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Communication - is of paramount importance for a business to succeed. Maintaining the integrity of information transacted through communication is complex, importantly when it comes to confidential data as customer information, business proposals, financial information, and the sort. Governing authorities require businesses to set-up certain procedures and technology to ensure this critical information is secure and protected from wrong hands.

The solutions mentioned below provide comprehensive email security using encryption:

Symantec Desktop Email Encryption is an end-to-end encryption solution using OpenPGP and S/MIME message formats, encrypting the email at the client-end, and decrypting it at the recipient’s end. Through this secure method, emails can be transacted without logging into a third-party website. It is policy and regulatory compliant, and is scalable as per business requirements, without additional integration. It features integrated management, including extensive reporting and multiple recovery options.

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Trend Micro Email Encryption is used by businesses to safeguard the integrity of the information transacted through email, simplify compliance, and reduce management cost through Hosted Key Service. It is flexible as it enables encryption/decryption at the gateway and/or at the end-points of the communication. It features dynamic key generation and needs only recipient email address to create encryption keys.

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Sophos Secure Email Gateway provides transparent email filtering through Sophos Email Appliance and/or UTM. Sophos Email Appliance is dedicated to message security with advanced DLP and policy-based application; while UTM facilitates consolidating network security into a single appliance. These products filter incoming email at the gateway using various advanced detection methods across multiple languages. The interface is simple and user-friendly, providing complete control of all security features.

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Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is focused at preventing data loss and protecting businesses from multi-layered malware, spam and advanced threats. It assists secure messaging and encryption along with secure large file sharing. It provides enterprise-grade email protection solution, with flexible and granular email security controls to the user. It also enables users to manage the blocked and permitted senders.

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CipherPost Pro provides mailbox-to-mailbox email security, encrypting it when it leaves the mailbox and decrypting it only after the input of proper password at recipient end. It also enables delivery of large files with encryption, and ensures regulatory compliance. It allows user to continue using existing email addresses, aliases, email client, and server infrastructure and also facilitates integration with certain email programs. Users also have an option to read the messages through Secure Message Center.

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Cisco Cloud Email Security provides cost-effective email protection with high uptime through multiple data centers. The service encompasses important features including software, computing ability, and support. It provides flexibility to the admin through comprehensive reporting and message tracking. Email security features spam protection, data loss prevention, virus defense, email authentication, and tracking and reporting features. It uses multiple methods to block threats and deliver only legitimate messages, enabling businesses to strengthen its defense by incorporating proactive and remedial measures.

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LuxSci Email Security

By Lux Scientiae,® Incorporated

SecureLine end-to-end email encryption services by LuxSci provides PGP and S/MIME compatible services, alongwith message escrow service that can be used to communicate securely with anyone. All messages are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer. It can be put to use for compliant email marketing as well as for transactional emails, and can be integrated with other email programs as Outlook.

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Proofpoint Essentials is focused towards providing email security to small and medium enterprises, preventing loss of data and enforcing data security policy transparently to all users. Partial network failure does not hinder the continuity. It leverages the advanced technology for comprehensive URL and Attachment Defense service including predictive sandboxing, advanced malware detection and real-time dynamic analysis. Security features are bundled into four different packages, and can be availed by businesses as per their needs.

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By Virtru Corporation

Virtru facilitates military grade end-to-end encryption for regulatory compliance, security, and/or corporate privacy. It features customer-managed encryption keys, and hence only authorized recipients can decrypt sensitive data. It provides granular control to the user to revoke, expire, and control forwarding. It is focused on areas of HR, Executives, Legal and Finance. It provides free encryption for non-profit organizations. Leveraging its recognition as Google-for-work partner, it facilitates seamless integration with Gmail and Google Drive.

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Entrust provides email encryption through software, secure email server and website center. Entrust Email Security Software provides transparent, easy-to-use encrypted email security. It can seamlessly integrate with content analysis tools for email compliance. Its appliance-based email encryption gateway, Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server, helps businesses to communicate securely with external stakeholders – partners and customers. These encryption solutions work with wide range of email applications.

