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If you are running an online business with a global audience, your audience is spreading everywhere on the internet. In order to reach them, you have to pick between millions of websites and various different channels just to find the right audience for your business. This process can be complicated, and it may not be cost-effective for your marketing investment. 

The demand side platform helps you to improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy by providing a media buying platform that you can use to buy and sell ads automatically, with real-time adjustment based on your marketing performance. This helps to simplify the process of finding the right audience for your business, as well as minimizes the advertising costs that you need to spend in order to reach them.



By AppNexus Inc.

AppNexus provides independent DSP advertising software for businesses, which helps you to maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaign, investment, and monetization. It features yield management platform, Yieldex analytics, open AdStream, YieldexDirect, AppNexus console, Twixt, AppNexus Cloud, and AppNexus Services. The software is built on AppNexus open platform which allows the customers to scale and grow their marketing campaign as needed.

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Adform provides demand side platform for local data and audience targeting, with premium publishers and inventory. It features audience re-targeting, cookie list, third-party data integration, keyword-based targeting, context-based targeting, and multiple device reach. The reporting and metrics allow you to see all your marketing data in your dashboard, with real-time performance, cross-screen attribution, and APIs.

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By Mediamath, Inc.

MediaMath helps marketers to activate their audience data, automate their marketing process, and optimize all their audience interaction with TerminalOne Marketing Operating System. The goal-based marketing allows you to achieve your marketing goal with real-time dynamic response from the software. The TerminalOne Marketing OS allows you to use new marketing technology and increase the effectiveness of your workflow and marketing cost.

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Buyer Cloud

By The Rubicon Project, Inc.

Buyer Cloud provides the platform that can be used by brands to find and reach their audience with their marketing message, as well as build brand engagement, acquire more customers, and deliver real results. The software helps you to build brand awareness, find new customers, target specific individuals, and target specific site visitors. It features intent marketing, guaranteed orders, and various third-party integrations.

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Turn provides digital hub technology for marketers, which helps you to maximize the success of your ad campaign with combination of integrated platforms, powerful technology, and one ecosystem. It features audience suite, campaign suite, analytics, global reach and scale, real-time intelligence and insight, and cloud processing power. The Turn ecosystem offers platform partners, alliance partners, and vendors.

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The Trade Desk

By The Trade Desk, Inc.

The Trade Desk provides media buying platform with omni-channel buying capabilities designed specifically for the most sophisticated advertisers. It features omni-channel targeting, data management platform, enterprise APIs, HD reporting, advanced TV, cross-device reach, multi-channel real-time buying, and mobile reach. It offers household extension feature, which includes re-targeting expansion, multi-device re-targeting, performance prospecting, and cost-effective bid factoring.

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By Xaxis, Inc.

Xaxis Prime provides a demand side platform that helps publishers and advertisers to reach their audience and scale their marketing process. It features Xaxis Social, Xaxis Ad Labs, programmatic display, Xaxis Reach, dynamic re-targeting, Xaxis Places, Xaxis Mobile, Xaxis Sync, programmatic TV, and Xaxis Marketplace. It helps you to target audience across premium inventory, using the biggest and best publishers to reach your audience and buy premium ads with lower rates.

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PocketMath provides real-time bidding platform designed for mobile advertisers, which allows you to buy advertising in various mobile platforms and devices. It features real-time analytics, exploratory interface, mobile re-targeting, worldwide reach, cherry-pick publishers, and API access. This platform allows you to select various targeting parameters, such as location, mobile OS, device, category, apps, time scheduling, ISP, and internet network.

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Rocket Fuel

By Rocket Fuel Inc

Rocket Fuel provides programmatic advertising and media buying platform with a unique moment-scoring approach, which allows you to recognize moments that help to achieve your marketing goals. It helps you to take control of your ad campaigns, deliver high marketing performance, and gain a competitive advantage. The data management feature allows you to build sophisticated audience, get the full customer insights, and plan the next best marketing strategy.

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Millennial Media

By Millennial Media Inc.

Millennial Media provides mobile advertising solutions for performance marketers, brands, and agencies, with targeting, creative ad formats, and measurement. The self-serve advertising offers various tools, such as campaign control, conversion tracking, robust targeting, and creative ad builder. The performance marketing solution allows you to meet your objectives, such as lead generation, re-targeting, lifetime value, and user acquisition.

