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Sometimes in a business field, it becomes a necessity to track the employees as the turn out may seem a bit down in case of work efficiency. Employees at office may spend time playing or even chatting over their computers. Now for someone, it may seem that they are working but actually they are not. Thus to stop the nuisance, an employee monitoring software is needed to keep a tab on them. Below are a few best employee monitoring software that not only monitors but also blocks the user from accessing certain sites, file locations or downloading items over the internet.

SentryPC is a web based application that helps in tracking an employee’s activities. It also helps in recording data over emails and chats and uploading it to the server. The administrator can log into their account and block or track the respective account of the workers. Reports over the details and alerts help the employer in providing an efficient time managing process. Updates are also available in a timely manner.

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By Awareness Technologies, Inc

WebWatcher is a software for parental and office tracking purposes. It comes with a real time stealth installation that checks email with high level content filtering. Installation of the product is smoothly done over multiple devices and cannot be detected by anyone. The data is transferred to a web based platform which helps in tracking of children and employees just by sitting in front of a computer.

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By NCH Software, Inc.

Flexi is mainly an employee monitoring app that helps in tracking an employee’s attendance as well as the work performed. Whether it is leaves or working hours, the employer can easily keep track of the worker’s performance. Data theft is prevented and the productivity can increase efficiently. It also provides with reports and screenshots for administration purposes. FlexiServer and FlexiStation are used for a server and a client function respectively.

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By EfficientLab LLC.

Workexaminer is a client and a server based application that keeps track of an employee’s activities. It quietly runs in the background and does not allow the user to know of the spying process. The software also helps in blocking web URLs and downloading different files and documents. The software also helps in tracking the work time and produce detaile reports of employers with anti theft protection.

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By Birch Grove Software, Inc.

Activtrak is a cloud based application that helps in monitoring of the employers regardless of place and distant workers. Consisting of a comprehensive user interface it helps the admin to track multiple workers in real-time. Agents can also stop and close windows as needed. The data is specifically stored on a cloud platform with an encrypted SSL protection. The Dashboard serves as a purpose to maintain and track the devices.

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Screenshot Monitor

By ScreenshotMonitor.com

Screenshot Monitor provides online time tracking and employee monitoring software for remote and freelance employees. The app helps in tracking office employees and assigning any task to them. The application automatically helps the employers to put a tab on their employees and get a screenshot of the work. The application is installed over a desktop and the data gets stored on a web platform. Even if an individual works offline, the data gets uploaded once he gets online again. It comes with a Web API for integration. It features effortless time tracking, task creation, screenshot monitoring, reports and timeline, offline time tracking, web API, secure data encryption, unlimited employees, and more. The software is provided by ScreenshotMonitor, a company based in Forest Hills, New York, United States.

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The employee tracking application is mainly a desktop one that works on a web based platform. Without mush hassle, one can easily install the software in a couple of minutes and start tracking multiple devices of the workers. It works on a real time monitoring function and helps in detecting or closing tabs on the go. Provided with an invisible mode, the employers can easily check the chat logs, written texts, screenshots and visited Web addresses.

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By SpectorSoft Corp.

Spector360 is a desktop application that helps in monitoring user activities over a web based platform. The application helps an individual to easily get screenshots of a user’s device screen. Consisting of a set of tools it allows the user to quickly investigate and find out unethical behaviour at a workplace. It also keeps tab of the keyword searched and helps in filtering web addresses for use.

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By Teramind Inc.

Teramind is a cloud based application that helps in monitoring user activity at a workplace. The product also provides the ability of connecting different devices and capturing screenshots, recording and checking email contents. The product provides a good tracking mechanism and also helps in prevention of data theft. The application works on a cloud platform and hence the data gets stored over applicant’s account.

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Activity monitor

By Deep Software Inc.

Activity monitor is a desktop application that helps in real time tracking of multiple workstations. Users can easily detect their employee devices and sends in chat and email logs. It also helps in preventing theft of data from the computers. The application keeps track of the websites visited, emails, messengers, capturing screens and recording their real time activities. It also generates a report over the employee’s activities.

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HT Employee Monitor is a software for monitoring and blocking activities by different employees in an organisation. With the help of this tool, employers can quickly stop employees from visiting or downloading different applications over the internet. It also checks the chat logs, emails, applications and websites and helps in time management. It also records every user activity and provides report over the same.

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iMonitor EAM

By iMonitor Soft Ltd.

iMonitor EAM is an employee tracking software that can help a business owner restrict and track multiple devices in a workplace. This software can be installed on computers providing an invisible view for their users. It can easily capture screenshots, restrict one over downloads, extreme FTP usage and preventing theft over confidential data. It also provides user multi screen and real time alerts over suspicious activities.

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By Awareness Technologies, Inc.

InterGuard is a cloud based software that provides tracking for workers and remove users, Filtering web data, prevention of data loss and recovery module for anti theft issues. The application easily tracks and records all the activities over multiple workstations and helps in blocking in a remote aspect. It keeps tab over the emails, chats and uploads screenshot over the cloud account. No need to buy and setup up different hardware and works without a network too.

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By Atom Security, Inc.

StaffCop is a secured corporate software that keeps track of all the employee activity in a workplace. It records all the activities including emails, chat history, word search and web URLs. The software helps in efficiently controlling the work time and the invisible operating prevents users from knowing about the measures. Access to files and folders are also an added advantage.

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By Wangya Computer Co., Ltd.

OSMonitor is an employee tracking software that works over tracking and blocking any workstation. It works on an invisible mode and provides screenshots, emails, exploring files and stopping them as necessary. It also sends reports to the employers and helps in managing time during the work hours. The software needs to be connected through a network and the employer keeps in touch with the worker’s actions.

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Pearl Echo.Suite

By Pearl Software, Inc.

Pearl Echo.Suite is a web URL filtering and a tracking activity software that keeps track of multiple office workstations. Not only does it provide with detailed reports but also works in an invisible mode to stop workers knowing of its usage. The software provides the administrator with snapshots of the desktop display, emails, messages, chats and every searched items with detailed description.

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By SurveilStar Inc.

SurveilStar is an employee tracking tool that helps in tracking the employee activities and blocking as necessary. It helps in keep track of workstations through detailed reports and filtering web items. It silently works on the devices provides reports of the activities. The product is good for medium sized businesses and managing work time efficiently. The dashboard provides a lot of options for the administrator to check on their users.

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Browser Reporter is an internet based employee tracking software that silently works without even letting an individual know of its spy mechanism. It tracks and blocks unnecessary websites, files and documents. It also provides screenshots, email logs, chat text etc. On the dashboard and also helps in data theft prevention. It also helps in good utilisation of the data charges without much mis-utilisation.

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