Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is an exclusive access to the dedicated web server of a hosting company along with software and internet connection. This type of hosting is usually recommended for big websites and organizations that need a personal server to manage and run complex operations. Dedicated hosting service offers several benefits including high performance, security, complete control and stability. Dedicated Server is relatively costlier than shared hosting and therefore, is used mainly by high traffic websites.

Here are some of the best Dedicated Server Hosting providers on the internet that you can choose from.



By Rackspace US, Inc.

Rackspace managed dedicated hosting has been designed for complex businesses and websites that experience high traffic. With your hosting package, you get fully managed dedicated and virtualized servers with the software and hardware of your choice. Choose from Rapid Deployment Servers or Customizable Dedicated Servers as per your business needs of RAM, processor, no. of socketsyou’re your budget. Common features include hardware firewall, backups, monitoring and full-time customer support.

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By Hebergement Ovh Inc

OVH Professional dedicated servers have been designed to meet your business needs of a dedicated hosting server for the best performance. Your dedicated server gives you many options including enterprise hosting for your websites & applications, shared hosting within your dedicated hosting account, game hosting, multi-level infrastructure, files storage, up to 512 GB of RAM with HG Big data, 500 GB backup storage, over 90 preinstalled tools and expert support.

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By SoftLayer Technologies. Inc.

Softlayer specializes in dedicated cloud-based servers designed to serve the needs of big websites with high user base. Choose from bare metal servers or virtual servers as per your website needs of storage and flexibility or you can choose both. Since all services are integrated on a single platform, you can easily switch from one to another. Select the storage, RAM and cores you need for your dedicated server along with hour or monthly plans.

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By Media Temple, Inc.

If your website or business is booming and you need more room to grow, you can choose Mediatemple dedicated hosting that allows you to have your own personal server with the ability to host as many websites and applications as you want. All dedicated servers are featured with managed services (bare metal or white-glove hosting), 128GB RAM, 1TB SSD storage, up to 99.999% uptime, VPS flexibility and control.

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By Liquid Web Inc

LiquidWeb Managed Dedicated Server Solutions allow you to get a completed dedicated server of your own to host and manage your business applications and websites in the virtual environment. All dedicated servers have been configured and customized with the features of 24x7 Proactive Sonar Monitoring, single and multi processors, 100% network uptime, ServerSecure server hardening, SSD RAID 1 primary drives and heroic customer support.

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By Hetzner Online GmbH

Hetzner hosting service gives you many dedicated server options including Serverbidding, Dedicated Servers AX, Servers EX, Servers PX, etc. The features of each server vary with the price. Choose your own dedicated server hosting with the plans and features your business/ website might need. All dedicated hosting plans are bundled with common features including free support & documentation, min. 99% network uptime, additional backup space, etc.

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By LeaseWeb CDN B.V.

LeaseWeb dedicated hosting servers are fully-customizable to allow you to modify your server to match your website or application needs. The main benefits of this dedicated server hosting is that all processing power is yours and only you get to decide how and where to use this power. Available in many options including single, dual or quad processor servers, LeaseWeb hosting features noise-free environment, fast deployment, customizable RAM, SSD hard drives and bandwidth options.

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By BSB Service GmbH

Server4You dedicated servers give you a dedicated hosting platform with up to 32 GB RAM, 6000 GB SSD/HDD storage and multiple cores for a powerful performance always. You can host a simple website, more than one websites, any application or games on your dedicated server without being interrupted by unwanted technical issues. Other features include free support, unlimited traffic, global servers, green data center and no minimum contract.

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By Hostway Services, Inc.

Hostway is your way to a perfect customizable managed dedicated server hosting developed for online businesses and applications. If you are running an online business and want a dedicated server for your website or group of applications, Hostway is a nice option for you. The server you rent is mounted on a high-capacity network and is dedicated only for your service with the promise to keep your websites and applications always up and running.

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By DataCamp Limited is a high-performance dedicated server provider focusing on providing high bandwidth server infrastructures to businesses worldwide. Each server is packed with 10GE ushared ports with the possibility of having up to 40Gbps unmetered bandwidth per server. Services are available at 12 datacenter locations worldwide. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer support available 24/7/365 across multiple communication channells. Our service is also available in a 7-day trial for $99. All trials feature servers with latest Intel CPU and SSD storage along with a 10Gbps unmetered bandwidth plan.

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By SingleHop, LLC.

SingleHop dedicated virtual servers and on-demand bare metal servers are available in multiple options to suit the needs of every business type. Server deployment is quite fast and you get your dedicated server running within hours of your purchase. Power up your website and business applications with your own dedicated server that comes featured with high processing power, up to 16 GB of RAM, 10TB bandwidth, 1TB storage and many more features.

