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Measuring customer satisfaction level toward your business is important to keep your customers’ loyalty and trust. You can grow your business only if you can keep your customer feedback level on the positive scale. Thus, gathering customer feedback periodically is important to help measure your business performance, so that you can fix any mistakes and improve the quality of your products and services in a timely manner. Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Software helps you to gather customer feedback and measure your customer satisfaction automatically and monitor the result in real time.

These are some of the best customer feedback and satisfaction software that you can use for your business: 



By UserVoice, Inc.

Provides feedback and online helpdesk software that helps you to grow and keep your customers. It features idea categories, user traits, idea status messages, private subscriber updates, activity digest emails, advanced trend reports, and more. It offers third-party integrations with various online tools, including CRM, live chat, social media, team collaboration, and analytics software.

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By Get Satisfaction, Inc.

Provides online community forum software designed specifically to gather customer feedback. It features self-service customer support, gamification, case configuration, built-in search engine optimization, language localization, private categories, content creation tools, assignment tools, people management tools, private conversations, and more. It features various third-party integrations, including Salesforce, Marketo, Sugar CRM, Facebook, Google Analytics, and ConstantContact.

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By Webklipper Technologies Pvt Ltd

Provides an on-site customer engagement suite that allows you to gather feedback and customer insights on your website with push notifications. It features customizable forms, multi-question surveys, smart feedback routing, themes and layout options, customizable messages, and more. The software allows you to measure your site performance in real time with each push notification that you send.

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Provides online survey software that allows you to create engaging online surveys in minutes and see the result in real-time. It features mobile-ready surveys, quick survey creation and publication, real-time analytics, Salesforce integration, customer feedback email, team sharing, and more. The Salesforce integration feature includes multiple Salesforce connections, Salesforce team administration, and Salesforce-ready forms.

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By UserEcho, LLC.

Provides online customer support solutions that include ticketing service, live chat, knowledge base, and forum. It features comprehensive analytics, user satisfaction, custom logo and colors, configurable dashboard, custom URL, configurable voting modes, and more. It offers various third-party integrations, including Facebook, Yandex, Google Analytics, Composite, JIRA, HipChat, Pivotal Tracker, WordPress, VKontakte, Twitter, and Slack.

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Provides website feedback survey and forms that allow you to capture value from your website visitors. It features branded and dynamic message, visitor targeting, Adobe Analytics variables, flexibility and control, organization-wide scalability, and more. It allows you to create employee engagement surveys, with real-time results, individualized and custom dashboard, and sophisticated hierarchical reporting.

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By OpinionLab Inc.

Provides website feedback software that helps to boost your customer loyalty and satisfactions. It features context-rich data, opt-in model for website and mobile, mobile-optimized surveys, in-the-moment feedback, actionable real-time customer feedback, and more. The software brings various benefits for your business, including reducing customer service costs, maximizing customer lifetime value, and resolving customer complaints quickly.

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By Kampyle LTD.

Provides customer feedback software designed for the digital enterprise. It features comprehensive consumer insights, multiple channels, feedback invitations, actionable suggestions, lead generation, feedback-based A/B testing, new product demand identification, and more. The software helps you to collect customer feedback, reduce customer support costs, increase conversions, build satisfaction and loyalty, and prevent shopping cart abandons.

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By Usabilla B.V.

Provides the standard user feedback system that you can use for websites, apps, and emails. It features screenshot functionality, target surveys, usability metrics, intelligent reporting, mobile-responsive theme, customizable feedback widget, native in-app feedback, visual Heat Maps, and more. The software helps you to improve user experience, save time and resources, and increase site conversions.

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By Qualaroo, Inc.

Provides voice of customer survey software that allows you to get customer insights and grow your business. It features user-friendly reporting, desktop surveys, exit surveys, customized look and feel, essential target options, mobile survey add-ons, advanced segmentation, and more. It offers various third-party integrations, including Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, Optimizely Experiments, Salesforce, Marketo, and MailChimp.

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Provides the voice of customer and customer feedback software that allows you to get real-time feedback from your customers. It features card sorting, web testing, click testing, online survey, data-driven insights, a variety of questions, research panel survey distribution, and more. The software helps you to measure your customer satisfaction and boost your sales.

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By Usersnap GmbH

Provides visual bug tracker software designed for web projects that allows you to collect bug report feedback from your users. It features feedback widgets, bug tracking dashboard, browser extensions, team collaboration, in-browser screenshot, and console recorder. It offers various third-party integrations, including Basecamp, JIRA, PivotalTracker, Trello, GitHub, RedMine, Axosoft, Zendesk, Asana, and many others.

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Client Heartbeat Survey Tool

By Client Heartbeat Pty Ltd.

Provides customer satisfaction software that allows you to measure customer satisfaction and identify unhappy customers. It features unlimited surveys, company branding, CRM syncing, API accounts, sub accounts, feedback performance benchmarking, testimonial generation, and more. It offers social sharing feature, which allows your customers to share their positive feedback with their social media connections.

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Provides free and easy-to-use online survey creation software that allows you to gather user feedback and data easily. It features online survey, feedback forum, user satisfaction, feedback inbox, social click map, newsletter signup, and more. The user satisfaction feature allows you to compare with other websites, compare satisfaction over time, and monitor satisfaction results.

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By Inc.

Provides net promoter score and customer loyalty management software that allows you to increase renewals and grow your business. It features quick campaign creation, unlimited campaigns, survey reminders, unlimited in-app responses, data export, real-time customer insights, and trend analysis. The software helps you to engage your promoters, predict customer behavior, identify detractors, and beat the competition.

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By Survicate sp. z o.o.

Provides customer feedback software that allows you to conduct targeted insight surveys and improve your business results. It features lead capture forms, custom segment targeting, lead alerts, API access, dedicated widget design, insight surveys, dedicated success manager, and more. It offers third-party integrations with various marketing tools, including MailChimp, Google Analytics, GetReponse, and HubSpot.

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By USWebStyle, Inc

Provides feedback, help desk, and knowledge base software that allows you to gather ideas and feedback from your customers. It features self-service community, email requests, social networks, live chat, restful API, widgets, private requests, custom fields and requests, agent dashboard, and more. It offers customized reports and analytics, with response time estimation and best agent selection.

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