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If you are a medical practitioner, whether you are working alone or working in a medical department, it is important to organize your patient’s data and track their progress effectively. Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is important to help you run your medical practice smoothly. With this software, you can provide your patients with access to their health records any time they need it.

Here are some of the best EHR software that you can use:



By ADP AdvancedMD Software, Inc

AdvancedMD provides all-in-one medical software designed for private practices, which helps you to engage more with your patients and work anywhere. It features autofill charge slip, speech and transcription, role-based views and preferences, user-definable folders, customizable medical plans, automatic patient alert, and more. It offers third-party integrations, including Campaign Manager, ChartLogic, EMA Dermatology, and digiChart.

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Practice Fusion

By Practice Fusion, Inc

Practice Fusion provides free cloud-based electronic health record software that can be used by doctors, patients, and analysts. It features easy charting, paperless intake forms, customizable templates, intuitive e-prescribing, labs and imaging, secure patient portal, simple integrated billing, and more. It offers free implementation fee, free automatic updates, as well as free support and training.



By McKesson Corporation

McKesson provides electronic medical record software solutions that help to improve patients’ clinical outcomes. It features automatic remittance posting, chart summary, diagnosis and procedure tracking, Bright Note Technology, electronic claims processing, financial reporting, patient history, patient portal, scheduling, and syndromic reporting. The software can be used in a medical department with more than 25 physicians.



By Cerner Corporation

Cerner provides acute care electronic media record with an integrated database that helps to provide real-time access and improve patient care. It features alarm management, care team communications, device partners, asset tracking and utilization, and more. The featured solution is called Cerner Smart Room, which transforms a regular hospital room into an interactive healing room.



By Epic Systems Corporation

EpicCare provides ambulatory electronic medical record software that helps to organize patient information and manage your order. It features physician personalization, smart software, intuitive filtering tools, navigator bundle, patient-entered data flows, speech recognition, fast system response time, and more. The software can connect to the hospital via an integrated record, interfaces, and interoperable record exchange.




WebPT provides physical therapy software with documentation, scheduling, practice management, and billing. It features efficient and secure document creation, clinic schedules, automatic reminders, external file upload, detailed reports, Medicare compliance monitoring, claim error reduction, anywhere access, integrated exercise flowsheets, and more. The software can be used for therapist, front office, clinic owner, enterprise, and educator.


Kareo EHR

By Kareo, Inc

Kareo EHR provides free full-featured electronic health record software with simple and intuitive interface. It features a comprehensive dashboard, simple charting, easy e-prescribing, convenient eLabs, electronic superbills, patient portal, secure messaging, ICD-10 ready system, and more. The software is designed for doctors in various specialties, including acupuncture, immunology, anesthesiology, cardiology, chiropractic, dermatology, geriatrics, and others.



By eClinicalWorks, LLC

eClinicalWorks provides award-winning EHR system that helps to improve your business workflow and communicate better with your patients. It features progress note tabs, quick orders, ICD-10 search, eClinicalWorks Scribe, analytics, patient engagement, care planning, and more. It offers revenue cycle management technology with visibility, integrated solution, quick accounts receivable, national rule engine, and billing experts.



By CareCloud Corporation

CareCloud provides healthcare, medical billing, and EHR software that helps you to focus on patient care and get paid quickly. It features cloud economics, beautiful design, open platform, revenue cycle management, practice management, electronic health records, and patient engagement. The software can be used in various specialties, including cardiology, family practice, internal medicine, and gastroenterology.



By HealthFusion, Inc

MediTouch provides EMR/EHR software designed to simplify your practice workflow. It features native iPad app, medical charting, award-winning eRx service, patient portal, drawing, easy data input, lab result management, patient workflow monitoring, e-prescribing modules, and more. It offers a billing functionality, which features RCM, scheduling, charging and posting, denial management, patient billing, and ICD-ready system.


PT Practice Pro

By PT Billing Solution

PT Practice Pro provides practice management and physical therapy EMR software with zero billing delays and zero documentation errors. It features easy billing, automatic scheduling, cloud-based platform, on-the-go EMR, interactive reporting, error-free complaint documentation, and more. It offers physical therapy reporting software, with data-driven analysis, cash flow metrics, clinical measures and productivity, and referral management.