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By Hivelocity Ventures Corporation

HiVelocity lets you build your own dedicated server with the configuration you desire including software, hardware and storage choice. Servers are available with multiple options, with single, dual and quad processors, up to 32GB or RAM, 600GB SSD & up to 2TB SATA storage and over 100TB transfer capability. You can choose from pre-built server and can customize it to meet your business needs.

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Limestone Networks

By Limestone Networks, Inc.

Limestone Networks offers bare-metal dedicated servers for the maximum performance and reliable hosting service. The superior hosting infrastructure is powered by Cisco network and ensures fast deployment, lowest latency and secure hosting. Other features include DDoS Protection for all servers, robust control panel manageable anywhere on any device, up to 512 GB RAM, 32 cores, 6 hard drives with 4TB storage per drive and 10TB bandwidth.

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By ServerMania Inc.

ServerMania dedicated hosting is famous for its affordable dedicated servers that are featured with the most powerful hosting infrastructure. Dedicated servers are available in multiple options such as, single, and dual processors, RAM options from 16 GB to 64 GB, up to 20 cores, 1TB SATA and 20 GB SSD storage space and full DDOS protection. All servers are fully-customizable and can be integrated with multiple add-ons and upgraded options.

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By Peer 1 Network (USA), Inc.

Peer1 is not just a dedicated server hosting platform, but it is a service that makes sure that clients get exactly what they were expecting. Apart from a fully dedicated server of your desired configuration, Peer1 gives you a fill-time technical support team that will install, manage and monitor your server so that you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

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By Dacentec, Inc.

Dacentec dedicated servers allow you to host your sensitive data, websites and applications on a secure and powerful hosting server that is completely dedicated for your business. No matter how much traffic your website is getting, your server will always be ready for top-notch performance. You can even configure your dedicated server with up to 48GB of RAM, up to 4TB storage and hardware and software options to meet your business demands.

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Codero dedicated servers have been optimized with the exceptional service of their support team. Their dedicated servers and even more dedicated service ensure client satisfaction and top-notch performance for clients’ websites and applications. Other out-of-box features include 24/7/365 US based expert support, 100% Uptime Guarantee, high performance, fast server deployment, up to 384GB RAM, 3.7GHz speed, 30TB Outgoing & Unlimited Incoming Bandwidth and fully customizable infrastructure.

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By ServerPronto, Inc.

ServerPronto powerful dedicated servers offer 24/7 support and 100% uptime guarantee for all clients around the world. Starting from the basic plan that comprises dual-core processor, 2GB RAM, 250GB SATA storage and 1.9 GHz speed, the features only go higher and higher. All dedicated servers are customizable to meet the requirements and business needs of clients. Tech support experts are there help you with all your questions and doubts.

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By Choopa, LLC.

Choopa dedicated servers are available in multiple options so that you can choose a plan as per your business needs. Once you choose a plan, you can optimize it anytime to add more features and configurations to meet the demands of your growing business. You get to choose the hardware, software, RAM, Storage space, bandwidth, speed and more functions to design your own personalized dedicated server.

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Quadranet dedicated servers feature enterprise-class hardware, secure private VLANs, 10GE network infrastructure, public & private networks, KVM over IP on all servers, SATA, SAS, and SSD storage, remote power control, over 140Gbit/s of capacity, adjustable NICs, 10TB transfer and locally hosted OS repositories. Servers are available in multiple options such as single or multiprocessor, with RAM up to 16GB, 500GB SATA storage and high bandwidth servers.

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By ServerBeach LTD.

ServerBeach offers you multiple dedicated server options to choose from. You can purchase a basic server and configure it as per your need or can purchase a pre-configured high performance server. Some of the features included in all servers are dedicated VPS, Datacenter choice, 24x7x365 customer service, FastFiber Network Backbone for better network performance, minimal latency, 100% network uptime SLA, 10Gb / OC-192 network architecture and personal account manager.

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DFT Data Centers

By DuPont Fabros Technology

DFT is a leading owner, developer, operator and manager of enterprise-class, carrier neutral, large multi-tenant wholesale data centers. The company's facilities are designed to offer highly specialized, efficient and safe computing environments in a low-cost operating model. DFT's customers outsource their mission critical applications and include national and international enterprises across numerous industries, such as technology, Internet content providers, media, communications, cloud providers, healthcare and financial services.

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24Shells dedicated server hosting solutions are known for premium quality and support. Our affordable dedicated servers are backed Tier IV datacenter infrastructure and premium tier I carriers like Level3, Telia, Zayo and Cogent. We have dedicated servers from 4 core cpu to 40 cores, bandwidth options from 1gbps to 10gbps. All dedicated servers can be customized for your requirement.

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