Employee Scheduling Software

The online employee scheduling software allows to keep track of employee, improve communication and automate workforce management. These platforms also allow options to request shift trades and time off within their account. Some platform also offer integrated payroll, time tracking or attendance management and much more.

Below are some leading software available in the market.



By WhenToWork, Inc

WhenToWork is a reliable and versatile scheduling software that allows you to change the way you schedule your employees. It features drag-and-drop interface, automatic assignments, time off, different layouts, quick schedule changes, automatic notifications, open scheduling, employee viewing status, statistics tracking, and more. It offers various pricing options based on the number of your employees.

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By ShiftPlanning Inc

ShiftPlanning is an easy-to-use employee scheduling software for an effective workforce management. It features easy schedule creation, collaborative scheduling, budgeting, real-time updates, easy accessibility, schedule conflict deletion, multiple views, locations & positions, and more. There are various monthly or annual payment plans that you can choose based on the number of employees in your company.

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When I Work

By When I Work, Inc

When I Work is an employee scheduling software that helps to improve employee communication and productivity. It features quick scheduling, minimal data entry, shift replacements, simple staff scheduling, time off & availability, staff communication, group text messaging, open shifts, and more. The pricing plan is set based on the number of employees in your company.

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By Shiftboard Inc

Shiftboard is a real-time online scheduling software that helps you to schedule people and shifts in your company online. It features detailed schedule views, group messaging, worker availability, and more. For Professional Editions, it offers Lite, Standard, Plus, Silver, and Gold plans. For Large Event Editions, it offers Community, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large plans.

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Resource Guru

By Resource Guru Limited

Resource Guru is an online scheduling software that allows you to schedule people and resources in your business, which is a good replacement of the traditional spreadsheet scheduling. It features flexible bookings, drag-and-drop changes, team visibility, availability bar, clash management, collaboration, and more. There are four pricing options available: Mini, Basic, Premium, and Premium Plus.

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By Deputec Pty Ltd

Deputy is the ultimate employee management software that helps you to easily schedule employees, manage your timesheets, and track your business performance. It features staff rostering, time & attendance, payroll integration, communication, tasking, journaling, performance reports, mobile apps, Deputy Kiosk for iPad, and Apple Watch app. It offers three pricing options: Starter, Premium, and Flexi.

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By Nimble Software Systems, Inc

NimbleSchedule helps to optimize your workforce management with an innovative employee scheduling software. It provides various key features, such as easy employee scheduling, self-service capabilities, communication tools, integrative time-clocking, mobile applications, and actionable reporting. There are four pricing options available: Micro, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. It also offers custom plan for more than 75 employees.

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Celayix allows you to manage your workforce with employee scheduling, time-and-attendance tracking, communication portal, and payroll integration. The employee scheduling software provides four types of scheduling: employee scheduling, rule-based scheduling, collaborative scheduling, and self-scheduling. A free demo of the software can be requested directly to the company, with a complimentary assessment of your workforce management.

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Findmyshift is an employee scheduling software that allows you to create schedules for unlimited employees. It provides various important features, including drag-and-drop employee scheduling, timesheets, time clocking, payroll calculation, real-time reporting, and automatic shift reminders. There are three pricing options available: Free, Standard, and Non-Profit. The Free plan allows scheduling for up to 5 employees.

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By ShiftNote, LLC

ShiftNote is an easy employee scheduling tool that allows you to manage shift trades and communicate with staff. It provides various features, such as staff schedule creation, employee portal, text & email alerts, employee messaging system, employee availability information, and daily reporting. There are two pricing options available: ShiftNote and ShiftNote Scheduler, with unlimited users.

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TimeForge is a labor management software and biometric time clocks designed specifically for restaurants and retailers. It allows you to track meal periods, organize daily log, upload documents, manage employee leave, and automate your schedule. There are various pricing options available, including TimeForge Max, TimeForge Scheduling, TimeForge Attendance, TimeForge Human Resources, and TimeForge Scheduling Lite.

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By ZoomShift, Inc

ZoomShift is an employee scheduling software that allows faster employee management for your business. It allows you to create faster schedule, organize staff availability, automate shift swaps, streamline communication, get notifications, and generate performance reports. There are four pricing options available: 1-15 Employees, 16-30 Employees, 31-45 Employees, and 46-80 Employees, with monthly and annual billing.

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By SubItUp, Inc

SubItUp is an online employee scheduling management software for any size of business. It provides schedule management, HR management, availability management, schedule generation, employee schedules, communication, time clock portals, time clock management, payroll reporting, mobile apps, and historical data. There are two standard pricing options available: Lite and Standard, with Enterprise Solution and Custom Engineering.

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Hello Scheduling is an online employee scheduling software that allows you to create work schedules in seconds. It provides various features, including automatic scheduling, multiple schedule views, labor cost tracking, payroll reporting, employee breaks, happy employees, mobile scheduling, staff communication, time clock, and more. There are four pricing options available: Basic, Plus, Premium, and Enterprise.

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WorkSchedule is an award-winning employee scheduling software designed for various businesses, such as food service, public service, retail, customer service, and more. It features automation, time block editor, schedule templates, security, integration, mobile apps, time tracking, employee availability, and more. There are monthly, yearly, and two-year pricing plans based on the number of your employees.

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By Atlas Business Solutions, Inc

ScheduleBase is an employee scheduling software that allows you to manage your employees and communicate with them more easily. The software allows you to quickly create employee schedules, help your managers see your employee activities, and monitor employee schedules via mobile devices. It offers fixed monthly pricing options based on the number of your employees.

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By Planday Inc

Planday is an employee scheduling software that helps to optimize your time and staff cost. It features fast scheduling, payroll system integration, reporting and analytics, HR management, and team communication. It provides a fixed monthly or annual pricing plan per user. It is suitable for various businesses, including retail, grocery, fitness, leisure, restaurant, and bar.

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By Aladtec Incorporated

Aladtec is an online workforce management software with integrated features for accuracy and efficiency. It provides various integrated features, including employee scheduling, record management, time & attendance, absence management, communication tools, and extreme flexibility. It can be used by various industries, such as EMS, fire rescue, law enforcement, communication center, healthcare, public works, and security.

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Ento was founded in Australia in 2009. This powerful, user-friendly cloud-based software has been designed to help businesses manage rostering, leave, attendance and communication within their workforce, via smartphone, tablet or desktop. Since then they’ve become the chosen solution in over 1,500 workplaces across retail, hospitality, health, community, and more; rostering more than 30 million shifts for businesses ranging in size from 10 to 2,000+ staff.

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