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When you send email, you never know what happens to that email. Email tracking services let you know when email opened, which platform used, how many times it opened and sometimes even who opened it. This detail can be essential for some marketers who rely on email marketing or outreaching for their business. Below are some leading software in this category.



By Yesware, Inc.

Yesware helps businesses track their sales emails and increase their revenue by improving their email engagement with their prospects. The software is available for Gmail and Outlook platforms, with separate installation modules for each platform. It offers Salesforce integration with sales analytics report and various productivity tools that are available directly within your inbox, including email reminders, Click-to-Call, Mail Merge, scheduled email, and custom email templates. The app version can be downloaded from your Apple iPhone device.

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Sidekick allows you to track the email communication that you have with your clients or customers and track what they do. It reports to you directly the links that they click within your email, your contact profile and information, and whether they have read your email or not. Sidekick is a Chrome extension created by Hubspot that works seamlessly with various email clients, such as Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

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By Litmus Software, Inc.

Litmus turns your email platform into an effective promotional tool for your business. It allows you to track your email and ensures that it is delivered to your recipients. The spam analysis feature allows you to analyze your message and prevent it from being delivered into the recipient’s spam folder. Litmus allows you to keep the best look for your email, regardless of the email platform used by your recipients. It works with most email software available in the market.

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By ToutApp, Inc.

ToutApp is a sales tracking software designed primarily for online salespeople to help track their email promotion and analyze their sales result. It provides various promotion and sales tracking tools, such as sales templates, sales tracking, and sales analytics, along with seamless integration with Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce platforms. Free trial is available for each pricing plan, with the option for you to use the software with your sales team.

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Boomerang for Gmail is an email scheduling tool that helps you to take control of your email communication within the Gmail email platform. It allows you to schedule your email, with a follow-up reminder that sends a notification message when your email is not being replied by the recipient. You can schedule the reminder in your own time frame. Boomerang for Gmail is available for Gmail platform, which you can also use via your Android device.

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By The Mail Track Company, S.L.

MailTrack is a free email tracking software that can be used for an unlimited time on the Gmail email platform. It is available as a Chrome extension, which you can connect to your Google account. MailTrack works by tracking your email and send notifications when your email gets delivered and read. The notifications are available as a single checklist when your email is sent, and double checklists when it is read by your recipient. Desktop notification is also available.

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By Ikigai Infotech LLP

SalesHandy is a SaaS based product with features like Email Tracking, Mail Merge and Auto Follow Up. It is available for both Gmail and Outlook. A person can simply download the Chrome Plugin to use SalesHandy. Besides our main features we also provide Attachment Tracking, Link Tracking, Email Templates with HTML Templates Option, Email Scheduling and Team Functionality. All these feature makes SalesHandy stand out among all the email tracking softwares.

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By Rewardly, Inc.

Streak integrates seamlessly with Gmail email platform, allowing you to manage your customer relationship within your inbox. With cloud-based system that works with all Gmail apps, it allows you to integrate various Google features into your overall CRM management system, without any coding or programming knowledge necessary. The plug-and-play system within Stream allows you to set the integrated CRM system and add it to your Gmail inbox for instant use, for free or according to your company needs.

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By Bananatag Systems Inc.

Bananatag allows easy email tracking that works best with Gmail and Outlook email platforms. The free plan allows tracking for 5 emails per day, with other plans available to meet the needs of various types of business, which you can either use for yourself or with a team. The schedule email feature allows you to write an email and send it later, with the added tracking code to ensure that you know what the recipient is doing with your email.

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By ContactMonkey Inc.

ContactMonkey provides advanced Salesforce integrations with your Gmail and Outlook email accounts. It helps businesses to make more sales with its notification system and the ability for you to know when your prospects are ready to buy your products. It provides various tools to save more time in your promotion, including call log, event creator, and lead creator. It is available for either single user or multi user, with a free plan allowing you to monitor 100 emails per month.

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Pointofmail enables you to track and control your email, as well as speed up the email communication process in your business. It has a recall feature, which allows you to modify the content of your sent email and fix the mistakes there, even though your recipient has read the email. The security feature allows you to self-destruct your email message and add SSL encryption in your email. Pointofmail can be installed on the Gmail platform.

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Yathit is an inbox CRM software that works with Gmail platform, allowing you to do common CRM tasks within your inbox. It provides complete information regarding your contacts, such as their social media information and activity, and display them within your inbox. You can also track your email and view your activity stream directly through the Yathit popup displayed within your Gmail account. Yathit is available as a Chrome extension, with the basic plan available for free.

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