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With the increasing trend of online and distant employees, companies have been looking for applications to be able to communicate with their teams and employees over the internet. A Group Chat Software is an application that allows people to chat, collaborate and share with other people in a group. Group messaging software is generally used by teams or individuals to communicate with other members of the team for a live discussion over any matter. There are hundreds of these applications out there and you must choose wisely.

Here are some of the most widely used Group Chat Software and applications you can choose from.



By Slack Technologies, Inc.

Slack is a messaging app, designed to suit the needs of all kinds of teams and groups. Being used by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Slack is recommended by thousands of teams and businesses worldwide. The software features many benefits such as, open channels for team conversations, direct messages, and private groups for sensitive chat, easy file sharing with drag and drop and a very effective search mechanism. The software is available for desktop as well as mobile platforms.

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By Atlassian Pty Ltd

HipChat is a team chat software that allows teams and individuals to chat and share files over the internet. The application allows its users to create groups based on purpose or people and then, they can exchange ideas, information and files within the group. Some other important features include video calling, screen sharing and enhanced security. HipChat is available to be used on Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and other popular platforms.

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By Troupe Technology Ltd

Gitter is a messaging application, suitable for group messaging and one-to-one chats. The application lets users create their private or public rooms where they can add people and can start chatting or sharing. The application can be integrated with several third party apps including, Trello, Jenkins, HuBoard, etc. for better work management. Other noticeable features include syntax highlighting, public and private rooms, developer friendly cloud and mobile apps.

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By Rally Software Development Corp

Flowdock is a team chat application that allows teams to communicate over the internet. Available in desktop, mobile & web formats, Flowdock is a complete chat solution for teams and individuals irrespective of their locations or time zones. Users can create their own groups and can share files and information with group members in a very secure manner. The team inbox contains all important emails and notifications.

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ChatWork is an online chatting and group messaging software that allows text messaging, voice chat, video chat and file sharing within groups and individual chat windows. Video chat option allows teams to communicate and collaborate over a video call. There is also available a task management tool that allows users to control and manage their workload. The application is accessible on the web, desktop, iPhone and Android platforms.

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By Telegram Messenger LLP

Telegram is an online chatting software available to be used on desktop, Mac, Linux and mobile phones. Inspired by the traditional telegram system, but evolved to become a very innovative chat application, Telegram allows you to connect with people from remote locations, create and communicate with groups of hundreds of members, send documents of any type, chat privately, schedule messages for later, save media in the cloud and much more.

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Glip is a real-time messaging software for businesses and individuals in the need of an online platform to be able to communicate and share with others. The application allows users to create groups, add members, join groups and communicate with other members with real-time messaging. Other features include integrated task management, calendar, file sharing, notes, voice and video chat, conference calls and integration with many popular apps.

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By Voxernet LLC

Voxer is a chat application that allows users to attach a voice message with a text message or instead of a text message. Many users find it hard or time-consuming to write long text messages, so the voice features allows them to send live or recorded voice instead. The application comes in desktop, mobile and apple watch versions. Voxer allows users to talk, send text and photos instantly, listen live or later and reply.

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By Basecamp, LLC

Campfire is an online group chat software that allows people to send text and share files, images within groups. Users can create groups, invite clients or team members to chat, collaborate, can share files and make instant decisions. The application can be used with any web browser without needing to install anything. Other features include live image previews in chat, Basecamp Classic project collaboration tool integration, conference calling, etc.

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By Koram Games Limited

RaidCall is a group chat application to make group communication faster and easier. The application, once installed, can be used to connect with people for instant messaging and file sharing. The application is ideal for groups looking for live discussions and teamwork for a project or task. The Hi-Fi voice feature allows thousands of people of a group to voice chat simultaneously with optional speaking modes.

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Jive Chime

By Jive Software, Inc.

Jive Chime real-time messaging application has been designed for teams for easy and quick group communication. This is a simple chat application that allows users to communicate and share files with their co-workers or team. The application is compatible with Apple, Android, Mac and Windows devices and can be accessed anywhere anytime. Other features include private and public chat rooms, secure chats and synchronization over multiple devices.

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Flock is a chat application suitable for both one-to-one and group chats. The application is simple to use and can be operated by anyone even without any IT experience. It is an ideal instant messaging app for those, who have been exhausted by checking emails and want an easier way to communicate with co-workers and team members. The application is available to be used on Windows PC, Mac, Chrome, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

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By Cotap Inc.

Cotap is an online chat software designed for users to experience more than just messaging. The application is suitable for personal conversations, business chats, social chats and all other kinds of communication. It allows users to send text, chat over voice and video calls and to share files. Cotap is compatible with desktop and mobile platforms and can be accesses anywhere with an internet connection.

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By Fleep Technologies OÜ

Fleep is a chat application designed to ease the instant messaging process. The application works like any other common chat application where users can communicate or share files with their contacts or groups through text. It merges all user emails, messages, notes and files and groups them together so that users can easily search for specific information. Fleep also allows users to synchronize their email accounts with Fleep account.

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By LeChat, Inc.

Kato is an instant messaging application, ideal for team chat, social chat and business communication. This is not just a chat application, but involves many more services. Users can create rooms for any project or topic and can have one-to-one or group conversations through text, voice, video chatting and screen sharing. All data, information and messages are archived in a very organizational manner to make it easy to search any information you need.

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By Convo, Corp.

Convo is a group chat application designed specifically for teams to communicate over a common web-based platform. The application interface is attractive and quite easy to use. The search feature effectively searches for the information from your previous discussions. Users can chat one-to-one or with groups, can share files and accept them. It also allows users to highlight a certain part of their chat and to comment for a particular group member.

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By Pte. Ltd.

Pie is a group chat application suitable for work related conversations. The application is compatible with mobile and web platforms to make it easy to be accessed anywhere anytime. Users can easily create groups based on their projects, add members from contacts and start chatting. It allows users to import files, links, photos, documents, slides and GIFs from system or any cloud storage application and share them with any contact or group.

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Teamchat is an instant messaging application designed for teams of any size. This application comes integrated with several tools to allow users to make the most out of it. Chatlets is a smart-message tool that summarizes responses and highlights important content within chat. Mobile applications make it easy to use anytime anywhere. Teamchat supports large teams and clutter-free messaging and is customizable to business workflow.

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Group Rocket


Group Rocket group chat software comes with several features to make team communication easier and faster. The application is available in iOS and web versions and is compatible with many platforms. Group Rocket allows users to create groups, check profiles of members, receive activity based notifications, public and private conversations with @mentions, share files, access to several apps, save messages, edit team information, members and delete messages, and to search effectively through database.

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By ChatGrape GmbH

ChatGrape is not just a chat application, but a business team management app that allows companies to connect with their teams, manage data and appointments and take actions based on conversations. The application is integrated with several apps to allow importing and sharing of files. Smart search with # button allows you to find anything, anytime. There are available multiple chat options such as, 1-on-1 chat, public rooms or private rooms for specific conversations.

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Office Chat

By MangoApps Inc.

Office Chat group messaging platform allows companies to create chat groups to manage and converse with their teams. The application is available for desktop as well as for mobile platforms. It allows people to communicate with their coworkers through team chat or 1-on-1 chat and to share files. Another important feature is confirmed delivery status to notify the sender about the receipt of a message.

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Groove gives its customers access to a powerful platform where they can chat with their teams or coworkers. All chat logs are saved and archived in a manner such that they can be searched easily for any information. The application can be used on Groove website or can be installed in a local platform for instant access. It also comes integrated with several popular applications including, GitHub, Heroku, Pivotal Tracker and Bitbucket.

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