Fleet Management Software

If you are running a transportation business, it is important for you to manage and track your fleet effectively. Fleet Management Software helps you to track your fleet anywhere, as well as improve the safety of your drivers and vehicles. By using this software, you can manage fleets of all sizes and track their location anywhere, whether it is for business or personal use.

These are the best fleet management software that you can use:



By TomTom Telematics BV

Provides online fleet management software that allows you to manage your fleet anytime and anywhere from your PC. It features secure online account, flexible access for multiple users, vehicle tracking, working time, two-way communication, and more. The software helps you to monitor productivity, improve efficiency, maximize billable time, and cut spending on fuel.


Fleetmatics Reveal

By Fleetmatics Development Limited

Provides top GPS and fleet management software that allows you to track your fleet assets and focus more on your drivers. It features driver ID, reports, dashboards, fleet maintenance, timeline view and replay, geofences, and real-time alerts. It helps you to track your fleet anywhere, reduce human errors, and improve the dispatching process.


Verizon Networkfleet

By Networkfleet, Inc

Provides GPS fleet management software that allows you to manage fleet of all sizes, whether for personal or business use. It features tracking, diagnostics, maps, alerts, reporting, roadside assistance, maintenance, and asset tracking. The software helps you to increase revenue, lower maintenance costs, reduce emissions, improve dispatching processes, and provide safety and security.


Wialon Hosting

By Gurtam

Provides GPS tracking software with web-based solutions that allow you to cut extra expenses in buying and maintaining your GPS servers. It features user account management, various maps support, route visualization, POI marking, email and SMS notifications, and more. It provides various GPS hardware, including AVL hardware, personal trackers, asset trackers, and tachographs.



By Telogis, Inc

Provides fleet management and GPS fleet tracking software that allows you to visualize your business in real time. It features custom hierarchies, cloud-based platform, integration, smarter maintenance, real-time alerts, trend analysis, satellite view, custom map overlays, and more. The software helps you to improve business productivity, minimize the compliance burden, and improve fleet safety.



By Geotab Inc

Provides fleet management and vehicle tracking software that allows you to manage all your fleet from one platform. It features advanced reporting, driver behavior management, robust engine data reporting, GPS vehicle tracking, route optimization, engine health and optimization, and more. The software is fully scalable, allowing you to easily manage fleet of all sizes.



By AVLView.com

Provides GPS vehicle tracking and all-in-one fleet automation system that helps to regain full control of your vehicles. It features live GPS tracking, notifications, theft protection, fuel management, dispatch system, surveillance, charts and reports, maintenance, fleet analytics, and more. The software helps to save time and money and keep your fleet operating on autopilot.



By Rarestep, Inc.

Provides modern fleet management software that helps you to manage your vehicle and equipment easily. It features all vehicle details, real-time cost per minute, vehicle defect reporting, work order management, service records, and more. It also offers fuel management features, including fuel economy tracking, import fuel transactions, fuel card integrations, and fuel tracking app.



By Teletrac Inc

Provides fleet analytics and fleet management software that allows you to analyze your overall fleet performance. It features vehicle diagnostics, safety analytics, mobile alerts, two-way messaging, reporting, business intelligence, control panel, electronic driver logs, and more. The software helps to track fleet location, cut the waste of fuel, and boost driver and fleet safety.


GPS Insight

By GPS Insight, LLC

Provides fleet tracking software that allows you to manage and locate your fleet anytime. It features a dashboard interface, mapping platform, exception alerts, vehicle tracking, landmarks/geofencing, mobile apps, data integration, fleet messaging, historical fleet data, and more. The software helps you to reduce fuel consumption, improve fleet-wide productivity, and improve overall fleet safety.


Vinity Soft

By Vinity Soft Inc

Provides fleet management software which includes vehicle fleet manager and tool and asset manager. It features personnel management, work orders, completed services, fuel log, tire management, odometer reading, inventory management, fuel card management, database control, and more. The software is available as a desktop application, which is much faster than similar web-based software.


IMS Fleet Maintenance Pro

By Innovative Maintenance Systems

Provides powerful fleet management software designed for repair and preventive maintenance on vehicles and equipment. It features fleet inventory tracking, preventative maintenance, repair maintenance, history recording, fuel tracking, parts inventory, work orders, flexible reporting, and more. It offers various add-on modules, including security, fuel import, mobile, basic report, and professional report.



By Technologies, Inc

Provides fleet routing and tracking software that allows you to plan your routes and collect data in real-time. The software features territory planner, anywhere routing and dispatching, telematics, info center, performance dashboard, data insight, fleet loader, mobile cast, and more. The software can be used by C-Level Executives, Management, Small Business Owners, and Routers/Dispatchers.


Fleet Genius

By Technologies, Inc

Provides vehicle fleet management software with driver safety monitoring and fleet tracking function. It features vehicle management, preventive maintenance, engine diagnostics, fuel management, telematics data export, and more. The software helps you to automate fleet maintenance scheduling, improve fuel efficiency, reduce fuel fraud and fuel card abuse, and improve fleet and driver safety.


Agile FleetCommander

By Agile Access Control, Inc

Provides web-based fleet and motor pool software that allows you to manage and right-size your fleet and motor pool. It features motor pool creation, driver management, right sizing and fleet reduction, reporting and billing, vehicle optimization, and more. It can be used in government, utilities, education/universities, as well as commercial and private industries.



By Global Tracking Communications, Inc

Provides GPS fleet tracking and fleet management software that allows you to improve your business performance. It features unlimited landmarks, real-time locating on demand, two-way messaging, instant alerts, color-coded vehicle status, speed reporting and alerts, vehicle diagnostics, and more. The software helps you to increase driver productivity, reduce drive time, and protect your assets.



By Chevin Fleet Solutions

Provides transport fleet program and fleet management software with workforce data capture solutions. It features compliance management, detailed audit trails, personal usage and mileage reporting, operational management, maintenance management, financial management, fleet asset management, and easy data access. The software helps you to reduce fleet costs, lower emissions, increase fleet utilization, and automate processes.


Element Fleet Services

By Element Fleet Management, Inc

Element Fleet is Element Finance Corporation’s fleet management sector. Providing premier fleet management and telematics services to fleets within a broad range of industries throughout North America - no matter their needs. Element Fleet uses consultative expertise, innovative technologies, and customer service to create features such as: risk and safety management, usage & expense tracking, and outsourcing solutions to put together an all-around package to serve to their customers.

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By Spireon Inc.

Spireon is one of the leading providers of fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking software solutions, pioneering open-connected vehicle technology and serving fleet businesses and car dealerships throughout North America. Spireon specializes in providing tracking systems that allow fleet and vehicle owners to gain full visibility and control of their valuable assets, helping to maximize revenue and lower maintenance costs and risk.

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