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Staff engagement is the property of relationships between employees and organizations. An engaged staff is the one who is completely enthusiastic about and absorbed by work and takes necessary actions for furthering organizations’ interests and reputation. These days, organizations motivate and engage their employees with the help of team engagement software that will help them in business growth, increasing productivity and generating more revenue through recognized employees.

These are some of the well-known names in the market when it comes to Employee Engagement:



By 15Five, Inc.

15Five is a software program which can improve communication between employees and managers for aligning objectives and uncovering obstacles which are mostly misused. It is an easy, automated and quick software program that makes use of the power of straightforward questions for revealing critical information for the success of businesses. Employees in an organization that uses 15Five answer some perceptive questions for addressing various organizational issues.

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By BetterWorks Systems, Inc.

The enterprise software from BetterWorks offers the easiest method setting and managing objectives. Rooted in OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), the software used detailed insights for helping high-performing organizations in getting aligned, staying focused on what really matter and becoming more successful. BetterWorks allows users or measuring their progress and collaborating on objectives in real time. It also helps them in creating and aligning goals flawlessly within a few minutes. The product is ideallly for companies and enterprises and provides the easiest way to manage strategic plans, collaborative goals, and ongoing performance conversations. Their business Operating System is built on operational research and Goal Science insights to help businesses execute more effectively and efficiently. The software lets you measure progress in real-time and collaborate results on goals, visualize your company’s alignment at a glance, find epic insights with operational dashboards, and much more.

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By Officevibe Inc.

Officevibe gives business the crucial tools which they require for measuring and increasing employee management. Officevibe does it in a simple manner; once in every week employees will receive questions for assessing their moods, such as happiness, stress and how they feel about the culture of the organization. Such questions engage the employees, whilst making it inviting to respond. The answers to these questions can improve the overall business performance.

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By Paltech Solutions Inc.

7Geese can bring team together, while it empowers organizations with precise knowledge and tools which can provide proper solutions to performance management related issues. It lets businesses to align their teams for achieving more together. It helps companies in building supportive environments with constant performance management. With a culture of feedback and coaching businesses can team up with individuals to transform them into leaders. 7Geese is a social performance management software that empowers organizations and its employees with the right tools and knowledge that can elevate their performance management solutions using OKRs. It allows organizations to focus on engaging people, improving goals visibility, and enhancing company culture in order to achieve long-term sustainable growth. 7Geese is for organizations that are moving away from conventional command-and-control management to partnering with their people to unleash the human spirit at work.

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By E-Search Limited

Newsweaver is a leading communication software developer with 2 solutions; one meant for internet communication and the other for email marketing. Newsweaver’s easy, measurable and powerful software helps thousands of uses across the world, delivering engaging, relevant and targeted communications. The enterprise solution from Newsweaver allows complex, large organizations for radically improving their communications, while boosting their control and consistency of messaging throughout the business.

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By PeopleSpark Inc.

PeopleSpark is staff engagement insight platform which helps companies in leveraging insights, ideas and feedback for the staff for reducing attrition and growing faster. Through this platform, the employees in a company spend as little as about ten minutes in a week to answer some uncomplicated questions, the answers to which will be reviewed by managers for making them leaders. It helps companies to have their employees aligned and engaged.

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By EveryoneSocial, Inc.

EveryoneSocial offers software which is designed and optimized for teams and humans respectively. It simplifies the procedure of measurement, content curation and sharing with an interface which employees will love to use. It allows businesses in building teams of advocates, increasing team engagement and connecting teams across the company. It also lets businesses to curate brand-focused data which employees will love sharing. EveryoneSocial offers fun, intuitive and dynamic mobile applications.

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By Pingboard, Inc.

Pingboard is a shared organization chart & employee directory for companies. This software makes it pretty simple for accessing the data users require about their employees from anywhere. Pingboard helps companies in scaling their culture via web and mobile apps which break down complex information and reinforce the connection between staff members. With Pingboard in place, several thousands of people working in growing organizations get to grow together.

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Reward Gateway

By Great Hill Partners, LLC

Reward Gateway offers team engagement platform to leading companies across the globe, while established brands are using this technology for attracting, engaging and retaining their best employees. The products from Reward Gateway power employee recognition, employee benefits and employee communications through SmartHub, an employer-branded hub. The company provides services in the areas like flexible benefits, employee motivation, and voluntary benefits, HR, employee perks, employee engagement and many more.

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By GuideSpark, Inc.

GuideSpark is a leading employee relations platform provider offering a strong platform that includes cost-effective, short and engaging video content related to HR. This platform can be accessed from any type of device and it offers an interactive interface and detailed analytics on employee engagement. It serves hundreds of customers and over a million employees. Moreover, GuideSpark helps companies by increasing employee engagement by transforming the method of employee communications.