Amazing Chart

By Amazing Charts, LLC

Amazing Chart provides electronic health record software that is affordable and easy to use. It features office flow, scheduling, e-prescribing, messaging, charting, reporting, billing, templates, patient portal, ICD-10 ready system, reconciliation reports, accounts receivable, patient account information, and more. The reconciliation reports include deposit slip, balance before closing, payment analysis, unbilled transaction, and transaction detail.



By Nuesoft® Technologies, Inc

NueMD provides cloud-based EHR, practice management, and medical billing software with secure and easy-to-use platform. It features e-prescribing and e-labs, patient portal, patient chart management, medical billing and scheduling, patient registration, reimbursement management, claim scrubbing, reports and analysis, and more. It features mobile app with charge capture, encounter templates, appointment viewer, and electronic chart management.


WRS Health


WRS Health provides certified web-based EMR, EHR, and practice management software that helps to improve your practice into its full potential. It features automated patient phone reminders, online registration, patient portal, online appointment scheduling, secure patient messaging, and more. It also offers premium services, including in-depth practice analysis consultation, quarterly billing audit, and device integration.



By Meditab Software Inc

Meditab provides online electronic medical record software with accurate and easily accessible data. It features practice management, e-prescribing, care portal practice analysis, mobile solution, personal medical history, immunization status, billing information, medication history, and more. The software can be applied in various specialties, including family practice, diabetology, endocrinology, otolaryngology, internal medicine, pediatrics, and other specialties.



By e-MDs, Inc

e-MDs provides accurate EMR and practice management software, with population health management. It features clinician-friendly medical documentation, existing workflow adaptation, intelligent order entry, third-party integrations, ICD-10 compliant, cleaner claims, faster collections, decrease denials, and more. The population health management features fully-integrated platform, practice optimization, easy-to-use rules builder, benchmark performance, and affordable pricing for any practice.


Practice Velocity

By Practice Velocity, LLC

Practice Velocity provides urgent care EMR and billing software that helps you to provide better service, better patient care, and better outcomes. It features intuitive and complete setup, real-time coding recommendations, complaint-driven templates, point-and-click functionality, clinical data access, and more. It offers practice management software that helps to easily register patients and improve work-related care.


Advanced Data Systems Corp

By Advanced Data Systems Corporation

Advanced Data Systems Corp provides PM, RCL, EHR, and RIS software that helps to boost productivity and profitability of your medical practices. It features computer-based provider order entry, evidence-based medicine, medical portal, e-prescribing, smartphone connectivity, encounter-based model, and role-based security. The software can be used by various specialties, including behavioral health, cardiology, dermatology, and pediatrics.



By Valant Inc

Valant provides more than electronic health records software solution for medical practitioners, with scalable data model and mobile-inspired experience. It features pre-set appointments, payment integration, easy navigation, color coding, treatment planning, billing and reporting, real-time reports, accounts receivable, and more. The software can be used by enterprise and private practice (prescribers, non-prescribers, and group practice).



By Nextech Systems, LLC

NextTech provides EMR and medical practice management software tailored specifically for the needs of doctors in various specialties. It features appointment reminders, credit processing, eRx e-prescribing, inventory, lab integration, letter writing, marketing, patient portal, patient tracking, and more. It offers NexSpeak, which helps you to save time, enhance accuracy, save transcription cost, and increase efficiency.



By SOAPware, Inc

SOAPware provides professional health record software that helps to improve office communications and lower paper dependency. It features device integrations, professional scheduling, patient research tools, instant medical history integration, document management, health management system, ICD-10 compliant, HIPAA security, and more. The practice management software features scheduling, billing, payment and coding, reporting, and revenue cycle management.



By Bizmatics Inc

PrognoCIS provides electronic health record and medical software with fully-integrated solutions that helps to improve communication with your patients. It features patient record access, remote medication prescription, prescription analytics tool, scalable platform, voice and handwriting recognition, and more. The patient portal allows you to send messages, check and request appointment, and easily communicate with patients.


PGM Billing

By PGM Billing

Founded in 1981, PGM continues to provide physicians and healthcare providers with the industry’s leading EMR solutions. The award-winning system is powerful, easy-to-use, cost-effective and CCHIT-certified. Our cloud-based EMR products will allow healthcare practices minimize the reimbursement process and streamline practice operations leading to an increase in profitability and improved efficiency.

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