Disaster Recovery Services

Whenever disasters, natural events and accidents disturb business activities, companies get to lose their money; how much they lose is based on how prepared the companies are to deal with such problems. A well-practiced, properly planned and reliable disaster recovery solution from a reputable service provider can help the companies in terms backup, recovery and business continuity.

Some of the most reliable and reputable DR solutions providers for businesses to select from after proper research and evaluation:

VMware disaster recovery is a solution that provides businesses the capability for protecting their mission-critical and onsite business workloads and recovering them in the same when there is a disruptive or disaster event. It offers affordable, simple defense for its clients in the cloud for their vSphere environment. It employs a unique set of procedures and policies for enabling the continuation or recovery of important technology systems and infrastructure.

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The Cloud Resiliency services from Seagate offer protection for vital applications and systems from disasters. It guarantees quick recovery and ongoing system continuity. Seagate replicates its clients’ systems in the cloud in real-time. The Seagate Disaster Recovery services protect applications and data on critical platforms like Windows, AIX, VMware, NetApp and Red Hat Linux. It helps organizations by protecting and recovering their systems in its top-tier, geo-redundant data centers.

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Acronis Disaster Recovery

By Acronis International GmbH

Acronis Disaster Recovery Service is a business continuity solution which protects as well as restores servers, data or whole data centers facing man-made or natural disasters. It can replicate and back up its clients’ systems in to onsite appliances and in the cloud. During outages, Acronis can recover & restart the systems locally or in its cloud, so clients can continue to provide services to their external and internet constituents.

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Carbonite provides simple yet powerful solutions for always-on personal and business data protection. For users who need their data assets to be always available and safe, Carbonite provides proven archiving, backup and recovery solutions. Unlike conventional recovery service providers, it harnesses contemporary hybrid and cloud technologies for providing enterprise-level protection for clients. The data protection services from Carbonite combine rapid recovery, anywhere, anytime recovery and advanced backup.

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By Commvault Systems, Inc.

Commvault’s information management and data protection solutions assist organizations in protecting, accessing and using all their data anytime and anywhere as powerful assets. The integrated, automatic data protection solution from Commvault provides users a complete view of their data in the cloud and on premise. It allows users to backup their databases, endpoints, VMs, applications and files with utmost efficiency according to recovery profile and data type.

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StorageCraft Recovery Solution

By StorageCraft Technology Corporation

The StorageCraft Recovery Solution is a set of services and software which helps users to recover everywhere, every time – whether their IT environment is physical or virtual, Linux or Windows. It serves an important part of users’ overall business continuity graph by defending their applications, data and systems from disasters of any size. It also duplicates clients’ backups, making it available when the local backup is destroyed.

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By Netmagic Solutions Private Limited

NetMagic offers IT disaster recovery services that can enable organizations to stay prepared for getting their businesses on feet in the event of man-made or natural disasters and unforeseen events; so clients can stay focused on what important to them – their customers and their business. The disaster recovery team at NetMagic works with its clients for providing uninterrupted services even when disasters strike their production sites.

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NetIQ Disaster Recovery

By Micro Focus International plc

NetIQ is an IT disaster recover service provider which bridges the gap between low-cost tape backup and expensive downtime solutions. It protects its customers’ workloads through mirroring-like performance. The IT disaster recovery solution from NetIQ allows organizations to meet or exceed their RTOs and RPOs, at a reasonable price which lets them protect more servers at low costs. NetIQ also helps organizations to protect their virtual and physical server workloads.

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Iron Mountain

By Iron Mountain Incorporated

Iron Mountain is leading is leading disaster recovery services provider that offers information and storage management services. It provides solutions like document management, secure shredding, data management and records management which help organizations in complying with regulations, lowering storage costs and recovering from disasters for business advantage. Iron Mountain stores and protects tons of data including backup tapes, medical data, business documents and electronic files.

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Sunguard AS

By Sungard Availability Services LP

Sunguard AS provides an intelligent approach towards business resiliency. It protects data and recovers its clients’ computer infrastructure. The comprehensive and flexible IT disaster recovery services offered by Sunguard AS work with hybrid systems and complex issues for scaling up and down depending on clients’ requirements addressing a complete range of RTOs and RPOs. IT helps businesses by optimizing its customers’ recovery for unleashing new services and opportunities for growth.

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By Unitrends, Inc.

