Enterprise Search Platforms

If an organization needs helps in terms of improved decision making, higher productivity, better communication, web based revenue, lower call center costs and regulatory compliance, then an enterprise search platform is the right direction. An enterprise search service can help companies in searching for information on multi channels for getting the most relevant search results and problem solving. 

Here is a list of sites for you to choose from and avail excellent enterprise search services.

Google Search Appliance is a device that provides document indexing services to organizations. It helps companies to unlock their data with the relevance and power of Google Search. It offers data secured and customized in its appliance for users to use inside their businesses. In addition, it lets users to go through search results quickly and segregate the search results based in date, price, authors and many other attributes.

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The Secure Enterprise Search from Oracle enables users to perform easy-to-use, secure search all the information assets of organizations. It lets users to search through private, shared, and public content across file servers, intranet, databases, email, applications, portals, web servers and local disks. It offers highly secure searching, crawling and indexing services to users. Also, it provides the users with an outstanding user-experience through a simple, spontaneous interface.

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By Elasticsearch BV

Elasticsearch offers expertise in various areas like discovery, availability, continuity, platform health checks, capacity planning and performance assessment to organizations. It lets businesses to design solutions depending on the present growth needs and data volume. It also assists companies in their integration, data modeling, DSL use and development projects. Other than enterprise search services, Elasticsearch can help organizations to produce prototypes of launch something on the cloud.

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Lexmark Search

By Lexmark International, Inc.

The enterprise search services by Lexmark Search & Analytics allow users for finding, analyzing and using accurate content wherever they are. With this service, users can quickly get access to information they require and take necessary actions such as task completion and problem solving. Also, the conventional search and navigation services let users to get accurate results even if they don’t enter the right queries.

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Exalead CloudView

By Dassault Systèmes S.A.

CloudView integrates with technologies in a flawless manner for enabling clients for structuring content. It brings new accessibility to the data on machines. CloudView helps organizations to share and collect relevant data from social media sources. Organizations belonging to different industries are leveraging on this service for overcoming financial and technical hurdles for delivering operational solutions which are simple for using and flexible at nominal costs.

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By DataStax, Inc.

DataStax provides organizations the ability for quickly searching and finding information through their mobile as well as web applications. The built-in search functionality of DataStax helps organizations with services that meet their requirements in terms modern enterprise applications. DataStax also offers stable uptime for the operational and transactional database applications of organizations. DataStax’s can also help operations groups DBAs inside organizations to increase their productivity by handling database management.

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By Sphinx Technologies Inc.

Sphinx has been helping companies to migrate to an affordable search engine and get started on the same. It also provides organizations with migration and installation roadmaps for complicated applications. It assists people in batch indexing and searching data in databases. It is an extension that helps business to get better search alternatives. It operates as an individual server which doesn’t maintain any text and returns matching results for search.

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Datafari is our Enterprise Search Solution, available as open source. Also called an Insights Engine, it allows to securely index heterogeneous documents from various data sources. It also provides analytics about the users search behaviors, on the indexed documents and on the system status. Its advanced admin UI provides administrators with tools to manage the application and customise the relevancy algorithm. Datafari can scale horizontally on several machines, and it is big data by design.

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Lucidworks Fusion provides organization with high capabilities for designing, developing and deploying powerful search applications at any level. It works as an extension for organizations’ existing implementation or an individual search platform. It allows companies for adding new clusters, collection and shards. It lets the organizations to know about the relevant-most recommendations by analyzing the search history of the users. It also monitors the status of organizations’ applications.

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By Varonis Systems

DatAnswers helps organizations in getting the most out of their data with search results that are relevant and providing people with the right data. It is a search engine which can understand context and concept. It makes use of contextual signals and metadata for producing better search results. This enables businesses to limit the risk of revealing sensitive information as well as to be more productive.

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By Funnelback Pty Ltd

Funnelback helps organizations with powerful, fast and smart search through its enterprise search services. It is a platform which can solve data issues right from site search to complicated enterprise searches in an easy manner. Funnelback allows companies in finding and using huge amounts of unstructured and structured information that are accessed, created, updated and stored every day. It integrates with 3rd party libraries for handling less used files formats.

