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Control panel is a very important part of any hosting account or service. Although most of hosting services offer their own control panels, many users prefer to use additional, more advanced hosting control panel to leverage the benefits of advanced services & applications. Your control panel gives you control over your entire hosting account & web applications, therefore, it is very important to choose a simple, but advanced hosting panel for better performances.

Here are some of the most popular Control panel services you can choose from.



By cPanel, Inc.

cPanel is one of the oldest Control panel hosting platforms in the market. If your main focus is on a reliable and effective hosting panel, then cPanel can be a nice option for you as it offers virtual private or dedicated servers for all hosting accounts. With the server and hosting providers from almost every corner of the world, cPanel gives you almost 100% uptime guarantee.

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By Parallels Holdings Ltd.

Plesk is much more than just a Control panel. It not only gives you a secure hosting account, but also simplifies the website hosting process and web management activities you are usually worried about. Your hosting control panel gives you access to almost every task including subscriptions & accounts, creating new domains and sub-domains, setting up email addresses, filtering and email forwarding, database configuration and application installation.

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DirectAdmin is a very popular control panel hosting service. The hosting platform of DirectAdmin is very easy to use and can easily be operated by any new user without needing any guidance. All features and controls are available right at your control panel account from where you can access and manage all hosting activities. Some other important features include fast operating speed, no downtime and tech support over phone, e-mail, forum, and live online chat.

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By Vesta Control Panel

Vesta is a simple yet fully-optimized hosting control panel that makes the process of hosting very easily manageable. The hosting panel account displays all the services and features you are currently using. You can check the details or change an existing service, create or delete domains & emails with just a few clicks. Your hosting account also allows you to check the current load and bandwidth uses to optimize them.

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By Virtualmin, Inc

Webmin is a web base admin control panel hosting service that allows you to host your files and web application on the powerful Unix server with complete control to services like administration, file sharing and more. You can easily manage your hosting account and panel remotely or from the console. Different tools and features are available to enhance your hosting experience by making the process easier.

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Centos Web Panel fulfills your need of a simple yet powerful hosting control panel. The hosting panel is very easy to use even for beginners with everything available right at the dashboard. Some of the services and options available here include Server settings, Services SSH, Configuration, User accounts, Domains management, packages, Email accounts, SQL services, DNS functions, File management, Plugins, security and many more.

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ISPConfig is one of few control panel hosting platforms that you can actually use through your browser as well as on your desktop. The hosting panel is very simple, but fully equipped with all the features and services you may need including DNS, System settings, monitor, Emails, Client, sites, etc. Some other remarkable features include transparent, free, Open Source, stable, secure, fast, regular updating, support forum and multilingual.

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By The Sentora Project

Sentora is a popular open source web hosting control panel that lets you manage your web hosting with a simple, but featured control panel. Sentora panel account comes bundled with several additional add-ons to maximize the functionality and design of your web applications. Open-source allows you to make changes and extend the functions of your hosting and efficient customer support helps you with all your issues.

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By Softaculous Ltd.

Webuzo is a Single user hosting Control panel that helps users with the installation and use of various Web apps as well as System apps in the cloud or on Virtual machines. All apps can be deployed on Virtual machines with just a click. Webuzo supports all standard web server software including PHP, Apache, MySQL, Python, etc. Since it works on Virtual machines, it can be accessed anywhere anytime.

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By Ajenti Project

Ajenti is an admin panel designed to support all servers including web based and system based servers. The control panel is compatible with almost all hosting accounts and can be easily integrated to support and enhance the existing functioning. Some of its features include plugins and add-ons for system and software configuration, management and monitoring, extensible, rich APIs, simple yet powerful dashboard, Firewall security, etc.

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By ISPsystem Ltd

ISPManager is a server admin panel solution for personal websites and big enterprises. The control panel interface is attractive and easy to use even for a novice user. All you need to do is connect your server or hosting account with your admin panel and start enjoying the power of controlling all your hosting and web activities right from your dashboard. Some common services include file manager, database access, FTP, Domains, etc.

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Kloxo is a very efficient hosting platform that allows you to access your hosting and web applications in the easiest way possible. The application comes integrated with features like CentOS 5 Support, accounts transfer from one cluster to another, advanced backup and restore, billing software integration, distributed hosting platform, single page dashboard with all controls, Parked/Redirected Domains, domain and client transfer, etc.

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By InterWorx LLC.

Interworx is a scalable, reliable and featured web hosting control panel that works fine on cloud, web and mobile platforms. The control panel interface is easy to use and navigate through various applications and services. The application comes with two different interfaces, one to manage a server and the other one to manage a website. The server interface allows you to manage your entire hosting from your dashboard.

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Froxlor is a server/ hosting management panel developed by experienced programmers aimed at making the hosting administration easier. Your hosting control panel account gives you access to several services including customer management, domains and sub-domains management, server configuration, file and database management, system and web application management, IPs and Ports handling, traffic analysis, resource usage calculation, Cronjob settings, Database validation and much more with just few clicks.

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EHCP stands for Easy Hosting Control Panel, which is a server admin panel service. The software is available free to download and can easily be integrated with your existing Ubuntu server. It gives you access to a very easy, yet powerful control panel that lets you manage and operate all your web applications right from your account dashboard. Some of its features include php, opensource, customizable, unlimited domains & emails, etc.

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By Hosting Controller Inc.

HC9 is a hosting automation control panel designed for all web hosts, servers and hosting service providers. The application allows you to manage both Windows and Linux servers and supports almost all system and web applications including WordPress and PHP. Some other features include automated billing, content management system, forums, blogs, Ecommerce applications, photo gallery, website creation and management, emails, domains, ftp accounts, databases and much more.

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By Team BlueOnyx

BlueOnyx is a very simple and basic Internet hosting platform that supports all web hosts and hosting providers. The BlueOnyx control panel interface is easy, user-friendly and provides access to all important web applications and services such as email, file transfer and DNS management. Other features include free download and installation, Open Source, plug-ins for better performance, virtual hosting control panel, Modern GUI interface and unlimited virtual websites.

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