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A Gym or Fitness Management Software is a web based application that allows fitness business, gyms and sports clubs to manage their business from a web or mobile based platform. The main benefit of using fitness software is that it gives you complete access to your business activities and allows you to automate most of tasks such as, member profile updates, registration, scheduling, classes, training, etc., saving most of your time and money. The performance of your fitness business depends on the software you choose.

Here are some of the most popular Fitness Management Software you can choose for your business.



By Mindbody Inc.

Mindbody Gym & Fitness management software has been designed for professional gyms and for personal fitness training. The software allows you to perform and manage various gym facilities online from your account. Some of its functions include member billing, class schedules, trainer rosters and payroll, member contact details and profile management, online workshops, member accounts, etc. Some other features include automatic notifications & reminders, sales and revenue reports, etc.

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By TeamSnap, Inc.

Teamsnap is a complete team management application designed especially for Fitness & sports clubs and teams. The online platform allows you to manage your team right from your account. Some of its functioning involves team members’ profiles, contact information, schedule events, individual and group messaging and online payment management. The software is available on web-based platform as well in the form of mobile application.

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By EZFacility, Inc.

EZFacility is an online fitness and sports team management software that deals with the online management of fitness clubs, gyms, personal training and sports teams. This simple application allows you to operate and control your Fitness business or club from your EZFacility account. It can manage almost all functioning including employee management, scheduling, member management, invoicing, online registration of customers, etc.

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By Zen Planner, LLC

If you run a fitness business and are looking for a suitable platform to manage your business, ZenPlanner is the right choice for you. With ZenPlanner software, you can manage your entire fitness business or gym in the easiest possible way. All you need to do is register and create an account online with ZenPlanner and then, the app itself takes care of all functions including client accounts, billing, scheduling & attendance tracking, etc.

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By Front Desk Inc.

FrontDesk is a fitness management application suitable for gym owners and fitness businesses. The application lets you control your entire fitness business with a single platform where you can not only register new customers, but also can control the scheduling, member accounts, attendance, online document management, billing and payments. To summarize, you can manage all functions of your fitness world with FrontDesk software.

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By Infotech Business Centre Inc.

As the name suggests, Clubrunner is a Fitness software basically designed to manage the operations of fitness and sports clubs. As a fitness club or gym owner, you may often find it hard to manage the records, member profiles, schedules, process and other functioning of your business by yourself. This is where Clubrunner software can help you. The software lets you manage all your business data and functions from your account.

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By Clubready, Inc

ClubReady is a web based Fitness club/business management software that allows business owners to manage various club functions such as, member check-in, billing, profiles, payroll, schedule, performance, etc. from a single online account. Once you start using ClubReady, you need no longer to deal with any paperwork as the software automatically deals with all. It also lets you track and helps in improving the performance of your business.

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By Teamup Sports, Inc

Teamup is a complete business solution for Fitness companies. The software works like an additional employee, who manages your accounts, administration and most of your Fitness business functions on your behalf, thus saving your precious time and money. Teamup can control many tasks including, scheduling and billing, member registration and accounts management, performance reports generation, sending sms notifications, training, business analytics, etc.

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By Zing Fit LLC.

Zingfit is an online scheduling and management software for fitness businesses, gyms and studios. The software works as an online database for your fitness business that allows you to manage a virtual copy of your business online as well as lets you control and manage various business functions and scheduling right from your account. Some of its applications include client management, staff management, reporting, marketing, POS register, etc.

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By Perfectmind Technology Inc.

Perfectmind is a business management tool for member-based businesses such as Fitness clubs and gyms. Perfectmind gives you complete control over your business while saving your time and money. When everything is managed properly, your business starts growing that gives you more satisfaction and freedom in life. Perfectmind software manages scheduling of your fitness classes & courses, online registrations & bookings, membership, business marketing and billing & bookkeeping for your business.

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By Grip Technologies Pvt Ltd

FitnessForce is a very useful web-based application for fitness business management that helps you manage your business activities from your account. While controlling all business functions, FitnessForce also tracks the performance of your business and helps you with the growth. You can switch to automatic control for many tasks and can manage activities such as, billing, membership, tracks, bookkeeping, access control and appointments right from your dashboard.

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By Ezypay Pty Ltd

iConnect360 is a complete gym software solution that you can implement on your gym or any other fitness business. The software automates most of your gym activities including member profiles, billing, performance tracking, reporting, etc. and lets you schedule and manage functions virtually. This saves your valuable time and money. All business functions such as accounts, POS, bookings, tasks, marketing, reporting can be performed with just one click.

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Club OS

By Technique Software, Inc.

Club OS is a complete management software and marketing tool for health clubs, gyms and fitness businesses. The application allows fitness clubs to regulate their business activities online and decrease the costs of operations. The software has been designed with the aim to increase business revenue, employee performance and user experience altogether. Your Club OS account gives you access to the complete management of your business and activities.

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Influx has everything you need to run your fitness business or gym online. By installing Influx software, you take the complete management of your business in your hands. This tool allows you to add or remove members, track the performance of members, schedule events and tasks, handle billing and accounts and analyze your business performance. The software is also available in the form of mobile application.

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By Gym Insight, LLC.

GymInsight fitness management application has been designed especially for gym owners, who want a platform to manage their business data, activities and functions. The software gives you complete control over your business and lets you manage various activities remotely with just few clicks. Some of its noticeable features include automatic payment handling, reminders, calendar, access control to specific members, scheduling of classes & tasks and business performance analytics.

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By Gymsales Software Pty. Ltd.

Gymsales fitness management tool is aimed at increasing the performance of the target business. The application tracks the experience of members and gives your sales team the tools and ideas they need to convert potential members and improve the experience of existing ones. Some of its unique features include Who to call next, automated sms & messages to potential members, lead generation, detailed reports and KPI monitoring.

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By Treshna Enterprises Ltd

GymMaster fitness management application lets you run your gym the way you want. Your control panel gives you complete access and the ability to manage operations remotely. The software allows you to maintain complete records of your members and their accounts, schedule classes and book trainers, track sales and communicate with members or staff. The software can easily integrate with your fitness website and also comes in a mobile version.

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Aptussoft is a club management suite and a nice option for any fitness related business and gyms. Aptussoft handles every aspect of your fitness business, from the front desk operations to finance management. With the automation of most of your business activities, you can save a lot of time and money that in turn can be utilized for better purpose, such as further growth of your business.

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By InfluxHq Ltd

Influx has everything you need to run your fitness business or gym online. By installing Influx software, you take the complete management of your business in your hands. This tool allows you to add or remove members, track the performance of members, schedule events and tasks, handle billing and accounts and analyze your business performance. The software is also available in the form of mobile application.

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