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An internet forum is an online community of people where users can hold discussions and conversation on topics specific to that particular forum. Forum software is a CMS provider that allows webmasters, marketers and individuals to create free or paid forum websites easily. They provide their own themes, designs, tools and other forum features inbuilt with the packages. Forums are usually created by businesses and internet marketers as a discussion platform for their customers and potential users.

There are many forum platforms out there that allow users to create and host discussion websites. Some of the most popular ones have been described here.



By XenForo Ltd.

XenForo community forum software allows users to create fast and engaging forum websites easily. The forum package contains all required tools and products with guidelines to help users build a sophisticated and intuitive community website. Other services and functions include social engagement by trophies, like system and Facebook sharing, email alerts for replies and quotes, multiple add-ons for enhanced functionality, built-in SEO, recent activity streams, design and style tools, and many more.

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By Internet Brands, Inc.

vBulletin is a popular community software used to create beautiful and user-friendly forum websites. Users can either host their websites on their own hosting platform or on the vBulletin cloud platform based on their package. It is very easy to use and even a non-technical person can easily create an engaging, robust, cloud based community website within minutes. All forums are features with enticing content discovery, customized page templates, super moderation control, social functionality, and many more.

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By phpBB Limited

phpBB is a free forum software and hosting platform that allows users to easily create a customized and unique forum website in minutes. The software package features a standard set to styles database, images, design and themes to allow users to customize their message board. It is also integrated with several tools such as, easy to use admin panel, efficiency, no coding knowledge compulsory, customizable code, user-created modifications, and more.

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By Free Software Foundation, Inc.

MyBB is simple yet powerful community builder software that can be used to create unlimited number of engaging and powerful forum websites. The best feature of MyBB is that it gives complete control to the administrator, including moderation, customization, member management and other features. The platform also features multiple built-in plugins, and a powerful template and theme editor to allow users to make any changes in their boards.

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Simple Machines is a free open source forum software package that allows anyone to create an online forum community within minutes. SMF package manager features several customization options and themes to allow users to change the way their forums look. The administration panel is easy to use and gives the owner complete access to all customization, moderation, and editing tools. It is built in PHP language and uses MySQL database.

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By Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.

Discourse is a free open source forum builder application that allows users to create community websites and host or embed them online. Functions and services enabled by Discourse include code editing, member upgrades, bile and tablet friendly, community and user moderation, scrolling based reading, likes and support, summarize topics, inline context, real time notifications, SEO optimized, inbuilt translations, plugins, overlay editor, social sign in, easy integration on any platform, anonymous posting, etc.

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IPS Community Suite

By Invision Power Services, Inc.

IPS (Invision Power) Community Suite is an online community platform that provides various apps and CMS for users to build solid forum and community websites on the web. IPS suit allows website owners to easily create discussion platforms for their websites, including question& answer forums, discussion websites, message boards, etc. Forums designed with IPS are featured with efficient moderation, forum specific customization, engagement, editing & publishing tools, spam prevention, moderation, permissions, and more.

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bbPress by WordPress is forum software that lets website owners embed a basic question-answer, community support and discussion platform to their websites. The tool is designed specifically for WordPress powered websites and blogs and can be easily enabled by installing a plugin. It is very easy to set up, install and manage. Other benefits include easy moderation, fast, clean, simple coding, open-source, single admin area, multisite forums, etc.

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Vanilla Forums

By Vanilla Forums, Inc.

Vanilla Forums is community forum software for personal use, small businesses and enterprises. Vanilla open source community platform is suitable for individuals and small businesses. It is available for free, can be hosted on any hosting platform, and supports full customization. Vanilla for business is a premium cloud-based forum application that features several inbuilt tools to allow building high quality community websites with full support and professional services.

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Flarum is a free forums software and CMS platform, suitable for personal discussions and business communities. The CMS is available in downloadable form and can be easily installed on any web server with PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.5 or higher. Once installed and running successfully, forum website can be used by users to create new discussions or to participate in ongoing discussions. It also features a powerful admin area that gives complete control to the owner.

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Kunena is free, open-source community software for Joomla. It is easy to work with and can be easily integrated with any Joomla based website or application. Administrators can create a simple category-based community website with their own choice of design, colors, themes, and customization. It features all necessary tools and controls for owners to make changes and modify any functionality. The easy intuitive platform allows users to interact through discussions.

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Burning Board

By WoltLab® GmbH

Burning Board forum software is built on the best and the latest technologies to make it easier and fun for users to build up and run a successful community website. The administrative control panel is well-structured and powerful enough to allow owners to manage and control any number of users or any large community with the same efficiency and without any technical knowledge. It is built on PHP platform and uses MySQL database system.

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By NodeBB, Inc

NodeBB is a modern community platform designed to suit the needs of individuals, small businesses and enterprises. Users can either go with the free, open-source platform or can choose from one of the paid plans for extended features. NodeBB is an ideal community solution for any type of website or business. It allows business owners to create an easy to use platform for their customers to communicate with the company and other users.

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esoTalk is free, open-source forum software for the development of lightweight and simple community websites. It is a predecessor to Flarum forum software. It features a simple, beautiful and easy-to-use discussion platform to allow anyone to participate or create discussions and ask questions. The admin control panel provides access to all forum activities, user profiles, behavior, moderation tool, design & modification tools, and more.

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FluxBB is a fast, user-friendly and reliable forum application for any website with PHP4 or higher. The installation and set up is easy enough for even a non-technical person to start a community platform within minutes. FluxBB is suitable for any personal or business community needs for a platform to interact, ask questions, and discuss. It also features a clean and powerful admin interface with access to all necessary controls and settings.

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By Codologic Inc.

Codoforum community software provides free forum CMS for website owners to integrate an easy, beautiful and fast community platform to their websites. It features a fresh, clean and less complicated UI with an equally powerful and advanced operating engine. The CMS is mobile-friendly and can work fine on any device without needing separate apps. The WYSIWYG tool makes it easy for users to share their views with rich content.

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Phorum is free, open-source PHP and MyQL based forum software that can easily integrate itself with any website or platform that meets its basic requirements. It is designed to fit the needs of different websites without compromising performance and security. Phorum CMS can be customized and modified in any way possible to fit the design, branding, alterations, authentications, and other demands of the website and its users.

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UBB Forum

By Social Strata, Inc.

UBB Forum is a hosted, business-class forum application suitable for businesses of all sizes. The forum interface is easy enough for community members to share their ideas and feedbacks easily via comments and replies, show their support via likes, interact with other fellow members, share useful content on social media, and more. The management panel provides controls for content moderation, registration, user profiles, spam protection, and much more.

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By Plush Content Ltd

Plush is the most polished, user-friendly forum experience ever, featuring real-time discussions, beautiful design, an integrated blog, member directory, private messaging, paid subscriptions and a world-class mobile experience. All with absolutely no technical knowledge required and no plugins to install. Pricing starts at just $49 per month for a professionally hosted service that's fast, secure, and ready to use in minutes.

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