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By DataXu, Inc.

This is a programmatic advertising platform that helps you to use your marketing data to create more efficient media investments and maximize your marketing ROI. It features unified data view, Active Analytics, as well as actions and engagements report delivered in one simple cloud platform. It offers OneView, a valuable tool that allows you to manage cross-device data, measurement, and targeting, with 100% control and visibility.

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By BrightRoll Inc

Offers a demand side platform with programmatic buying technology for various channels, including display, video, and native advertising. The software helps you to reach the largest audience base, gain insights on your customersí interests and activities, reach your customers anywhere, and consolidate your digital advertising purchase. The software allows you to optimize your marketing performance and increase your workflow efficiency in four steps: planning, targeting, optimization, and reporting.

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By RadiumOne, Inc.

RadiumOne provides a demand side platform and channel marketing software that help you to enable the delivery of optimized ads in real time across various channels. It features data management platform, demand side platform, patented audience amplification algorithm (ShareGraph), and real-time data acquisition platform. ShareGraph is a proprietary tool that helps you to find and identify new audience segment based on your current audience, and expand your marketing automatically based on the audience behavior.

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By Live Intent Inc

LiveIntent provides a programmatic ad buying platform that allows you to reach engaged audience worldwide, with powerful advertising technology. For buyers, it allows you to advertise to real audiences for your product, display advertisements with higher standards, and set your own goals and budget. For sellers, it allows you to monetize your best audience, sell ads based on your goals, and simplify your display advertisements in email.

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By AdGear Technologies Inc.

AdGear provides real-time ad platform that allows you to reach new audiences in mobile, display, and video channels, with real-time cloud infrastructure. It offers various features, including full-tunnel attribution, real-time reporting, rich media advertising, cross-device and cross-channel advertising, and real-time bidding. The software helps you to deliver ads quickly across platforms, instantly use the platform in your marketing process, and reach potential customers around the world.

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Offers a programmatic advertise and media buying platform with cross-channel activation and real-time brand intelligence. The brand intelligence feature helps you to optimize your brand marketing, with brand insights and benchmarking, industry dashboard, content intelligence and trend discovery, heatmap view, and content stream view. The content ads platform allows you to deliver high-impact messaging, create engaging call to action, and increase customer interaction.

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By Simplifi Holdings, Inc.

Simplifi provides a localized programmatic advertising platform that helps you to optimize your audience in real time, maximize the performance of your ad campaigns, and be the top digital advertiser for your audience. It features audience creation, audience optimization, audience understanding, audience expansion, campaign management, APIs, search re-targeting, site re-targeting, and contextual targeting. It also offers Facebook Ad Exchange, with unstructured data targeting, element level, and massive scale.

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By Fiksu, Inc.

Fiksu provides mobile demand side platform with real-time buying feature that allows you to achieve your mobile marketing goals. The software offers various benefits, including marketing goal achievement, premium inventory, fraud protection, and DMP integration. There are various mobile ad formats that you can use with this platform, including native ad, interstitial advertisement, banners, and video.

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By IgnitionOne, Inc.

IgnitionOne provides integrated media buying platform that helps to handle complex marketing data with simplified marketing technology. The marketing hub dashboard allows you to view all of your marketing data in a single view, which gives you the insights of your marketing efforts, audience response, and your marketing reach. The channel management feature includes various advertising channels that you can use for your marketing, including search, display, social, website, and email.

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By Avazu Inc.

Avazu provides one of the largest demand side platforms in the world that offers effective re-targeting, large database of potential audience, innovative media exchange, and customized ad creative. The Avazu Mobile DSP allows you to buy advertising for various mobile platforms, with 100% self-service, 100% transparency, massive global inventory, and the leading machine learning engine. It also offers Avazu Network, with strategic pricing, brand control, audience-centric media buying, and large scale audience.

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By StackAdapt Inc.

StackAdapt provides native advertising demand side platform designed for enterprises, with engagement optimization and branded content discovery. The software helps you to reach your target audience and understand the impact of your content. It offers various tools and workflow automation, including linked accounts, API integration, white-labeling, third-party reporting access, and revenue tracking, which help you to streamline your marketing process and increase your marketing efficiency.

