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Employee recognitions is the difference between losing and winning in the marketplace. Recognizing the employees in organizations will have great impacts on the businesses' bottom line. Also, it will result in employees will growing, staying and thriving in companies. A reliable staff rewards and recognition program can help people to find how their values perform and get insights about who energizes and impacts their organizations.

Go through the following list to find the employee recognition platform that fits your business needs:



By Achievers Corp.

Achievers offers an employee recognition platform which facilitates social recognition that will be driving business success and increasing employee motivation. It is designed particularly for meeting the requirements of workplace these days. Achievers team engagement platform empowers staff for recognizing one another and aligns employees to the business goals. Moreover, Achievers helps business in getting increased productivity, reduced voluntary turnovers, increased engaged staff and extremely satisfied customers.

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By Smartly, Inc

Bonusly lets organizations to re-imagine employee appreciation by creating workplace happiness effortlessly via employee-to-employee micro-bonuses. It helps businesses motivate and reward their staff using bonuses. The program allows companies to motivate their employees with positive feedback on a regular basis. It also helps companies to highlight the best performers with awards and bonuses. Bonusly assists business in leveraging the interactions between peers for creating effective incentive programs.

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By YouEarnedIt, Inc.

YouEarnedIt is a delightful and surprising approach to staff motivation and employee recognition. It helps companies in growing engaged, connected, healthy cultures by facilitating staff for providing recognition and awards to others. Through a flexible and intuitive platform, YouEarnedIt provides better approach to employee rewards and staff recognition which people will love. It helps companies is starting recognition and rewards programs as well as staff engagement activities.

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By Globoforce, Inc.

Globoforce is a leading social recognition platform provider which redefines how organizations energize and motivate their employees. Innovative businesses across the planet make use of the Cloud0based employee recognition platform from Globoforce for influencing their employees and their true potential. It helps companies to strengthen their business culture. With Globoforce, business and HR leaders will be able to make tactical approaches to rewards and recognition programs for getting measurable results.

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By Kudos, Inc.

Kudos is an employee rewards and recognitions system as well as a social network for corporate, that aligns teams and engages employee let companies have strong connections with their corporate culture. The secure and easy-to-use SaaS platform from Kudos has multi-language offering and extensive features which will inspire and motivate employees for going the extra mile. Kudos enables positive, top-down recognition programs via Badges and Awards for employees.

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By O. C. Tanner Company

The tactical performance recognition platform from O.C.Tanner creates an environment where staff recognition inspires positive changes, new ideas and breakthroughs. It highlights employees who can create excellent customer experiences for building a culture which will thrive on making customers happy. It also promotes continuous improvement in small ways and big ways for making work flow smarter, easier and faster. Moreover, it inspires enthusiasm to do extraordinary things in employees’ hearts.

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By salesforce.com, inc.

Work.com helps organizations to manage the performance of sales through better team alignment, coaching and motivation. It helps organizations in improving consistency and closing more sales or deals. It lets companies to focus on sales & evaluate their employees' performance easily. Also, with Work.com in place, organizations can have their sales information inside Salesforce, which will help them in creating objectives that will be tied to Salesforce reports directly.

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CrewHu is a web based social staff recognition platform which helps business in creating happy work atmosphere that will result in higher sales and productivity and lower turnover. It helps companies in doing 3 particular things; find the best employees, recognizing those employees for jobs that are well done and reinforcing excellent behavior. With CrewHu in place, organizations can lower their operational costs and turnover, while increasing the sales performance.

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By CorporateRewards

WorkStride facilitates the most dynamic organizations in the world for harnessing a common purpose via a people-driven platform. The employee recognition platform from WorkStride can make it easier for companies to highlight their employees’ good deeds, share genuine stories and compensate excellent work for reinforcing a general direction. It flawlessly integrates with organizations’ brand, culture and systems for creating familiar workplace where management and staff will be in sync.

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By Redii.com Pty Ltd

Redii is one of the intuitive and simple employee recognition programs which connect, reward and celebrate employees in organizations. It allows businesses to recognize their employees from anywhere, at any point of time. Celebrating and sharing staff achievements can bring life to business culture. Redii lets companies to access crucial information they require for tracking the ROI and impact of employee appreciation programs on business goals and employee engagement.

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Tap My Back is leading employee motivation software which can prevent employees from quitting their jobs by making their employers recognize them. it provides team members with motivation for improving their work performance and productivity through repeated actions which had positive impacts on them. it lets organizations to define what measures are accessible for employee recognition. This is a great way for triggering increased staff engagement and behavioral change.

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By Peoplecart Private Limited

Peoplecart is a leading firm which provides technology and knowledge based solutions in organizational learning and employee recognition & rewards areas. it helps organizations in creating rewarding and learning cultures for their businesses. With Peoplecart in place, people can transform their organizations into engaged communities. Moreover, it allows people for interacting and staying connected with one another inside organizations. It also lets users to collaborate through files, chats and projects.

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