businesses that they believe in. it also allows different kinds of businesses raise money as well as business community. All of this is done through a professional, simple, online process which empowers and protects investors while lending a hand for business for growing and generating returns. Moreover, Seedrs is driven by experienced, talented professionals.



By Crowdcube Capital Ltd

Crowdcube is an investment crowdfunding platform that allows people to loan or invest money in small businesses in return for an annual return, or equity. It offers a platform for business owners of growing businesses and start-ups for connecting with potential investors. Crowdcube helps entrepreneurs to raise funds for starting or growing their businesses. It is one website which offers investors equity in organizations they fund.



By SeedInvest Technology, LLC

SeedInvest is a leading crowdfunding platform which connects investors with startups. It gives investors the access to good investment opportunities. Since its launch, SeedInvest has attracted loads of investors who look for investing millions of dollars in startups. The company is investing a lot of money on companies which successfully raises capital. The limited partners of SeedInvest keep looking for opportunities for making strategic follow-on investments and co-investments.



By Crowdfunder, Inc.

CrowdFunder is a leading crowdfunding platform which sources and funds ventures with community of more than 130,000 investors and entrepreneurs. It provides opportunities for direct investment in high-growth ventures and early-stage startups. CrowdFunder is backed by a lot of private investors and venture capital firms. People who look for funds can get access to investors on CrowdFunder. There are thousands of institutional and private investors who are associated with CrowdFunder.



By Fundable LLC

Fundable, a crowdfunding platform was launched by founders of companies who have raised funds from venture capitalists and angel investors. Fundable understands the challenges that people face as they create businesses. It is set out for changing the way businesses are created. This is done by the crowdfunding platform which enables organizations to raise funds from friends, investors and customers. Fundable offers entrepreneurs a simple and easy fundraising service.



By CircleUp Network, Inc.

CircleUp is an online investment platform which offers accredited investors access to investments in retail and consumer product companies which were previously hard for identifying and accessing. For consumer products and retail entrepreneurs, CircleUp offers an easy way for accessing a community of investors and value added partners. Usual investments on this crowdfunding platform are restaurants, retails companies, personal care, pet products, food and apparels.



By StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc.

StartEngine is a crowdfunding platform which revolutionizes the financing model for startups. It helps people invest in private organizations through a public platform. Thus, entrepreneurs get to achieve their goals. It empowers companies to create jobs and raise capital. StartEngine gives startups the access to a crowdfunding platform for raising funds from accredited as well as un-accredited investors. Business owners can directly accept investment on the internet.



By Pozible

Pozible is a community-building tool and crowdfunding platform for creative ideas and projects. It was launched for helping people to raise funds, make things possible and realize aspirations. It offers an easy way for business owners to access funds by talking directly to like-minded strangers, peers, fans and consumers. With Pozible in place, people like illustrators, app developers and photographers can host their projects easily.



By Companisto GmbH

Companisto, an equity-based crowdfunding organization lets people to team up for becoming shareholders in startups or properties. The investors at Companisto can be a part of the organization with investments of their choice. This also means that they can participate in increases and profits of the properties or startups. Moreover, Companisto does not require any minimum investment amount. So, everyone can participate in the investment campaigns.



By EquityNet, LLC.

EquityNet is a well-known online crowdfunding platform which has been into operation for a long time. The multi-patented platform from EquityNet includes a lot of investors and entrepreneurs, government support entities and incubators as well as members of the entrepreneurial society. It offers access to a plenty of investors, while helping entrepreneurs from around North America to raise funds in debt, royalty-based capital and equity.



By Experiment Inc.

Experiment is a leading crowdfunding organization which consists of scientists and researchers. The organization focuses on supporting undergraduates, faculty and graduate students as they face difficulties due to the ever-increasing competition. With Experiment in place, people can change the way researches are done. The organization brings people’s power in to the laboratory. Crowdfunding, grants, science, research and publishing are some of the specialties of Experiment.



By RocketHub, Inc.

RocketHub is a global crowdfunding program which has helped thousands of people from one thousand five hundred cities from different parts of the world. It helps individuals to raise huge amounts of money for campaigns which matter to them. Also, RocketHub offers a great level of service, education and support in the crowdfunding industry. The organization specializes in areas such as fundraising, marketing, brand engagement and crowdsourcing.



By FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden AB

FundedByMe is a leading crowd funding organization that operates globally. It offers equity, reward and loan-based crowdfunding services. Also, the company is currently building a reliable crowdfunding service. Be it through referrals or partnerships, people can reach out to the company if they believe that they should join forces for creating mutual opportunities. The organization specializes in equity crowd funding, consultancy and other related services.



By Crowdfund International, LLC

FundAnything is a leading crowdfunding platform which lets people to raise money for anything. It is a great way for funding anything and it is free for getting started with the website. The best part is that the fund which is raised is always for the people to keep, as there is no need for repayment. Moreover, there are limitless possibilities with this crowdfunding program.

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