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By Coveo Solutions Inc.

Coveo's enterprise search services help companies to connect their employees with expertise and information they require to be effective, proficient and productive. It also assists organizations with scalable and secure search applications for empowering their employees with the required information whenever they require it. With rising sources and volumes and strict information security making it complicated, Coveo offers unparalleled enterprise search services to organizations of different sizes.

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By SearchBlox Software, Inc.

SearchBlox offers agile and fast enterprise search services to organizations for meeting their custom needs. It helps users in creating collection that will crawl on their sites and adding search boxes to their websites. Also, it allows businesses to setup compilations for searching their product catalogs that are available within excel/csv files or databases. It also assists intranet users to find information from different locations like custom applications and databases.

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By Xendo, Inc.

Xendo provides companies with excellent enterprise search services with which companies can search anything ranging from simple emails to complicated tasks just with a couple of clicks. It helps companies in building and saving complex filters from data range, service and content type combinations. Xendo allows users to refine search results or perform powerful searches. With Xendo, companies can have all their content at their fingertips.

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By Expert System S.p.A.

The existing analytics and systems in an organization can be empowered by Cogito, as it can understand context within structured as well as unstructured text. It enables Cogito for delivering complete pictures. It offers a professional enterprise search services to companies. Cogito, with a language map helps users to make their information assets accessible and useful.

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By dtSearch Corp.

The search services provided by dtSearch let users to search huge amounts on text across intranet sites, internet, desktop or network. DtSearch also serves as publishing tools with huge data collections and instantaneous text searching for portable media or websites. It lets developers to embed file type support and instant searching into their applications. The product line by dtSearch offers multithreaded searching with unlimited concurrent search threads to organizations.

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By Norconex Inc.

Norconex is one of the leading enterprise search solutions providers that offer several sorts of customized and diverse implementation. It helps companies that are looking for development, designing and enterprise search consulting services. Also, it provides companies with support and maintenance services. It lets users to get insights for improving search functionality. The content analytics helps companies in evaluating, querying and understanding their important data.

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Fuse is a multidimensional data organization that enables flexibility and power in analysis and search for enterprises. Fuse allows companies to have direct and complete interaction with their data for finding the right answers and solving the most complicated problems. As Fuse is completely flexible in working with data sources of all types, organizations will need only one tool for tackling all their search requirements.

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By Thunderstone Software LLC

Thunderstone offers automated categorization, comprehensive intelligence, online store fronts, classifieds, data mining, classifieds, help desk and many other services to public, military, government and private industries. Apart from these, it also provides multimedia & document management, vertical portals, litigation support, legal research, file server and website search services to several industries. Thunderstone provides SQL, full-text, dynamic publishing and multimedia management services through its enterprise search application.

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By Searchdaimon AS.

Searchdaimon offers search engine services to enterprises and websites. The enterprise search from Searchdaimon provides companies and websites with information retrieval services. It has a simple interface that offers relevant search results within seconds. It also offers sorting and filtering services when users require them. With Searchdaimon, users can restrict their search based on date, data source, document type and meta-information like projects, sales, customers and contacts.

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By Sinequa SAS

The Enterprise Search from Sinequa is a flexible search platform for analytics & search in diverse and large data sets. It offers organizations the access to up-to-date and relevant information through its incremental indexing, high performance and enriched indexing architecture. It allows users to access information from computers as well as mobile devices. Moreover, with this platform in place, companies can react smarter and faster in constant changing environments.

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By Exterro, Inc.

The Exterro Fusion Platform can unify the Information Governance and E-Discovery solutions by Exterro to give organizations the ability for easily adding new applications as their business requires expansion. It flawlessly integrates into the IT infrastructure of companies for delivering enterprise performance, security and scalability that are required for running businesses. With Exterro, companies can do early case assessments with analytic capabilities which enable quick identification of important documents.

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