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The innovation and use of customer success software is based on the idea that instead of spending a lot of money getting new customers, businesses should focus more on keeping their existing customers satisfied and happy. These software are designed such that they can predict whether a customer will continue using your services, or quit, based on their past behavior and satisfaction rate. Customer success software applications are becoming very popular among industries and organizations that are genuinely concerned about the retention of their existing customers.

Here are some of the most widely used customer success software platforms.



By Preact, Inc.

Preact customer success solution allows companies to predict customers’ health and behavior to prevent losing customer and drive more revenue. Preact’s big data, behavioral science, and machine learning tools make it easy for organizations to easily estimate smart real-time consumer behavior data to ensure higher, data-driven customer success. It provides actionable insights to teams and company employees about customer behavior to ensure more customer satisfaction and retention rate.

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By Totango, Inc

Totango customer retention and success software is used by organizations to design customer success campaigns to reduce churn and increase business upsells. The software allows users to send automatic, relevant messages based on customer behavior, provide right information and training when needed, keep track and help customers along their journey, measure business goals, and much more. Totango’s customer success intelligence system provides detailed customer behavior, health data, and meaningful insights.

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By Gainsight Inc.

Gainsight is enterprise customer success software that offers tools, technologies and practices for organizations to retain customers and build healthier relationships with them. It offers a simple yet innovative platform that gives detailed insights into customer behavior data, including customer analytics to keep track of churn, active and at risk customers, customer health tracking, alerts & notifications, and more. The software is designed with the aim to lead the world in customer success.

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Autosend is a complete customer retention and success solution that allows teams and businesses to keep live-track of customers’ activity on the website and send timely messages, in-app alerts, emails, and surveys to convert and retain them. Autosend software is suitable for eCommerce, SaaS, and subscription companies. It can be embedded into any website or application to track customer behavior and talk to them in real-time.

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Evergage is a cloud-based customer success platform that can be used to reduce churn and retain existing customers and also to onboard and train new customers. The software supports in-app messaging and surveys to reinforce value and trust into customers and solve their issues in real-time. Evergage offers in-depth customer behavioral data and analytics for marketers and product managers to identify customer needs and ensure high level of success.

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Amity customer success software allows users to access and manage multiple consumer accounts, subscriptions, and data from a single customizable platform. The software is designed such that it can sense risks and opportunities in advance, tracks customers’ behavior, automates time-consuming tasks, and recommends the right action when needed. Amity software is built for customer success managers to senses, act, measure, and automate the process.

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By Bluenose Analytics

Bluenose proactive customer success solution is designed to help businesses reduce churn, grow revenue, and create customers for lifetime. The software features several tools such as early warning system, multiple marketing campaigns, integrated playbooks, and more to allow SaaS businesses to effectively manage their customers. Bluenose offers complete visibility into customer data and activity with tools to optimize the behavior and ensure more success.

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By ServiceSource International, Inc.

ServiceSource is a customer success management solution that helps companies manage and retain existing customers and reduce churn rates. The software offers many tools and applications to monitor customer health, engage customers with the right message at the right time, reinforce trust into the product or service, and get valuable user feedbacks. ServiceSource provides high customer success rate by analyzing and engaging consumers in real-time.

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By CustomerGauge/Directness BV

CustomerGauge is a customer feedback analysis and success tool based on Net Promoter system designed to help teams and business professionals increase consumer growth. CustomerGauge works separately at each role in the organization, such as helping CX professionals improve customer experience, allowing management to manage the growth of existing customers, and making sales executives focus more on existing customers. Other services include customer feedbacks, employee engagement, and more.

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By ClientSuccess, Inc.

ClientSuccess’s customer success management solution helps SaaS businesses reduce churn and increase sales revenue by offering high customer satisfaction rate. The software offers a unique, personalized platform to ensure success of every customer. It assigns dedicated key contact, IT contact, and other help executives to every customer to ensure high satisfaction rates. In addition to that, ClientSuccess also offers actionable insights and analytics into customers’ behavior to help understand them.

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By The Extraordinaries, Inc.

Sparked is a customer management and retention platform that helps companies maintain their existing customers with high success rates. It offers machine learning tools to help predict customer behavior and future with the company, reduce churn, and ensure high level of customer success and retention. Sparked allows business professionals to keep track of all customer activities, health, behavior, issues, and churn rate from a single platform.

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By Cloud Cherry Pte Ltd.

Cloudcherry is a cloud-based customer management and retention solution that helps businesses measure customer behavior and delight in real-time, accept feedbacks and derive actionable insights, and increase customer satisfaction rate with NPS surveys. Cloudcherry is an ideal customer success solution for small & medium-sized businesses and enterprises that want to track customer journey and behavior to improve customer engagement and growth rate.

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By Mobius Solutions, Ltd.

Optimove is customer retention software based on predictive micro-segmentation technology that automates personalized campaign execution throughout the customer lifecycle to increase value and growth. It allows businesses to find out and try the campaigns able to convert website visitors into paying customers. It also offers customer behavior data to analyze and identify those who are about to leave and take appropriate action to increase retention.

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By Windsor Circle, Inc.

WindsorCircle customer retention automation platform allows client success managers to analyze retail data and predict marketing campaigns for high customer retention. The software can easily integrate with organization’s existing eCommerce, email marketing, and analytics campaigns to analyze user data and behavior throughout the customer lifecycle. WindsorCircle offers tools, retention metrics, automated retention marketing, and customer segmentation to create greater customer success & increase ROI.

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Retention Science is a customer retention tool that helps organizations leverage the existing customer data to develop more intelligent marketing tools for customer success and retention. The software integrates an intelligent technology to empower marketing tools with greater customer insights and predictions. Retention Science technology makes use of advanced metrics such as purchase probability, retention score, and customer future value to analyze customers and see into their future.

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Exchange Solutions

By Exchange Solutions, Inc.

Exchange Solutions is an intelligent customer engagement tool that offers and implements many engagement programs to increase acquisition and retention, and drive profitability for customers. It makes use of individual incentives to suffice the needs of one customer at a time and close behavioral gaps. Some of Exchange Solutions benefits include lower churn rate, increase conversion, increased referrals, lower service cost per customer, increased purchase frequency, greater wallet share, and high customer success rate.

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By Retently LLC

Retently Sentiment is a leading SaaS product for measuring and improving customer satisfaction using the Net Promoter Score framework. With this platform, you can send a net promoter score survey to your clients and start gathering, analyzing and acting on the received customer feedback. Improve customers' experience with your business - analyze and close the feedback loop by contacting the clients to resolve the reported issues.

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