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By Merchenta Limited

Merchenta provides white-label DSP programmatic advertising platform designed specifically for marketers and agencies, which help you to boost your sales and improve your customer engagement. It features real-time dashboard, personalized ads, global audience reach, eCommerce re-targeting, day parting algorithm, campaign optimization, client reporting dashboard, and advanced bidding. It also offers a dynamic Facebook ads feature, which is integrated to Facebook Exchange, allowing you to re-target audience with dynamic and static ads.

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By The Content Annex, LLC

Bluagile provides self-serve real-time buying ad platform that gives you access to billions of mobile and web impressions worldwide. It features real-time bidding, real-time statistics, maximum reach, global inventory, conversion tracking, frequency capping, day parting, and budget pacing. It allows you to target your audience on various channels, including re-targeting, demographics, contextual, geographic, device, domain, browser, and operating system.

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Specific Media

By Specific Media LLC

This company provides people-based media buying platform that allows you to target your audience based on their purchase history, reach millions of worldwide audience, and reach your customers directly without using cookies. It offers various advertising solutions, including people-based advertising, cross-device advertising, TV targeting, offline verticals, and people-based DSP. Your ads can be delivered in various channels, including display, video, mobile, smart TV, Rome, and audio.

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By ExactDrive, Inc

This is an online self-serve advertising platform that allows you to simplify, optimize, verify, analyze, and coordinate your marketing data in one integrated platform. It features search targeting, video advertising, re-targeting, real-time media buying, mobile advertising, Facebook advertising, behavioral targeting, and categorical advertising. The software allows you to select your audience based on demographics and geography, put the details of your advertising strategy, and pick your own publisher websites.

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By Cadreon, LLC

Cadreon provides digital marketing platform that helps you to reach the most profitable audience with the integration of data, intelligence, inventory, and technology. The platform works by incorporating four main phases of advertising: audience discovery, audience acquisition, audience validation, as well as insights and optimization. It allows you to identify the right audience for your business, measure your offline sales impact, and deliver impressive ROI.

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By AcuityAds Inc.

Acuity is a programmatic marketing platform with real-time data optimization, brand safety technology, and screen agnostic platform. For marketers, this platform allows you to reach your target audience across all screens, get unparalleled analytics for your campaigns, and simplify the complicated DSP technology. For agencies, the platform helps you to increase your clientís trust, simplify your job, and provide better brand safety for the peace of mind of your clients.

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Offers a platform that helps marketers to invest more effectively in various programmatic digital media. It features real-time bidding, real-time reporting, audience building and buying, re-targeting, optimization, independent end-to-end technology stack, and superior infrastructure. There are various advanced features being offered as well, including built-in optimization, brand safety measures, tag support, and private marketplaces.

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Accordant Media

By Accordant Media, LLC

The company offers a programmatic media advertising platform, with transparency, proprietary technology, and brand safety management. It offers various programmatic media channels, including display, video, mobile, social, email, in-stream audio, out-of-home, and addressable TV. It allows you to simplify your marketing and improve your marketing success, with phased engagement, competitive advantage, ad buying transparency, and proprietary algorithm.

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By G4 Native Inc

G4Native offers personalized advertising and native re-targeting solution that allows you to deliver your personalized ads directly via the content that your customers value the most. It offers flexible technology and world-class service, with data management platform, real-time buying enabled, sophisticated feed processing, as well as technology and performance at scale. The Otto Learning Algorithm allows you to optimize your ads by post-click conversion, optimize ad price to increase ROI, and identify high-converting potential customers.

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By Taykey Inc.

Taykey is a DSP that delivers your ads based on what is trending for your audience. The software works in five steps: build your audience, detect trends, connect accounts, manage campaigns, and monitor campaigns with intelligence dashboard. The intelligence dashboard offers various information, including recurring trends, unpredictable trends, exploring trends, and dynamic audiences.

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By 1Advertising Global GmbH.

1Advertising is one of the leading Europe based DSP (demand-side platform) engaged in mobile advertising. The company is based in Germany and offers cutting-edge self-service platform where you can get the most advanced targeted traffic from various premium publishing sources. The platform is also a certified provider of many advertising platforms such as DoubleClick, AppNexus, Rubicon, AOL, Smaato and many others. With help of the platform you can receive a priority seat in real time bidding on our premium publisher’s pool.

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