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If you're not a programmer or html savvy, then creating forms for any purpose can be a cumbersome task. Online form builder tools can help to create powerful forms which also offer advanced features such as payment integration, field validation, responsive layouts, different types of form rules and much more. Below is the list of leading form building software available in the market today.



By SurveyMonkey Inc.

Wufoo is a service provided by SurveyMonkey Inc. that makes creating and sharing your forms easy. It features a form builder, theme designer, code manager, field validation, rule builder, notification settings, the payment form, payment settings, report builder, and more. It offers various third-party integrations, including CRM, online invoicing, email marketing, knowledge base, and more.

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Google Forms is a part of Google docs suite. Google forms is free form creation servcie that allows you to collect and organize any type of information. It is part of the Google Docs family of products. It allows you to create any type of form, use regularly updated themes, collaborate with your team, and add various multimedia elements in your forms.

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By Typeform S.L.

Typeform allows you to create online forms easily and beautifully. It features logic jump, respondent notifications, calculator, custom thank you screen, hidden fields, payment field, file upload, team collaboration, SSL encryption, data export, and more. It offers various benefits, including good engagement rate, good user experience, completion rate improvement, beautifully-designed forms, and responsive form templates.

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By Formstack, LLC

Formstack provides a form creation tool jam-packed with optimization features that allow you to convert more leads. It features multiple embed code, Facebook Tab embed, mobile-friendly themes, social autofill, Google Analytics, A/B split testing, drag-and-drop fields, personalized branding, and conditioned fields logic. There are various third-party integrations available, including payment, CRM, email, and document integrations.

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JotForm is a web-based form builder software provided by JotForm Inc., a company based in San Francisco, California, USA. It features SSL secure submission, payment processor, data storage, sub-user accounts, unlimited forms and reports, file upload, and more. There are various plugins available, including Dropbox forms, email newsletter, file downloader, Salesforce integration, JotPoll, and more.

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By Magnet Brains Software Technology Pvt Ltd

FormGet is a service provided by MagnetBrains, LLC, which allows you to create online forms quickly and easily for free. It features multiple form management, email notifications, responsive forms, data security, personalized forms, team assignment, online payments, multimedia forms, and third-party integrations. There are various extensions available, including Stripe, MailChimp, PayPal, iContact, Dropbox, and more.

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123 Contact Form

By 123contactform Srl

123ContactForm provides an online service that allows you to create user-friendly online forms easily. It allows you to build web forms, add branding, manage data, add third-party apps, accept payments, branch forms, and stay secure. There are various forms that you can create, including online surveys, event registration forms, order forms, polls, quizzes, and more.

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By EmailMeFormâ„¢ LLC.

EmailMeForm allows you to create various online forms without any programming knowledge. It features mobile forms, branding design, payment integration, anti-spam, password protection, social integration, multiple languages, branch logic, save-and-resume, user management, and more. There are various types of forms that you can create, such as order forms, PHP forms, invoice forms, and HTML forms.

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By Vroman Systems, Inc.

FormSite is a service provided by Vroman Systems, Inc. that allows you to create forms and surveys for web publications. It features style editor, attachments, secure submissions, responsive forms, payment integrations, email notifications, charts and graphs, spam prevention, and more. It provides various integration services, including, Google Spreadsheets, MailChimp, Dropbox, Adobe PDFs, and more.

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By Rocketgenius, Inc.

Gravity Forms allows you to create advanced forms for WordPress sites, with lead data management. It features multi-page forms, form settings, limit entries, advanced fields, schedule forms, standard fields, pricing fields, entry management, and more. There are various add-ons available, including ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Zapier, PayPal Pro, and more. The service is provided by Rocketgenius, Inc.

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Zoho forms

By Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Zoho Forms allows you to create online forms on the go, with workflows and actionable data. It features drag and drop form builder, team collaboration, social media sharing, form analyzer, and more. It provides various integrations, such as campaigns, CRM, sheets, Google Docs, MailChimp, and support. The service is provided by Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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By WP Ninjas, LLC.

NinjaForms is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create online forms for your WordPress site. It features easy form creation, spam protection, instant updates, complete setting customization, form and field options, and more. You can add various add-ons to your plugin, including conditional logic, multi-part forms, front-end posting, save user progress, and more.

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By Strategy11, LLC

Formidable Pro is a form creator plugin for WordPress that allows you to create WordPress forms quickly and easily. It features shortcode, plugin hooks, customizable HTML, powerful form fields, customizable form layout, built-in calculations, and more. The software is provided by Strategy11 LLC, a company that specializes in creating useful WordPress plugins for online businesses.

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FormAssembly provides an online form creator software that allows you to create various forms, including payment forms, online applications, surveys, and contact forms. It features advanced branding, email notifications, auto-responders, unlimited responses, multiple user management, third-party integrations, respondent authentication, and more. The service is provided by Veer West LLC, a company based in Indiana, USA.

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By Appnitro Software

MachForm allows you to create HTML and PHP forms with responsive design, intuitive drag and drop system, and payment integration. It provides various key features, including multi-page forms, email notifications, easy-to-embed code, save and resume later, mobile forms, and user management. The service is provided by Appnitro Software, a privately held company based in Indonesia.

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Cognito Forms allows you to create forms for various industries, such as customer service, education, groups and events, healthcare, human resources, information technology, and more. It features repeating sections, save and resume, payment, calculations, conditional logic, data exporting, file uploads, unlimited forms and fields, and website embedding. The service is a part of Cognito Apps.

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By Innovero Software Solutions B.V.

Formdesk provides online forms management system with various features, including enhanced validations, PDF generator, lookup, webservice API, workflow, webhooks, and more. The service is provided by Innovero Software Solutions B.V., a company based in The Netherlands. It can be used to create various forms, such as online service request, response form, registration form, and more.

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FormCrafts provides a drag and drop form builder tool for your website. The service is provided by nCrafts. It features multi-page forms, live-updating math logic, conditional logic, real-time analytics, special survey fields, and WordPress plugin. This tool can help to create contact forms, registration forms, survey and feedback, order and booking, and sign up forms.

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By Logiforms Software, Inc.

LogiForms provides a professional form creation tool that allows you to build web forms without any programming knowledge. It features mobile forms, form analytics, email autoresponder software, publishing and workflows, electronic signature, and more. You can use this tool to create various forms, including secure forms, feedback forms, contact forms, form templates, and PayPal forms.

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By FormLogic Limited

FormLogix allows you to create an easily-embeddable form with a simple copy and paste system. It features WYSIWYG form builder, full drag and drop support, link forms technology, data validation, database storage, repeatable fields and sections, data analysis tool, survey tool, and more. Its mission is to provide top quality digital web form creation tool.

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By Thoughtbot, Inc

FormKeep provides form endpoints designed for designers and developers, without iframes, CSS overrides, and JavaScript embeds. It allows you to create your own form markup and style, search form submissions easily, and integrate your form with third-party apps, such as Zapier, Gmail, Trello, and Basecamp. It features unlimited submissions, webhooks, spam protection, and email notifications.

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