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The growth of a company directly depends on the growth and happiness of its customers. Companies and organizations that realize this fact work hard to deliver great customer experiences and higher satisfaction rate. Customer Experience Software is a platform or tool that can be used to collect customers' feedbacks and reviews, turn them into valuable insights, and make important customer-centric decisions for better customer satisfaction rate. The aim is to make more happy customers and drive better business results.

Here you can read about top customer management experience solutions.



By iPerceptions, Inc.

Provides customer experience management and voice of customer software that helps you to improve your customer experience. It features advanced collections and analysis, custom questions, white labeling, custom surveys, survey embed, industry-specific engagement methods, business process integration, and more. The reporting feature includes real-time analytics, schedule reporting, survey statistics, advanced BI reporting, and KPI dashboard.

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By Medallia Inc.

Medallia is a customer experience management system that allows companies to record customer feedback, reviews and comments, understand and analyze them, and take proper action accordingly in real-time. The software helps businesses improve their customers’ experiences by making customer-centric decisions. Other services offered by Medallia include customer satisfaction surveys, CEM software, social CEM, voice of the customer, customer retention, text analytics, customer engagement, and more.

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By Sitecore Corporation A/S

Sitecore is CRM software used by companies to control and manage customer experiences and make decisions for customers. The software also allows businesses to create their website and understand the role of customers in the organization. The platform features many applications such as experience profile, experience channels, database, strategies, and more to record and manage customer experiences. It lets users measure every interaction of the customer from one place.

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Genesys Platform

By Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

Genesys is a multichannel customer experience platform designed to help companies understand and optimize customers’ behavior and experiences to build brand royalty. Genesys features many customer engagement channels, including multimodality, journey management, and orchestration to determine and offer outstanding customer service and experiences, leading to better business results. It allows business to understand customer needs and personalize interactions by offering and monitoring omnichannel services.

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By Satmetrix Systems, Inc.

Satmetrix is a customer experience management platform that offers technology, data and expertise to manage and deliver successful customer experiences. It allows businesses to track and manage the customer experiences that can affect their business values and results. Satmetrix conducts various customer satisfaction surveys such as touchpoint survey, website survey, relationship survey, usage data, and more to gather reviews and feedback from the customer.

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By ResponseTek Networks Corp.

ResponseTek offers SaaS customer experience management software and service to enable companies to gather customer feedback through the voice of customer (VoC). It can generate detailed reports of customer journey data, including interaction type, touchpoint, churn reduction, customers saved, revenue, and more. ResponseTek takes help of the powerful VoC suite to capture real-time customer feedbacks and to use them to make better customer-oriented decisions.

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By NICE Systems Ltd.

Nice customer experience management suite is designed to help companies deliver flawless, consistent, reliable and personalized customer experience to all their customers. The platform feature a lot of tools and applications, including customer engagement analytics, handle time optimization, back office performance, contact center compliance, sales optimization, big data analytics, workforce optimization, voice of the customer, cross-channel interaction recording, and more. The aim is to know the customer, act in real-time and engage more.

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KPMG Nunwood

By KPMG Nunwood Consulting Ltd

KPMG Nunwood specializes in Voice of the Customer, feedback management, NPS measurement and customer journey mapping. It can help businesses grow more by improving customer experiences and making better customer-centric business decisions. Nunwood offers customer feedback platform and journey mapping tool to track customer activity, reaction, investments, and feedbacks in real-time and turn them into improved ROI and customer experiences.

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By Clarabridge, Inc.

Clarabridge customer experience management and analytics software is used by companies to turn customer feedbacks into customer happiness. It is also a very comprehensive customer intelligence platform that allows businesses to understand customer needs, behavior and feelings towards the company. Clarabridge gives valuable insights into customer voice and feedbacks through in-depth text, surveys and analytics to allow companies to direct corporate strategy for more customer satisfaction.

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Sparkcentral is an enterprise customer engagement platform that empowers teams and company staff to deliver the best customer services and improve overall experiences. It implements the advanced automation technology to route specific customer issues to the right agents to allow problem solving in less time. Sparkcentral platform lets you actively engage customers, gather reviews and feedbacks, and make important business decisions to delight your customers.

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By Selligent S.A.

Selligent customer intelligence and marketing automation platform is designed to increase customer engagement and loyalty towards the brand. The platform can be used by companies to create a personalized and unique digital experience for their products and services. Selligent has been specifically designed keeping in mind the needs and expectations of modern generation consumer. It allows more frequent interaction through a unique customer centric approach.

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By Avtex Solutions, LLC

Avtex customer journey mapping and experience solutions provide companies a unique platform to facilitate point-to-point interaction and tracking of customers. It provides tools to develop a real-time and practical end-to-end CX (customer experience) strategy. Avtex is a suitable customer management solution for both existing and new businesses that need a reliable and trustworthy CX strategy to manage and deal with customer issues and improve overall satisfaction rate.

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By ForeSee Results, Inc.

ForeSee customer experience analytics and management solution is designed to help businesses with actionable customer insights and data. It lets companies make valuable business decisions based on customer experiences, reviews, insights, and actions. ForeSee’s multichannel customer analytics and experience management system gather customers’ voices from multiple resources such as web, mobile, contact centers, and more and turn them into meaningful insights to help make better business decisions.

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Aurea CX Platform is a customer experience solution that allows companies to deliver the most powerful customer experiences at every steps of their digital journey. Aurea CX is suitable for companies looking for a technology-oriented, reliable solution that can drive more loyalty from customers and profit for the company. Customer loyalty is directly related to their experiences and therefore, Aurea CX Platform works hard to build great transformative customer experiences.

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By Thunderhead Ltd

Thunderhead offers intuitive SaaS customer experience management solutions to help business live in harmony with their customers by realizing the true potential and benefits of healthy customer engagement. It allows companies to gather valuable customer experiences from mobile, web, contact centers and high streets, analyze them and use them to improve customer satisfaction rate. In short, Thunderhead helps you listen to your customers so that you know what they need and when they need it.

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By MaritzCX LLC

MaritzCX is a professional customer experience (CX) and research platform that provides tools and services to know, analyze, and respond to customer needs and experiences. The software platform in combination with the innovative research expertise makes a perfect CX solution to help determine and respond to the customers’ voice instantly. Some of its integrated tools include survey builder, text analytics, dashboard & reports, fast track, data collection, advanced analytics, and more.

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By PeopleMetrics, Inc.

PeopleMetrics customer engagement software helps you get insight into the customer experience and actually make sense of it. The software is used to build a culture where decisions are made based on customer feedback and reviews. PeopleMetrics Voice of the Customer platform and other tools allow businesses to drive customer-centric solutions through effective online surveys, feedback collection, net promoter scores measurement, and more from customers.

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By Doxim Solutions ULC

Doxim customer engagement software is deal for banking, credits unions, and other financial industries. It offers many services, including client onboarding, relationship management, campaign management, statements & reporting, loans origination, business analytics, and enterprise content management for better customer engagement and experience. Doxim platform allows financial institutions to turn their lousy customer experiences into more sophisticated, effective and friendly communication throughout the user journey across the organization.

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