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What do big players like Google and LinkedIn have in common? Yes, they all use one management approach that helps set and communicate goals with ease: OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). This secret recipe is the driving force that moves teams together in the right direction by the connecting company, team, and their personal objectives with measurable results. OKRs consist a list of objectives and under each objective 3-4 key measurable results with scores of 0 to 1.0.

If you are looking for a software that helps align your team to work towards objectives, here are some of the recommended ones:



By BetterWorks Systems, Inc.

The enterprise software from BetterWorks offers the easiest method setting and managing objectives. Rooted in OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), the software used detailed insights for helping high-performing organizations in getting aligned, staying focused on what really matter and becoming more successful. BetterWorks allows users or measuring their progress and collaborating on objectives in real time. It also helps them in creating and aligning goals flawlessly within a few minutes. The product is ideallly for companies and enterprises and provides the easiest way to manage strategic plans, collaborative goals, and ongoing performance conversations. Their business Operating System is built on operational research and Goal Science insights to help businesses execute more effectively and efficiently. The software lets you measure progress in real-time and collaborate results on goals, visualize your company’s alignment at a glance, find epic insights with operational dashboards, and much more.

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Weekdone is a performance review and management application aimed at improving productivity and satisfaction of managers and employees of a company. The software allows managers to know the current goals, achievements and problems of their teams and give honest feedbacks to employees. Weekdone features an easy-to-use dashboard, weekly employee status reports, a healthy feedback system, each task tracking, reporting & time management blog, etc. Weekdone is a weekly and objectives and key results (OKR) software used for goal setting, team management, and enhancing team communication. Their weekly report system is great for keeping employees and managers on daily updates, weekly tasks, share accomplishments, and more. In Weekdone, you can create, manage, and keep track of your long term goals with the OKR system which includes downloadable reports and dashboards. OKR is the best practice of setting and sharing company’s objectives.

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By Paltech Solutions Inc.

7Geese can bring team together, while it empowers organizations with precise knowledge and tools which can provide proper solutions to performance management related issues. It lets businesses to align their teams for achieving more together. It helps companies in building supportive environments with constant performance management. With a culture of feedback and coaching businesses can team up with individuals to transform them into leaders. 7Geese is a social performance management software that empowers organizations and its employees with the right tools and knowledge that can elevate their performance management solutions using OKRs. It allows organizations to focus on engaging people, improving goals visibility, and enhancing company culture in order to achieve long-term sustainable growth. 7Geese is for organizations that are moving away from conventional command-and-control management to partnering with their people to unleash the human spirit at work.

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By Vancouver IT Services, Inc.

GoalsOnTrack is a web-based personal goal management and achievement software program that can help you set, track, and ultimately reach your goals. The software not only allows you to set and manage goals but also provides many features that motivate and keep you on track so that you will take consistent actions toward achieving your organization’s goals. It is is designed to guide you to write down your goals in a SMART way so that you'll much more likely succeed in reaching them.

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Perdoo is a goal management platform and provides an ultimate OKR tool. It helps organizations become more transparent. Also, allows teams and individuals to see where the company is going and what they and everyone else is working on. Perdoo has a number of key features such as manage & track goals on individual and team levels, dashboard & visualization, etc. which can impact the effectiveness of how you employ OKRs within your company.

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By Meridian 86 Pty. Ltd.

Lifetick is a web-based software that helps you set, track, and achieve your organizational goals in life. Interact with your staff regardless of where they are using Lifetick in order to keep on track with their professional goals. It is always available and accessible. You will feel more informed and aware of how your employees are performing each day. Its key features include creating goals, managing team goals, interacting 1-1 basis, tracking achievement, and much more.

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By Goalscape Software GmbH

Goalscape is a visual information management software for goal setting and goal-oriented program, campaign and project management. The software offers a uniquely intuitive interface with info-point videos and tooltips on all major functions for quick, painless learning. Through Goalscape’s interface features, organizations can create a clear goal structure, track progress visually, manage goal lists via mobile, assign people and timeframes, and much more. It runs in any major browser as well as on IOS and Android.

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Nach is a web-app and brings a powerful goal setting experience to all platforms, with an integrated suite of tools containing everything you need to get organized and begin achieving more. With Nach, organizations can plan out their goals in a much better way through email and SMS reminders, save notes and attachments, and much more. Its highly integrated toolset includes a to-do list, calendar, habit tracking, progress logging, and note-taking features so that organizations aren't limited to a single method of goal management.

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By Peoplegoal Inc.

PeopleGoal is a people management tool used by companies to manage the performance of their employees. It allows companies to set object-oriented goals, gather 360 degree feedback, review employee performance and much more. PeopleGoal increases employees’ engagement by aligning their goals to the overall growth of the company to let them understand their contribution to the business success. It allows companies to generate feedback forms to gather honest reviews. PeopleGoal is a cloud-based employee performance management service. It connects company objectives to personal goal setting and join everything together with 360-degree feedback and performance reviews. PeopleGoal has a wide range of benefits at every level of your organization from a clear understanding of who adds value to your business to powerful reporting tools and trends analysis. In addition, it has a number of additional people-related modules that you can configure and customize.

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