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Zarafa provides a tool, S/MIME plugin for WebApp, for email security using public key infrastructure. It enables the user to digitally sign the message for authentication, and encryption to prevent data leakage. It also facilitates message encryption, enabling only the intended recipients to read the message. It automatically stores the public key, which are later used to encrypt the messages sent out to those recipients.

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HP SecureMail

By Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

HP SecureMail is an end-to-end email encryption solution, scalable for numerous users. Add-on tools, connectors, plug-ins and modular additions to HP SecureMail enhance its capabilities for compliance, archival, and attachment delivery. It requires minimal administrative and infrastructure support as there are no keys to manage or store. It uses Identity Based Encryption to send secure messages to any recipient without any prior action confirmation from the same.

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SecureMail Solutions from DataMotion encompass complete security portfolio including products, solutions and options for secure email transaction, file sharing, and workflows. It improves organizational efficiency by protecting customer privacy while maintaining regulatory compliance. It also sports encryption automation for high volume email communications. The recipients receive the decrypted messages directly into their inbox, without having to use any password, portal or login. It also has built-in tracking system for all messages and files sent, received and opened.

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By Send Technology Inc.

Sendinc Email Encryption enables sending secure emails without any software requirement and encryption keys. It provides complete end-to-end encryption while maintaining high uptime. It maintains corporate and government regulatory compliance. Only the intended recipient can receive the email since the encryption keys used to secure the message are not stored by Sendinc or any external third party.

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By Zix Corporation

ZixGateway offered by ZixCorp is an easy-to-use email encryption solution, that can encrypt, route, block or brand outbound emails depending on corporate policies. Between ZixGateway customers, emails are exchanged securely, in a transparent manner. It employs software-as-a-service model, claiming simple installation and maintenance. TLS is directly integrated with ZixGateway encryption policies. ZixCorp Best Method of Delivery also incorporates TLS. Also, it has reporting capabilities facilitating unique visibility for compliance officers.

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Protected Trust

By Protected Trust, LLC

Protected Trust Email Encryption is focused towards healthcare industry, providing email security while maintaining HIPAA compliance. The user can control the content and delivery of a message with ability to revoke and set expiry. The end-to-end encryption solution facilitates quick and easy setup while allowing the users to keep their email address. The recipient of the encrypted message is required to prove their identity to open the message through one of their multiple ID verification methods.

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By TigerText, Inc.

TigerText Solutions are aimed at safeguarding enterprise communications, enabling business stakeholders to communicate, collaborate and share information securely. It helps businesses with industry regulations compliance for messaging security and retention. A user can also track the message for delivery and read status, along with an ability to recall a message. It also allows transfer of files in a secure manner. It supports third party integrations.

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By EdgeWave, Inc.

ePrism Email Security is military grade email security solution provided by EdgeWave. It accurately identifies threats and attacks and synchronizes defensive measures across all systems in real time. It combines expert human analysis with artificial intelligence to identify and stop phishing and other advanced persistent threats. Its features includes secure encryption, data loss prevention, email continuity, and archival.

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By Jumble Limited

Jumble is an end-to-end email encryption solution providing security to business emails during transactions as well as in inbox. Its comprehensive dashboard gives a quick overview of business performance on email data protection. It also features powerful KPIs to assist with compliance and regulations. Its reporting features gives an insight on number of emails sent, files transferred as attachments, and number of emails encrypted, among others.

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By Cryptzone North America Inc.

Cryptzone's Secured eMail assists transaction of an encrypted email between the sender and the recipient. It has built-in Active Directory deployment tools. Administrators can use the Central Management Console to edit the policies, licenses, and secure groups. It integrates with other email programs as Microsoft Outlook to send secure emails through single click. The recipient receives the email with wrap mail providing instructions on how to read the secured content. It assists in regulatory compliance and supports automatic user authentication.

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OneWorld Email Encryption Platform from Echoworx eliminates the risk of data loss, improving efficiency with ease of use and interoperability. Its Gateway Email Message Encryption include enterprise encryption, encrypted webmail and document, while its Endpoint Email Encryption includes desktop encryption. These cloud-based solutions are designed to adapt to client environment and encryption requirements.

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