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Vocoli, a leading professional staff engagement & innovation platform helps businesses in capturing great ideas, fostering innovation and engaging their workforce. As a result, organizations can get higher employee retentions, more productive staff, enjoyable office atmosphere and more profits. The unique approach of Vocoli adapts to organizations’ culture and fosters cross-functional, top-down and bottom-up communication. With Vocoli in place, businesses can survey about engagement trends in their organizations.

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By Glint Inc.

Glint, a professional staff engagement platform provider helps business owners to see into their companies in innovative ways, giving them power for creating great impacts on staff engagement. It leverages real-time data to provide businesses and managers with a comprehensive view of the health of organizations, directions for taking actions and insights for predicting problems. In simple, Glint can create powerful user data within seconds and give businesses useful results.

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Quantum Workplace offers small tools to recognize and achieve workplace awesomeness through employee motivation. It makes sophisticated data understandable, which makes it simple for organizations for taking actions. The company serves thousands of organizations through team engagement, leadership assessment, action-planning tools and more. Quantum Workplace allows organizations to customize their employee surveys, analyze the outcomes and share the results for taking measurable actions for fitting their organizations’ needs.

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By Jostle Corporation

Jostle is cloud-based intranet software designed to help businesses improve employee engagement and participation in business activities. It boosts internal communications by providing a secure, easily accessible and usable collaboration platform to all employees and staff of the organization. Jostle offers a secure, cloud-based intranet that is easy to set up and run and can be used for information access and collaboration, in the office or outside.

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Corp Leagues provides businesses with an excellent employee engagement activities platform which sees employee engagement from staff’s point of view. It is done be developing an internal Gaming League which is based on work hours. This is something that employees will love, while they are put first. The platform makes sure that the staff members are dedicated to the companies’ values and goals, motivated for contributing to businesses’ success.

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By Reffind Ltd.

WooBoard is a professional cloud-based employee recognition platform which uses gamification design and social features for driving routine engagement in organizations. It is a lightweight and fun solution which was built for the workforce today. It allows businesses to let their employees recognize one another and rejoice success on a daily basis. Also, WooBoard makes a better way for appreciating employees, making engagements happen and connecting teams.

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By Hppy Apps Inc.

Hppy is a leading staff engagement activities platform that retains and engages organizations’ key people with its cloud-based solution. It helps companies in driving performance for their growing business and getting real-time data on internal communications. Also, Hppy lets businesses to track voluntary attrition risks. Moreover, it helps companies in finding out how their employees feel and what they need. With Hppy in place, organizations will be able to decrease turnover rates.

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By RoundPegg, Inc.

RoundPegg is a reliable team engagement platform provider that unleashes businesses true potential with the help of culture science for galvanizing the workforce. It provides data-driven insights on culture which inform strategy, whilst delivering tailored tactics for hiring, developing and engaging employees in revolutionary ways. RoundPegg helps companies to accomplish their goals like driving innovation, increasing engagement, boosting revenue, retaining performers and changing the culture.

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By Sprout Social, Inc.

Bambu, a leading staff engagement service provider helps organizations by making staff advocacy easy. It lets organizations to provide the employees with approved, timely content. It also allows businesses to let their staff get engaging beautiful content consumption experience. Bambu can help businesses in sharing to their staff’s personal networks in a flawless manner. In addition to these, it offers amplified recruiting efforts and marketing programs along with analytics which identify top content and sharers.

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By WeSpire Inc.

WeSpire is a team engagement platform which empowers global companies and their staff for reaching their utmost potential. It enables organizations and individuals for driving measurable positive impacts, with a configurable library comprising of numerous action-based programs that are backed by behavioral science. WeSpire shows the easiest way for running engagement programs which will address the biggest obstacles of businesses; distributing targeted information, increasing productive outcomes and measuring the results.

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By Teamphoria LLC

Teamphoria is staff engagement software that organizations need for increasing company revenue by amplifying their teams’ energy. It helps companies for building, measuring and growing thriving business cultures. It provides organizations with team engagement metrics, while allowing them for monitoring and boosting culture throughout organization. It focuses on improving internal communication, enhancing performance, increasing recognition and capturing feedback for helping businesses to be more successful, more productive and happier.

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By Engagedly Inc

Engagedly helps businesses to improve their employee management through workplace motivation and fun. With this platform in place, companies can motivate and align their workforce. It is a comprehensive tool that helps organizations in driving employee engagement to a great extent with the help of built-in recognition & rewards, gamification, social performance and objectives alignment tools. In simple words, Engagedly improves productivity by driving staff engagement.

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Brand Integrity, an engagement technology and consulting company is built on a powerful workplace solution that enables leaders to build the right environment for employee engagement, driving measurable and sustainable culture change. Its modular software platform is supported by customized services that meet the unique needs of each client. The result is real-time, data-driven knowledge that can aid companies with achieving better employee and customer loyalty levels, reducing turnover rates, and improving the bottom line.

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