Unitrends provides its clients with excellent business continuity services. It automates and orchestrates application-specific testing for making sure that the recovery metrics are sustained throughout multiple tiered applications. Unitrends also assures recovery with one hundred percent automatic disaster recovery, testing and fallback. It also assists the clients by creating recovery points which match business recovery policies. Moreover, it enables fully automated, non-disruptive DR testing for its clients.

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By Arcserve (USA) LLC

Arcserve offers a single, comprehensive, scalable unified data protection solution which eliminates the requirement for complicated layers of IT disaster recovery a backup solution. It helps companies by providing them with incredibly simple, extremely reliable and lightning-fast business continuity solution. Arcserve serves its customers by proving recovery and backup services for both virtual and physical servers, along with onsite and offsite disaster recovery testing services.

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By Zerto Ltd.

Zerto associates with established cloud service providers across the world for offering reliable disaster recovery and business continuity services which enable organizations for protecting product applications in the cloud and to the cloud. It offers a secure platform for cloud-based, non-intrusive services for public, private and hybrid clouds. With Zerto in place, businesses will be able to enjoy the benefits of flexibility and cloud automation.

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By Zetta, Inc.

Zetta provides its customers with CloudDRaaS, an IT DR solution which can enable them to spin up their virtual and physical servers, network ecosystems and applications in the cloud, so that they can continue running their business workflows, reducing potential impacts of disasters. Zetta, through it DR services, helps users in browsing server image backups or directories and recovering files to or from anywhere through web browsers.

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Expedient offers a broad range of managed services like cloud computing, equipment management, disaster recovery, remote backups, virtualization, and storage area networks. By combining these services with redundant and reliable data centers, Expedient provides managed services and colocation network services to different types of industries. The disaster recovery solution from Expedient helps organizations to stay away from single point of failure issues through its distributed and redundant data centers.

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Data Foundry

By Data Foundry, Inc.

Data Foundry is a leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions provider to businesses that need multi-site redundancy, private fiber connectivity or dedicate office space through its customized DR deployments. In the event of a disaster, clients can have secure and private fiber connectivity between their site and their DR site. Data Foundry is also a colocation provider and it supports multiple site DR deployments.

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Quest Disaster Recovery

By Quest Media & Supplies, Inc.

Quest provides affordable, robust IT disaster recovery services and helps businesses to survive by offering business continuity consulting as well as DR solutions that will assist them through unexpected incidents. It can also help organizations in planning for the unexpected by letting them consider the possibilities. Through its time-tested procedures and processes, Quest guides the clients to implement sensible, cost-effective and ongoing business continuity plan.

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Agility Recovery

By Agility Recovery Solutions

Agility Recovery is a premier organization that provides IT DR solutions for numerous organizations that demand undisturbed business continuity. The experts at Agility Recovery work with the clients to come up with an effective disaster recovery plan. Agility comes in to the scene to deliver whatever organizations require for getting back up and running that includes; power, office space, operating systems, servers, internet access, computers and a lot more.

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By Bluelock, LLC

Bluelock offers IT disaster recovery services for sensitive data and complex environments for helping businesses to mitigate high risks with confidence. It provides organizations with resilient cloud services and supports them with unique requirements. The Bluelock Recovery Assurance, an exclusive program from Bluelock assures expert-tailored, comprehensively tested and secure DR services to organizations. It excels in offering insights to business and IT leaders for helping companies make intelligent business decisions.

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By Axcient Incorporated

Axcient is a new kind of cloud platform which helps businesses by keeping critical applications up and running, making sure that infrastructures don’t go down and eliminating data loss. It replaces the traditional DR hardware and software, backup and business continuity solutions. It also helps companies by reducing the cost of expensive copy data in businesses. In simple words, Axcient can make companies eliminate risks, increase productivity and reduce costs.

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By Cosentry, Inc.

Cosentry is a trusted data center service provider that offers solutions which will help companies in concentrating on the core businesses, while the IT infrastructure operates at a great level of security, reliability and performance. Cosentry has great experience in offering data center services that include managed services, colocation and cloud hosting. It operates as its clients’ local partners for understanding their business to provide customer-specific solutions.

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True North's Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that should an interruption of your network services occur, you’ll be back up and running quickly. Their backup & disaster recovery services protect data both onsite and offsite through server imaging in the cloud via their hybrid and private cloud services, providing network and data redundancy at True North’s secure data centers. They have a unique position as a nationally recognized disaster recovery provider with access to highly trained information technology security consultants delivers recovery expertise in the event of a crisis.

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