Domain Parking Services


Sedo Parking

By Sedo GmbH

Sedo Domain Parking is an online domain parking and monetization service that lets you buy and park domains to make easy money without doing much. The service simply allows domain owners to make money from their unused domains by displaying relevant advertisements. Each time an advertisement is clicked, the owner earns money. Sedo also gives you the facility to resell your idle domains at good prices.



By GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC

CashParking is a popular domain monetization service by It allows domain owners to make money from their domains’ parked pages by using pay-per-click advertising. Once your domain is enlisted for advertising, you get paid for each click. CashParking follows the revenue sharing concept where the owner of a parked domain is paid a certain share of the total revenue. They have multiple domain parking options for different types of users.



By Uniregistry Corp.

Uniregistry is a completed domain parking and selling service that allows users to enlist some or all pages of their domains for parking to earn money with them. Their parking system is extensively tested for performance and ROI. The built-in reporting tool lets you manage and check the status of your parking portfolio. Uniregistry displays relevant ads on your parked domains and pays you revenue for each click received.


By Pty. Ltd. is a domain monetization service that lets you park your unused domains to earn revenues from them. The platform focuses on providing the best RPMs available to make sure that domain owners always get the best advertisements and more revenues from their domains. The AutoPilot feature automatically decides the best monetization system for you and finds the highest RPM channel for your parked domains.


By Domain Name Sales Corp. is a complete domain monetization service that allows users to buy, sell and park domain names and earn money. It is a very popular domain name service where you can purchase a new domain name, sell your existing domain, or even park your unused domain to earn revenue from them. DNS domain monetization platform allows users to choose relevant ads to be displayed on their parked domains.



By Go Daddy Operating Company LLC.

Afternic’s domain parking and monetization platform is used by domain owners to serve ads on idle pages and earn easy revenue. The platform also offers domain selling and buying services. Afternic helps you determine the best ads for your chosen landing pages. It also keyword optimizes these pages to ensure the highest revenue possible. Users get complete control with flexible options to choose templates and ads.



By Team Internet AG

ParkingCrew is a domain monetization system that features a number of tools to ensure the highest earning for users through domain parking. The platform automatically optimizes the performance of your domains based on visitor country, relevancy, search terms, and more. Some of its built-in search tools and options include TLD, Revenues, Templates, Countries, CTR, RPM, String, and many more. It gives users complete control over their domains and system panel.



By Bodis, LLC

Bodis is a domain parking platform that helps users earn money from their unused parked domains. They put relevant advertisements on your parked domains and pay you a share in the revenue. The payments are usually made within 7 days after the end of each month cycle. The inbuilt reporting system lets users keep real-time track of their domains and revenues. There is also a sale option for those who want to earn money by selling domains.


By is a domain parking system that allows domain owners to make money from their domains by using the pay-per-click advertisements. They offer a range of tools for users to easily manage their parked domains and to make the best monetary decisions. has collaboration with some of the most popular search engines to make sure that all user domains get the most relevant ads, the best advertisers, and the highest revenues.


By Pty Ltd domain registration and parking service includes expert tools for users to effectively manage their domains, sales and parking. The website offers high revenue parking program with a very efficient tracking and reporting system that gives you real-time performance reports of all your parked domains. Other parking features include customized templates, color, images and layout, performance optimized landing pages, group domain editing, and many more.



By Rook Media AG

DomainSponsor is a very effective domain parking system that uses an advanced keyword optimization technology to figure out the best keywords for every domain category to ensure maximum revenue. They also personally optimize the landing pages of every domain with automatic lander testing. DomainSponsor domain parking system has also been optimized for mobile traffic to make sure that you do not lose any revenue generating from your mobile visitors.


The Parking Place

By Media Breakaway, LLC

The Parking Place is a domain monetization service that lets you put your parked domains up for advertising to earn revenue shares based on leads. It accepts all types of domains from any category and niche. There is no limit on the number of domains you can park using this service. It supports several types of CPC, CPM and CPA offers to increase revenues and overall payouts.


Rook Media

By Rook Media AG

Rook Media is arguably one of the most popular parking companies in the world. It claims to generate more revenue for its clients than any other parking agency online. It is a full service parking system that includes an auto-optimization to automatically find and put relevant keywords on your page. The platform also includes a range of templates to fit the needs of different domains. Customized sales solutions are there to help you maximize your domain sales.



By Skenzo Ltd

Skenzo is a domain parking company that runs a dedicated domain traffic monetization program to help their clients make money from parked domains. It is a complete parking monetization solution that involves client training and support, domain optimization and expert execution. Skenzo automatically analyzes a domain name for the best category and keywords, and finds out the most relevant commercial advertisements and content for the page.



By ParkLogic Pty Ltd.

ParkLogic is a famous domain management and monetization service that provides various domain optimization and parking tools to its users. It is a complete domain asset management program that not only analyzes the true value of your domain, but also figures out a way to make the maximum money from domain traffic. Other features include a powerful reporting system, professional parking tools, auto domain renewals, SalesForce technology, and more.


Domain Apps

By Domain Apps, LLC

Domain Apps is a domain monetization service that offers tools to customize and park domains to earn more revenue. The platform is suitable for websites and domains from any category, with or without content. It offers a number of tools to allow easy and quick optimization of the domains. Domain Apps parking systems makes sure that your domain’s existing traffic returns the maximum possible revenue for you.


Domain Advertising

Domain Advertising is a domain traffic monetization program designed to help domain owners and publishers earn more revenues from their domain names. The platform offers various services to ensure high revenue and conversions and maximum returns for every listed domain. They use an advanced optimization technology to customize the landing pages. Other features include fast payouts, domain sales, experienced specialist team, innovative landing page structure, effective domain management, etc.



By, LLC.

SmartName domain name parking and monetization platform offers domain parking and selling services to publishers. They offer a variety of tools to help users optimize their domain landing pages for maximum profits. The automated multi-lander testing tool tells you the exact value of your domain and its monetization opportunities. SmartName offers over 500 themes and more than 70 color options for better optimization of your pages.

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