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Employee Background Check is a service offered by many companies that involves the process of background checking and identity verification of employees on behalf of the recruiting companies. It is important for organizations to have background checked and verified before hiring new employees to their company to avoid any future problems or frauds. In order to make sure that the employee you hired is the right one for the job, a basic or thorough screening process is conducted by Employee Background Check experts.

Here are some of most widely recommended Employee Background Check companies.



By HireRight, Inc.

HireRight offers thorough employee screening and background check process for companies all over the world. It makes sure that the employee you are going to hire is suitable for the specific position and belongs to a healthy background. Various employee background check processes involve education verification, documents checking, form I-9 & E-verify, drug & health testing, identity checks, candidate experience, workforce screening, executive intelligence, and more.

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First Advantage

By First Advantage Corporation

First Advantage conducts various employee background checks and identity verification processes on behalf of client companies. It conducts a thorough process to ensure the candidate has the right skills, attitude and aptitude to be fit for the specific position in your company. Based on data and reports provided by First Advantage, client companies can easily make the best decision about whether to hire a particular person or not.

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By TalentWise, Inc.

TalentWise makes the hiring process easier and reduces the time-to-hire by providing affordable and effective pre-employment screening solutions to companies. TalentWise applicant screening services are designed to ensure that the employees you are hiring are right for the specific positions and belong to a safe and secure background. The screening process generally involves SSN trace, address verification, 7-year criminal database search, sex offender registry check, and much more.

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Accurate Background

By Accurate Background, Inc.

Accurate Background is an employee background check service hired by companies to conduct employee screening and pre-employment background checks to ensure a secure and healthy hiring process. Accurate Background helps HR team and company management by providing them useful insights and data about new employees. It conducts drug testing, I-9 & E-verify, fingerprint check, international records, and other background checks for client companies.

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Universal Background

By Universal Background Screening, Inc.

Universal Background is hired by companies to conduct various pre employment background checks and screening for new employees. It is a complete employment screening solution for employee drug testing, physical & health checkup, electronic I-9 & E-verification, income and previous employment checks, etc. These data can be used by human resources to ensure that the employee is right for the position and safe for the company.

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By Goodhire, LLC

GoodHire employee screening solutions are designed to simplify the recruitment process for companies by providing them detailed employee background reports. GoodHire employee screening report is based on various details including SSN trace, address history verification, national criminal database check, terrorist watchlist check, school verification, professional license verification, drug screening, sex offender registry search, 7-year county criminal check, employer verification, motor vehicle record check, and more.

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IntelliCorp Employment Verification services are used by companies hiring new employees to check employees’ backgrounds to ensure a safe and right recruitment process. Employment verification process is conducted to verify the details provided by the employees in their resumes and to ensure that they belong to a safe background. IntelliCorp checks a person’s work history, previous employers, reasons for leaving, criminal record, etc. as demanded by the client company.

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Equifax Employment Verifications services are used by companies to conduct a secure and private background check of their employees. Equifax conducts a highly secure employment verification process on behalf of the companies and the information is shared with access restricted only to authorized people. Companies can directly contact Equifax for the verification of a specific person from their database or registered verifiers.

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SterlingBackcheck is hired by organizations to check whether the profile presented by their new potential employee is valid. Half of resumes contain wrong information about the person and SterlingBackcheck makes sure that the person applying for a job in your company is what he says he is. SterlingBackcheck checks various things including, education & experience, professional license, certifications, DOT & driving history, reference checks, and other checks.

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PeopleG2 provides background checks and employee screening services to companies, who want to check the details and data of a potential employee. PeopleG2 Employment Screening process involves employee identity and credit history checks, criminal records, driving history searches, and employment verification to ensure that the person is right for the specific job profile and is safe for work. The process is aimed at simplifying the recruitment process for the company management.

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Asurint is an employee background check service used by many private, public and government organizations to verify the credentials of their employees. With its leverage contacts in court systems, law enforcement and researchers, Asurint is able to retrieve the detailed and accurate information about any person. It conducts criminal verification, drug testing, fingerprinting, and various other screenings to check the validity of the employees’ records of the client company.

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PreCheck is a pre employment check and screening service used by companies to check the background and healthcare standards of a candidate before hiring. In addition to health check, PreCheck also conducts several other checks to ensure that the validity of employee records. Some of these checks include positive identification, national sex offender registry search, criminal history searches, education & employment verification, license/certification credentialing, references check, etc.

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By Employment Background Investigations, Inc.

EBI (Employment Background Investigations) provides a set of tools and products for pre employment background checks. EBI background check services can be customized to match the needs of a specific company. The SMART Screening Technology gives fast, accurate and reliable information about any company employee. With features like, integrations, data security and global reach, EBI can simplify the hiring process and save time by providing the accurate employee background checks.

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By Employment Screening Resources

ESR (Employment Screening Resources) offers employee screening and criminal background check services for companies. These services are used by organizations that want to conduct a background check before hiring a new employee. ESR screening process involves identity and credit check, criminal records verification against state, federal, country and sex offender registry records, civil records verification, driving records check, drug testing, international background screening, references & verifications check, etc.

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EmployeeScreenIQ specializes in detailed background check and pre employee screening for companies. It conducts thorough background check for candidates against possible criminal records, substance abuse screening, referencing & credentials, compliance, international background, driving records, and much more. With almost 100 per cent accuracy in their data, EmployeeScreenIQ can find if your employees are giving wrong information in their resumes. MyEmployeeScreen automates the background screening process for quick results.

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Corporate Screening

By Corporate Screening Services, Inc.

Corporate Screening is a pre employment screening service designed to allow companies to check the records and background of an employee before hiring. Corporate Screening can be customized to meet the background check needs of a specific company or industry. It can help you with employee compliance details, drug testing results, etc. Easy integration allows companies to integrate an efficient screening program in their recruitment and hiring process.

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By CertifiedBackground.com

CertifiedBackground.com is a complete employee background check solution that provides important information about a potential employee for companies to make the right decisions. It assigns an account manager to help each client with their background checks and employee screening process. Some of the checks performed by CertifiedBackground.com include residency history, county & state criminal records, sexual offender index, verifications, criminal records, motor vehicle records, social security verifications, healthcare fraud & abuse scan, credit reports, etc.

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OnFido is a reliable and effective employee background check service for HR professionals and recruitment agencies. With the perfect blend of the latest technologies and a dedicated expert team, OnFido performs thorough automatic background checks for its clients’ businesses to provide real-time results. Clients can easily access and manage the process through a simple web based or mobile based, user-friendly dashboard with complete control over data.

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